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10/19/2020 3:29 pm

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Wonderful pics, i'd be into you using my mouth to milk the cum out of you
LOVE giving oral, let know, peace
(insert picture of handsome, long-haired, tattooed guy on beach)

Thanks. And thanks for the offer. Not into random fucks, even if they have interesting ink. Good luck.


Lol, ok then...
I'm sure you'll find "quality" men where you are.

Thanks a bunch and right back at ya!

Welcom, miserable bitch!

Received the following after this blog was posted---

fuck off

And with that, he blocked . Hm. Fancy that.

You see, this has become the typical reaction I receive when I refuse acquiesce requests along these lines. If I'm not easy, I'm a "miserable bitch." When I respond any of the<b> messages </font></b>and IMs here, I keep in mind: A) this site is nothing more than an online bar scene and I need treat it accordingly, B ) I don't have hook with everyone who slithers, slides, or slinks into my inbox or IM, and C) whatever bullshit is projected onto is nothing more than what someone is feeling about themselves. In this case, I am not the miserable bitch, this mysterygypsy is.

Just remember: A slut will sleep with anyone; A bitch will sleep with anyone except you.

I'm different.
I will give you my treasure chest of darkness first. If you can handle that, then I'll bring out my shining moons. If one cannot handle the darkness, then one should not deserve the light. I have no interest in "trapping" anyone in a silken web.
I have no silken web. - C. Joybell C.

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