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Does fybromyalgia make you sensitve or mutli "O"?  

DaveLinda4u 63M/56F  
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3/24/2021 4:31 am
Does fybromyalgia make you sensitve or mutli "O"?

This is an odd question we've wondered about with other women.

The female half here has fybromyalgia. On the bad side it causes her to be in pain, be sensitive to pain, light and many other symptoms when she is having an attack.
However, she is very sensitive to sexual touch and is mutli orgasmic. Just lightly touching her at the begining of sexual play can give her an orgasm!
We think she is like this in part to the fybromyalgia.

So the questions are:
Can this be a "good" side of fybromyalgia?
Does anyone else have fybromyalgia and have the same sexual reaction to touch and achieve multiple orgasms? Or have either one?

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