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My Blog
Welcome to my blog!
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My Sexy Launa
Posted:Mar 3, 2021 6:50 pm
Last Updated:Apr 2, 2023 4:16 am

In my first book, “A Convict’s Life: Brick by Brick”, I talked a little about this beautiful woman. I was in prison when I met her and even this day, she was and is the most sexy, beautiful 80’s porn star; in short , she was the definition of perfection. She didn’t smoke cigarettes, but she did smoke other things and she made so hot and turned on without trying and made cum more than I can measure. I want share with the world one of our many adventures of lust we shared.
I scored some great powder cocaine, and if you can picture all these gorgeous women, she resembled all of them; Doris Day, Elizabeth Montgomery, and Barbara Eden all in one with long, sexy 80’s rock-and-roll blonde hair, the pinkest longest nipples in the universe, a ski-jump perfect nose and Nordic ice blue eyes with a giggle/snort laugh that made my heart skip beats. I was in love with her.
One night, we took some acid and did a few lines of powder, smoked some weed and was having a wild time. I wanted her anal cherry and this is how I succeeded. As we’re tripping on some acid, we started coming down and my big, dark cock wanted to be deep inside her hot, tight, pink pussy. We were on the bed and as I crawled on the bed, I stared at her heavenly body and pounced on her like an Aztec panther, possessing my lovely white prize. I passionately french kiss her so deeply, she struggles to breathe. She returns the kiss just as hard, taking my breath away as our tongues in each other’s mouths. She moans as I grab her long hair and pull it into my powerful, deep kiss before kissing along her neck, sucking on it roughly until it makes her gasp in pleasure.
“Yes,” she moans as my mouth attacks her soft flesh, leaving my mark on her soft skin. I stare down at her long, pink, pencil eraser like nipples and ravage them, teasing them with my hot, wild tongue as they grow erect with every lashing of my tongue and the pressure of sucking them.
“Oh, God yes, David,” she moans with orgasmic lust, and the way she says my name makes time stop. ‘This woman loves me’, I tell myself as I lick down her thin tummy and see her huge, blonde cunt patch and sniff in her pussy essence. Her scent drives my cock into pulsating lust as I dive my head down and glide my wet, tongue over her hot, excited clit. She grabs my long hair, forcing my mouth and tongue into her wet, tasty pussy, running my tongue up and down her cum oozing cunt lips. She tastes like lemons and I breathe in her musky, intoxicating love scent. I ram my long, hot tongue deep inside her cunt folds as she spreads her long, sexy legs wide open so I can eat her hot cunt even more.
“Eat my cunt. Oh, David, I love you,” she screams as I work my tongue further into her cum-dripping cunt hole, picking up the pace as she writhes on the bed. I reach up and pinch her hot, long, pink nipples and she gets so excited, she starts grinding her hairy blonde pussy all over my face and tongue, marking her territory.
“You taste so good, my sexy lady,” I mumble as I suck on her hot, erect clit. She arches her back like a in heat and I lick down her tasty, strong scented ass crac I love crack cocaine, and I think this is the best ‘crack’ in the whole world. The thought makes giggle as I peer at her pink virgin tight asshole. I start tongue kiss it, placing my whole mouth on he pink ringed asshole and wildly tease her.
I plunged my hot, long tongue up her virgin ass and I hear her moan, “Holy shit, it feels so good. Lick it David, oh yes.”
I feel my eight and a half inch cock ooze pre-cum on the bed as I push her sexy, long, beautiful legs to her ears from better access to her asshole for my mouth and tongue to feast on. I want to fuck my huge, dark cock deep in her ass, but I know I need to numb her first.
I reach over for the cocaine mirror and rub some of the powder on her wet, pink asshole, using my fingertip to massage it into the skin of her tight, naughty hole. I go back to tongue fucking her, tasting her lovely ass and coke on my tongue. I grab the K-Y jelly and lube up her ass, sliding in a single finger into her vise-like virgin ass.
“Oh, David, I can still feel it,” she says discouragingly.
So I grab a huge half gram cocaine rock and push it up her rectum and break it up deep inside the tightest, most beautiful asshole in the universe and I ask her, “What about now?”
“I feel only a little,” she says.
“Turn around,” I tell her, and she obeys, on all fours with her ass in the air. “Open up your ass cheeks, baby!” She puts her hands on her ass and spreads it wide, and I can see her tight, pink asshole glistening with lube and cocaine dust.
I grab my dark, cum-oozing cock and slide it up her hot, pink pussy and slide my fingers across the coke mirror, coating them with dust before sliding them deep into her tight, pink asshole. I start singing “Cocaine” by Eric Clapton as I ram my big prick into her wet, cum-leaking cunt, feeling her lips grip me as she tries to speak over her moans.
“Fuck me David! Yes, you’re so fucking big, oh God, yeah,” she screams out as I fuck her hot cunt with my dick and finger fuck her cocaine-numbed tight asshole. She reaches down and starts rubbing her clit as I visualize my hot 80’s porn star of a girlfriend as I slide another finger deep into her wet, pink ass.
“Yes, I can’t believe it. Oh God, it feels so good! Fuck my ass NOW,” she moans in deep ecstasy, sounding like the possessed demon of Venus and I pull my wet, hard dick from her juicy, cum-dripping cunt and stare at her virgin asshole.
“You will be mine, forever,” I tell her as I push my fat, cum leaking prick to her pink, puckered asshole, easing into her vise-tight ass.
I see it open wide and hear her gasp in shocked delight. “Oh, God, put it in. Fuck my ass, David, please!”
I love this slutty talk and feel my heart beat faster as my thick dark cock slides into her molten lava hot, virgin ass. I push all eight and a half inches slowly, moving inch by thick inch into her before I start moving slowly in and out as she rubs her clit with one hand, the other grabbing a fistful of the bedsheets.
I saw in and out of her faster as she works on her clit when I hear the greatest, most exciting words spoken. “Fuck my ass, and don’t you ever stop.” I will never forget those words.
She looks over her shoulder, locks her eyes with mine and she has the most sexy facial expression of pure lust. “I love you,” she says, fighting her moans, “I love you. Fuck my ass, please.”
I ram my huge dark dick deeper into her now busted open asshole, watching it grip my cock shaft and I see she’s really high from all the cocaine I put up her ass. I start fucking her harder and faster as she keeps her eyes on me, screaming with every thrust, “Fuck my ass, fuck my ass, Don’t you ever stop fucking my ass.”
So now my hot porn star cheerleader Launa is now my hot anal slut and the cum boils in my balls. I have to hold back as I pound her asshole powerfully to give her memories she’ll never forget. I slide side to side to open up her ass even more. I piston my huge, dark prick in and out of her now cum-foaming ass as she rubs her clit and gasps in orgasmic pleasure.
“I’m cumming, oh, fuck my ass David, I’m cumming,” she yells out as her beautiful body shakes and spasms so hard, I have to hold he tiny ass cheeks while I fuck her tight little asshole like a love starved ex-convict. I watch my dark, cum-foaming cock fuck her now broken anal cherry and it sends me over the top.
“I love you, Launa, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna um in your ass, oh yes baby,” I yell out in orgasmic lust as my huge prick explodes deep in her pink asshole. I push as far into her ass I can go and my hot, thick sperm shoots deep inside her asshole, coating my dark dick and flowing from her red, cum-oozing, busted open ass. It drools down from her gaping hole to her sexy pink pussy lips as I feel her whole body quiver, leaving her gasping for air.
I fall on her back, sweating in pure, passionate heat and hold my love in my big arms and bury my face in her long, lovely blonde hair.
“Damn Launa, I love you. Thank you.” I whisper in her ear.
She giggles, and her laugh always casts a deeper love spell on me. “I love you too. I didn’t know I could cum like that. Can we do it again?”
I’m now laughing and kissing her, saying over and over, “Yes, yes, yes.”
“I love poo-poo love,” she says as I hold her in my arms.

So, to my lovely Launa, my Chaturbate porn star, thank you for the memories. I wish I would of had that baby with you; in my heart, you will always be my baby . You are awesome and may you be blessed now and in the Afterlife. I hope our paths cross again someday and we can party once more.
“I love you, pee-pee love,” I tell her.
“I love you, poo-poo love,” she answers bac
Alpine Valley Trip
Posted:Mar 3, 2021 6:48 pm
Last Updated:Apr 2, 2023 4:16 am

As I got older, I began experiment with drugs: mostly pot, acid, and coke. I just hit my final year in high school, and Def Leppard was playing at Alpine Valley in East Troy, Wisconsin. I picked up fifty hits of green gel acid make some and my friends and I went on an acid pussy hunt. It was my first time being here, and holy fucking shit, this was a cool place. We couldn’t believe our eyes as hot hippy chicks were walking around as far as the eyes could see; we had just parked and didn’t even get out of the car before we had chicks coming up and asking if we had any acid or pot sell.
I jump out of the car and say, “Five bucks, how many?”
This sexy, hot blonde with huge tits smiles at and hands a ten. “Give .” I hand her the drops and she splits it with her girlfriend before walking away.
We decide go for a wal I’m 18, and it’s close 90 degrees outside and all I see are the sexy, beautiful rocker ladies everywhere. This , cool hippy couple came up asking, “Do you have any trip?” I’m stuck staring at this older, sexy lady and I can see her huge, dark nipples through her tube top.
She notices I’m staring. “Hey cutie, want a better look?” She pulled up her tube top and let her huge tits fall free as my cock stirs in my Levi shorts.
I’m all smiles. “Nice tits, honey. Five bucks for the trips.”
She down at her pussy, “Twenty bucks.”
I’m laughing, “Maybe later.” I give them the four hits, and the dude pulls out a joint and sparks up, puffing and passing it between the of us. They took their hits, and I dropped one myself before I started to get swarmed with buyers. In forty minutes, I sold all but six hits.
At the same time, I lost my friends and ran into this wild chick with a strange accent.
“Want some shrooms,” she asked me, catching my attention.
“Sure, how much?”
“Twenty for a quarter.” I buy an eighth, and she says, “Step in my office.” We dip into her cool Camaro, and she unbuttons her jean shorts and pulls out a huge bag of mushrooms. As she pulled the bag out, I noticed she has a super hairy cunt and I can’t take my eyes off it. I’m like a deer caught in the headlights, and she follows my eyes to her hairy pussy. “You like that tiger?
I shake off my concentration and dig in my pockets for the cash, ultimately throwing her twenty bucks. I put out my hand and she gives me a handful of caps, tossing them in my mouth in a single motion and chewing them up as she proffers a bottle of Jack Daniels. I swallow the shrooms down, washing my mouth with the whisky when I see she still has her shorts wide open.
“Let’s smoke,” she says, pulling a weed pipe from the ashtray and jumping into the backseat. I go after her as she lights up the bowl and her sexy lips blow the smoke from her wet mouth. She looks a lot like Tara Reid, and with the way she exhales the smoke, I want to kiss her.
“Where are you from,” I ask her.
“Washington, baby,” she says then passes the pipe. I take a huge hit and smile a devilish grin before bending over her hairy pussy and blowing the smoke on her mound. “Ooh, thank you,” she coos. “What’s your name stranger?” I tell her, and she responds with “Debbie” as she grabs a pack of Newports and lights one up. She french inhales the smoke and it has my cock so fucking hard it hurts; the acid finally kicks in and the butterflies dance in my stomach. I watched her smoke until I told her to blow the smoke on the bulge growing in my shorts. She laughs at me, but I’m captivated by this Tara Reid look-alike and she blew the smoke on my jean covered dic
I groaned under my breath as she started rub my cock through the shorts, keeping the cigarette between her sexy lips and smiled as she peeled off my jean shorts, freeing my eight and a half inches. My cock literally sprung into her hands and she’s in awe.
“Holy fuck, baby, nice.” She starts to jack off while I go for her sexy little tits, pulling off her top and licking her hard, pink nipples.
“Lay down Debbie, I need you.” She moved back and I tore off her shorts and saw her golden blonde hairy pussy in full glory, her pink lips swelling in excitement. I rubbed my fat dick on her erect nipples, “Smoke that cig, Debbie, it turns me on.”
She puts it to her lips and takes a drag, her eyes closed as the smoke fills her mouth and lungs; before she can let it go, I push my eight and a half inch cock at her wet, waiting lips and she slowly exhales as I push myself into her mouth. I slide inch by thick inch into her watering mouth and into her throat as her eyes widen and glisten with tears from my size. “Oh yes, Debbie, smoke my cock, honey,” I groan, pulling my dick from between her lips so she can puff on her cig. I stare into her sexy eyes and beautiful Tara Reid face, feeling the smoke roll over my balls and hard, cum-leaking pric I passionately french kiss her, letting my tongue dance in her hot mouth. She threw the cig out the window and I needed to taste her.
“Light up another one, I’m gonna eat your pussy and ass, baby, while you smoke.” She lit up another cigarette as I kissed and licked my way down her toned tummy, smelling her hot, hairy blonde cunt. My mouth waters as I use my tongue to flick her clit, reaching up with my hands to pinch and caress her hard nipples and she screams. I rammed my hot, wild tongue up her hairy cunt, tasting her lovely nectar, her musky scent driving me wild as she moaned and bucked against me.
I looked up over her hairy mound and said, “Smoke for me, smoke while you feel my tongue inside your hot cunt,” before plunging back into her moist, cum-dripping snatch. The dirty talks turns me on even more and pre-cum starts oozing from my mushroom tip as I tongue fuck my sexy Tara Reid beauty, her legs clamping together as I explore further into her cunthole. I taste every inch of her, and when I pinch and tweak her hard nipples, she screams like a bitch in heat.
“Oh, fuck yes, eat my pussy. Don’t stop,” she shouts as I continue to probe my tongue in and out of her musky pussy, pausing only to pinch her clit between my teeth before lashing at her hood with the tip of my tongue. She starts humping my face, pushing me deeper into her tasty, hot, cum-leaking cunt. She puffs on the cigarette as I lick lower down her hot, sweaty asscrack and smell her hot asshole, my tongue running circles around her naughtiest spot, gently teasing her.
“Oh, fuck yeah, I love it. Tongue my ass,” she moans, and as she draws her breath on the cigarette filter, I jam my tongue deep up her asshole and she moans like a wild animal. I tongue fuck her tight, sweaty asshole faster and add fingers up her flooding pussy, working on her g-spot.
“I’m cumming, oh my fucking God, I love it!” She shakes so hard from the waves of her orgasm, she starts grinding her ass on my face and I can’t breathe. I try reposition myself, but she keeps bucking back and forth until her pussy squirts a stream of cum all over and the car. I pull my wet tongue from her ass and drink up her tasty cunt cream, licking up her lusty nectar while she shakes and my fingers continue to work her g-spot roof.
“I’m cumming again, yes, don’t stop,” she screams as she squirts again, her cunt exploding in a mixture of juice and cream. I work quickly to slurp up all of her tasty, musky cum as she rubs her bright pink pussy lips all over my face. The acid now is in full effect and I start giggling while trying to lick her dripping pussy clean.
My cock is so big and hard, I need her hot pink cunt. I grab my hard, dark cock and tease her wet, cum-leaking pussy lips and fall on top of her, ravaging her with passionate acid kisses. I taste her cig and she tastes her ass and cunt juice on my dancing tongue as I slide inch by thick inch into her sloppy cum-oozing pussy. I stare into her beautiful face and see pretty rainbow colors as she moans.
“Oh, fucking shit you’re big. Go slow, baby, slow,” she whispers in my ear cutting off her own words with a low moan as I sink all eight and a half inches into her lovely wetness. She wrapped her long, sexy legs around as I start seeing so many colors. I think I’m in a Jimi Hendrix video.
“You’re beautiful, please feel ,” I tell her, pumping in and out of her pink, swollen cunt. “Not necessarily stoned, but purple haze baby!”
Debbie screams like a bitch in heat, “Fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt. Hurry, I’m sore, please cum, please!” I see her hot pink nipples shine like sunlight as I pound her hot, tight, wet cunt harder. Her facial expressions are beautiful, her mouth hanging open in an ‘o’ and gasping with each powerful, deep thrust. I feel her hot cunt grip my fat cock tighter as she screams out, “Owiee, oh yes. I’m cumming, oh fucking God! Please cum!”
I pound her little hot cum-dripping twat harder as she starts squirting her cum all over ; in my mind, I think of Zeppelin's “Whole Lotta Love” as the juice runs down my legs and laugh with delight. The acid has feeling so good, and being inside this beautiful Tara Reid look-alike pushes even higher. I look down at my huge, dark cock deep inside her furry blonde pussy and I increase the pace, pistoning harder and faster. I want to make her crazy with lust as I fuck her hot, little pussy.
She screams again, “Please hurry, please. Oh God, I’m cumming again, I’m cumming.” There’s this strange but powerful lust and energy I feel coming from my body as she squirts another time and I feel like she’s possessed.
“Yes, baby, I love you! Hurry, hurry,” she screams.
“I want to cum in your mouth,” I tell her, and she obeys my command as I pull myself from her hot pink pussy and yell in orgasmic pleasure, “I’m cumming! Taste it, taste it all. Yes!”
She opens her mouth and I aim my dark, hard, eight and a half inch cock at her face as jet after hot jet of rainbow colored cum flows onto her face and into her mouth. I shove it in between her soft lips and down her throat as I feel my dick throb with delight. She gags on my hot, fertile seeds of love and sucks my fat dick clean. I pull it from her mouth and ram it back up her red, swollen cunt and she gasps in surprise.
“Oh, God yes. Fuck my cunt, baby,” she shouts as I fall on top of her, kissing her madly and tasting my seed upon her cum-coated lips and tongue. I fuck her so fast, she makes new moans as she thrashes beneath me on the car seat, sweat dripping like wild as her hot, wet cunt spasms again.
“I’m cumming again, oh God, fuck me, fuck me. I want you cum inside me, give me your cum,” she screams as her pussy erupts like a geyser. I do, my huge, eight and a half incher explodes and I shoot my young, fertile seeds deep into her womb, jet after jet of hot cum flows into her twat until it leaks down her ass. I fall on top of her, panting for air.
“I need your phone number,” she giggles into my ear, and I’m so high on the acid, I forgot my moms number. I laugh like a madman, and she laughs with me, lighting up a cigarette.
“You should blow it on this,” I say, pointing down on my cum-covered coc
“That’s how this started. No way.” She laughed it off and I split, forgetting my shirt in the process. As I make my way across the grounds, I notice everyone is staring at .

I make my way back the care where my friends are, and at this point, I’m tripping heavily. I hear a ton of music: Iron Maiden, ZZ Top, Rush, and everything seems to be moving to the music; all I can focus on is Debbie/Tara Reid’s pussy scent. As I get to the car, my buddies John and Joe are laughing hysterically and out of nowhere, that freaky hippie couple appeared, smiling at .
“Hey, that acid is great. Got any more?” I can’t stop staring at this , sexy hippie chick’s huge nipples as she asks about the acid. She takes kindly my ogling eyes. “Hey cutie, you really like these?”
She grabbed them and shoved her beautiful, silver dollar sized nipples all over my face. I lick them wildly as the rainbow colors flood my eyes.
We all start laughing when the dude asks, “Wanna buy some coke?”
I got a pocket full of , and I want see this sexy, hippie chick’s hot, hairy cunt. We get this tricked out custom van and we all go inside. It smells like Cheech and Chong’s house, with shag carpet on the floor, a disco ball hanging from the roof, and a velvet bed. He starts up the van and air conditioning pumps out of the vents.
“Hey, I’m Dave, and I’ll take an eight-ball if it’s good.”
“I’m Tina, and that’s my man, Bill.” She pulled out a bag of coke that looks about ounces, peels off her tube top and put some on her milky white tit. “Wanna try some, sexy chocolate eyes?”
I grab her tit with one hand, plug my nose with the other and sniff the powder. Holy shit, this stuff was good! My face went dentist’s office numb and had a great freeze. “How much,” I ask, enjoying the drip.
“One twenty for the ball, and I’m included,” Tina says, looking me dead in my eyes.
“Go ahead you . I gotta piss,” said Bill, and he promptly split, leaving us alone.
I pull out my and we do a few lines, all while I want fuck this hot, sexy hippie lady.
“Can I kiss you, Tina,” I ask, and she only giggles before pushing onto the floor and deeply french kisses . I feel her huge 44-plus tits pin as she sucks on my tongue like it’s my dic I feel my young cock grow like a snake in my shorts as I let out a moan.
“You wanna fuck Dave? Well, come on, chocolate eyes.”
“Wait, can you do something for me? Light up a cigarette and smile while I eat your hot pussy.” She giggles again, peeling off her tight jean shorts and all I see is her huge, hairy cunt bush. I take off my shorts and she looks at my cum-oozing, eight and a half inch coc
“Oh my God, you’re so fucking beautiful and big.” She lights up a cig and I’m in heaven. I spy her hairy armpits and feel the cum boil in my balls. “Why do you want smoke?”
“It’s a turn-on. Blow the smoke on my dic” We laugh, but I’m embarrassed yet so turned on as she takes a huge drag, looks up into my trippy eyes and blows the smoke on my cum-oozing coc
She grabs my thick shaft and tongues the tip, “You’re fucking huge.” She holds in one hand, drags on the cigarette with the other, taking a long, sexy pull and wrapped her lips around my throbbing coc She works inch by inch into her mouth until she’s deepthroating all eight and a half inches, letting the smoke rise from her lungs and gagging on my pric She pulls it from her wet lips and rubs my head all over her pretty face.
I’m all smiles, watching this older hippie beauty work on my young throbbing cock, I see colors radiate from her and I start questioning myself. ‘Does she really like ,’ I ask myself, as she stops mid-act.
“Wanna see something?” She grabs the coke bag and dumps a bunch on my saliva-coated cock before licking it off with her magical, wet tongue. Instantly, my young, dark cock goes numb along with her mouth and throat. I couldn’t help myself, fucking her cock loving lips like a pussy until her eyes grew wide in her head and I relented, pulling myself from her mouth.
“Smoke that cig, baby! Do it,” I command her, feeling a sense of power to make her my smoking as she puffs on the cig, staring at me with wanton lust as a huge cloud of smoke poured over my huge, hard pric I fucked my hippie mama’s hot cocksucker mouth faster as the feeling of power intensifies with every slurp and gag and moan that escapes her mouth.
“Lay down babe, let taste you,” I tell her. She grabs the coke mirror, snorts a few lines before passing it . I toot lines and set it aside. “Light up another smoke. I’m gonna watch you smoke while I tongue your ass and pussy.” She giggles at and her smile makes my heart jump with delight in my chest.
She lights up and spreads her creamy white thighs open. I stare at her hairy snatch and feel the acid and coke mix as the instant visuals hit. I pounce on her like a jaguar in a Mexican jungle, deeply and passionately french kissing her, taking her breath away in the process. I move my mouth her neck, sucking on her skin and leaving a mark; I want every man know she was with this week!
She puffs on the cigarette erotically, knowing I’m staring into her eyes though I can’t see them directly and attack her huge, soft tits. I ravish them gently , biting her huge, silver dollar sized nipples as she moans like a bitch in heat. I lick to her hairy armpits and inhale her strong, sexy hippie scent, tonguing her hairy pits.
“Oh shit, yes, ok, ok, ok,” she moaned, giggling like a schoolgirl. I licked lower down her tummy, probing her belly button, her laughter making laugh like a hyena. I can smell her strong, musky scent and it drives me insane. I need bottle this and sell it as a fragrance: “Hippie Love”.
I start giggle in her musky, cum-oozing cunthole at the idea. I look over her hairy pussy mound and see her smiling down at , our eyes locking as time slows a standstill. I break the tension, sliding my tongue deep into her wet, musky, intoxicating cunt lips as she moans in approval. I lash out at her clit with my tongue, feeling her legs shake as I locate her g-spot and reach up to put my hands to wor I pinch and tweak her nipples, her pleasurable moans confirming how good it feels. I peek up and see her puffing away on her cigarette, enticing with her smoking skills by french inhaling the smoke like the whores in World War movies; I start think I’m a soldier and giggle at this new notion, my dick getting so hard it hurts.
She screams out, “I’m cumming, lick my clit!” I obey this sexy hippie mama who is so beautiful, I feel an instant attraction. I feel her hot, hairy cunt explode on my tongue and small, wet streams dribble from her fat pussy lips. I tongue her cunt cream and eagerly gulp down her love juice. I pull my hands down from her tits and spread her big ass cheeks apart to start licking her super hairy asshole. She thrashes on the van floor beneath , screaming and moaning wildly as I lick her asshole.
“Oh, God yes, you horny fucker. Tongue fuck my ass, please,” she begged, and I rammed my tongue powerfully up her asshole, smelling her strong scent as I show my sexy Tina my oral skills. I keep plunging my tongue in and out of her ass while I stuff fingers up her hot, cum-oozing cunt, hitting her g-spot. She moans louder and louder, “Fuck my cunt, oh fist it! I love your tongue in my ass!”
I’m so turned on by her filthy words, I add a fourth finger to her stretched out pussy and tongue her hot asshole faster as she shakes with wild passion. I feel her twat spasm and her hairy, hot cunt explodes on my fingers.
“Oh, God, I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming. I’m fucking cumming!” She sprays hot cunt cream all over my fingers and hand. I pull my tongue from her hot, wet asshole and drink from her cum well, lapping up all her tasty love juice. Her cum tastes like strawberry pineapple, and I giggle as the acid makes think her cunt is a sexy fruit stand. I like her clean and crawl back up her pretty face, kiss her, and she grabs my head and deeply french kisses back, our tongues wrestling in each other’s mouth.
She holds my face in her hands, “Chocolate eyes, can I have your phone number?”
“Sure. It’s 1-800-Fuck-.” We bust out laughing as I rub my fat mushroom headed cock up and down her hairy, wet slit. She stares at in awe as I slide my hard, cum-leaking cock up her hot, hairy pussy. “Light up, baby,” I tell her, sliding my big cock inside her inch by thick inch as she lights up a joint. She lets out a long, deep moan as I slide all eight and a half inches in her velvet cunthole.
“Oh, fuck yes baby. Fuck , I’m yours!” She puffs on the joint as my size fills her.
“Put it my lips,” I tell her and take a hard drag and hold it in as long as I can as my cum-filled balls slap at her ass cheeks. I lower my handsome face her huge tits and blow the smoke on her hot nipples and flick them with my tongue. I fuck her hairy cum-dripping cunt harder as I watch my acid beauty puff on the joint. I angle my big cock up to her g-spot and she gasps at the sensation with orgasmic pleasure. I watch her sexy facial expressions as I grind harder against her clit, lifting my hips enough to give her space to slide her hand between us. She begins to rub her excited clit faster and faster and places the joint between my lips. I take a hard hit of this primo weed feeling my balls tighten and my hippie princess starts screaming.
“Fuck , fuck ,” she shouts between her heavy moans.
“Turn around,” I command her, pulling out long enough for her put her big, white ass up in the air before plunging right back into her cum dripping pussy. She starts to rub her clit as I pound her tight, pink cunt, my balls tightening and throbbing with the need to cum.
“Finger my ass, finger my ass, baby,” she tells , so I spit on her tight hairy asshole and slide a finger inside, working it around loosen her up before adding more spit and a second finger.
“Ooh, God, fuck it now. Fuck my ass, please,” she begs and I love how dirty she talks . I rub my cum leaking cock on her asshole and slip inside her special, tight, naughty hole. She screams in pure anal delight as I slide all eight and a half inches into her tight asshole.
“God, you’re so fucking big,” she cries out, and I can’t believe her heat and tightness. I grab her ass cheeks and fuck her ass so hard, my balls slap on her cunt lips with each powerful thrust; her fingers rub her clit so fast, they’re a blur.
“Oh, Tina, I love your ass. Baby, I’m gonna make a mess in your ass!”
“Hurry,” she screams, “hurry, baby. Cum with me. I’m cumming! Oh yes, hurry, fuck my ass!”
\ I sweat raindrops on her back as rainbow colored diamonds fill my vision. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming baby.” My fat, young dick explodes deep in her ass, my dark cock shooting hot, thick sperm deep in her lovely, hairy asshole. Jet after jet of burning hot sperm flows deep in her tight asshole and fills her completely, so much so cum drips down her hot cunt. I fall inside her and go soft as we catch our breath, holding her tightly as we bask in the aftermath of our hot love.
I pull out of her gaping wide, cum-oozing asshole and she only smiles at me.
“I need a cigarette,” she says, reaching for her smokes.
“Round ,” I ask jokingly and we laugh like a pair of lunatics as the love, acid and coke have us higher than the planets. I start thinking myself I’ll call her Mother Venus as she looks at with the sweetest twinkle in her eyes. Santana’s ‘Black Magic Woman’ comes mind as she lights up her cigarette and stares at while I do a few lines of blow. I grab her cig from her hand and take a long puff, blowing the smoke on her asshole, then again on her pussy, and one final puff and exhale of smoke on her tits.
I pull on my jean shorts, write down my mom’s phone number and split, ready enjoy the rest of the night.
Derek's Mom Smokes
Posted:Mar 3, 2021 6:45 pm
Last Updated:Apr 2, 2023 4:16 am

I’m in high school and I had just ran out of weed. My friend Derek told he would leave some in his room at his Mom’s house while they were up north at the cabin. He left a half ounce of primo bud under his carpet and the key the garage under the backdoor mat. I had used his room before watch VHS porn tapes, my favorite being a taboo video with Kay Parker in it.
I drive my ‘66 Nova his Mom’s pad score my weed and smoke and jack my cock off stoned. I parked on the street, sneaked to the back of the garage and grabbed the key from under the mat. Next thing I know, my heart skips a beat as the klepto rush consumes me as I stand in the empty house thinking it’s all mine! I go downstairs and pull up the carpet, uncovering our “weed spot” and grab the half ounce. I smell the aroma of the brick of weed and turn my attention to the tv, popping in the video and fast forwarding to Kay Parker’s scene. I packed a huge bowl in the foot bong and blast off, wishing I could blow the smoke on some chick’s hot cunt. I drew the smoke into my lungs and crawled close to the tv to blow the smoke on Kay Parker’s huge tits. I drop my jeans and start to stroke my now hard, eight and a half inch fat cock, wishing she would blow smoke on my big, cum-leaking dic I’m stoned out of my mind as I watch her lips wrap around some guy’s cock and I feel the cum boil in my balls; I jack my hard dick faster and faster before stopping to take another hit off the bong.
I take the hit, holding it in until I start coughing my ass off and stroking my cock when in walks Derek’s mom.
“Oh shit, Mrs. O,” I stumble, scrambling to try and pull my pants up.
“David, oh my fucking God, you have a gorgeous dic Don’t stop.”
I’m a deer caught in the headlights by her response. “I’m sorry Mrs. O, the guys said everyone was gone.” I stopped fighting with my pants and started at this thin, sexy mom.
“I came down here to smoke and steal some of Derek’s weed,” she said, holding a pack of Virginia Slims and a lighter in her hand. She sat down beside me and grabbed my cock in her hand.
“I want this. Hold fuck, you’re bigger than my boyfriend.” She grabbed the bong and took a huge hit.
“Blow the smoke on this,” I tell her as she’s holding the smoke in her lungs, my hand wrapped around my cock as I start jacking off again. She stares at my cock like she’s in a daze and exhales the huge sexy cloud of smoke on my pre-cum oozing prick before flicking her tongue over my purple mushroom head.
“Mmm, yes, oh yes,” she moans as her pink lip gloss covered mouth swallowed my dark, thick cock down. I watch in lust as her smoky mouth glides up and down the shaft, covering me with her saliva.
“Oh, yes, baby, please light up a cigarette and blow smoke on my dick while you suck it. Please do this!”
I watch her beautiful face brighten with curiosity. “Really? Do you like that, David?”
“Yes, I love it, Mrs. O.” I looked to the tv and saw Kay Parker take a huge cock up her hairy twat. Mrs. O lit up a long Virginia Slim and I watched as she wrapped her sexy hands and lips around my hard, young coc She moaned as she blew smoke on my fat dick and our eyes locked.
“You’re so beautiful, Mrs. O, you make want cum.” She looked at the tv and saw watching Kay Parker getting fucked while she sucked off. “You’re bigger than him. You want fuck , David?”
She stood up with the cigarette hanging between her glistening cocksucker lips and pulled down her tight Calvin Klein jeans, revealing her shaved brown pussy.
“Sit on my face first while you smoke, then I’m gonna fuck you so good, honey,” I tell her as she smiles and puffed on the cig. I situated myself on the loveseat and watched her remove her tiny t-shirt, exposing her brown, sexy tits. Her body is so hot, I”m in lust as she walked over and squatted over my eager mouth. We’re watching each other and I smell her hot, shaved cunt; I breathe it in and begin flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue as she grinds her pussy lips up and down against my mouth. Her moans increase as I thrust my tongue deep inside her wet, tasty cunthole, her head tipping backwards as she realizes I have the skills to make her cum harder than ever. I’m so hard as she puts that long, sexy cigarette to her lips and inhales, locking eyes with long enough know I’m watching her and then blows the smoke onto her erect brown nipples. I take her clit into my mouth as she rubs the cig filter on her nipples, pinching her hood between my teeth as she moaned in orgasmic pleasure.
“Yes, right there, don’t stop,” she shouts as the waves of her orgasm crash into her. I start tongue fucking her clit faster as she grinds her cum-dripping pussy lips all over my mouth. I pulled away from her clit, licking down her tight cunt lips before ramming my long, wild tongue deep in her lovehole.
As she bucked against my face, I pulled my tongue from her cum-dripping pussy and performed my signature move by introducing my tongue to her shaved asshole. She moved up my face, and I knew she had been here before because I could really get in deep and eat her asshole.
“Yes, David, you naughty boy. I love my ass licked, oh God,” she moaned as I thrust my tongue up her tight, smooth asshole. I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide to open her ass up further to my probing tongue, my movements increasing in speed and ferocity as I slipped fingers into her shaved pussy and made a “come here” motion, pushing my fingers against her G-spot roof. The result was immediate as she began to scream in joy and ecstasy from my fingers in her cunt and tongue deep in her ass.
“David, yes. Oh, God, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum,” she screamed as her sphincter muscle clenched around my tongue and her body shook like an earthquake. I feel her pussy walls explode on my magic fingers as I pull my tongue from the depths of her tight asshole and licked up all her yummy cum. Her cunt burst a waterfall of pussy cream, streams of it falling down my cheeks as my mouth was flooded with her juices. I gulp down as much as I can, the taste sending my high to new heights as her thighs trembled around my head; all I can think of is her intoxicating taste and ‘Lick it up’ by KISS.
“I need another cigarette. Oh my God, David,” she said, panting from her climax. Before she had a chance to light a new one, I took her face in my hands and passionately french kissed her, spreading the taste of her pussy juice to her tongue. She attacks my tongue with hers, savoring her taste, and my cock is hard as steel as it pokes at her stomach.
“Lay down and smoke,” I tell her, grabbing my thick, eight and a half inches as she lights up one of her long Virginia Slim 0s. She is so beautiful and sexy, I say her, “Thank you, Mrs. O, you are fucking beautiful.”
Her eyes glisten with tears of joy as I spank her clit with my throbbing hard cock and place my cum-leaking head her shaved pussy lips, her whole body gasping as I slid into her wetness. I feel her tight pussy muscles grip my fat, hard cock as I push inch after thick, dark inch into her until she bucks against like a bitch in heat.
“Fuck , fuck hard. Oh God, yes,” she commands as I slide my entire length into her hot, horny cunthole, my eyes fixated on her glassed-over doe eyes. Her breaths turn to moans as her tight hole grips my cock like a constrictor, the walls growing tighter as I pump in and out of her and my cum-filled balls slap at her ass with each powerful thrust; her hot, tiny tits jiggle as I pound her cunt faster and harder.
“You feel so good, Mrs. O, I’m gonna cum inside you, honey,” I tell her as she keeps puffing on the cigarette and slowly exhaling the smoke from her cock loving lips. I’m sweating bullets upon her lovely body as I hear her moan beneath and I see her eyes are glued the TV as Kay Parker takes a huge load of cum on her face.
“David I’m fucking, fucking cumming again. Hurry! Fuck yes! Fuck , I’m cumming. Cum on my face please,” she begs between her gasps for air and moans. I fuck my sexy lady’s cunt harder the point my balls hurt from the impact of each power thrust.
I want her remember me, and I want fuck this hot bitch again and I can feel my balls tighten as the cum boils over.
“Open your mouth, show your tongue. I’m gonna cum, oh yes, taste my cum, oh God,” I groan as I pull my eight and a half inches from her messy cunthole and shoot my hot, thick ropes of sperm into her sexy, smoky mouth. She gags on my huge load of cum as I keep shooting jets of sperm into her mouth and onto her face. I wiped my messy, still erect cock all over her face, spreading my cum into her skin as she licked up the seeds of my love from her lips. I caught her by surprise, forcing my cum covered dick into her cum filled mouth and down her throat; her eyes bulged out as she proved her love of my young, dark cock, swirling her tongue and suing her throat muscles to drain and clean every drop of cum from my pric I pulled my clean cock from her cum-savoring lips and gave her the biggest smile I could give.
“You are fucking sexy,” I tell her, and go in for a deep, wet french kiss before she has the opportunity respond, tasting the smoke and jizz on her lips and tongue. She attacks with a feral intensity and I feel my cock stir with excitement.
“Thank you so much, David. Promise see again. Please don’t tell anyone.”
“I don’t kiss and tell,” I assure her, my heart fluttering and my face beaming with a smile. We giggle together and both take turns hitting the bong, enjoying the high of both the pot and each other.
“Wait a minute, that’s my video,you thieves,” she says when she realizes what’s been playing on the TV the whole time we were fucking. We laughed it off and I spent the night, learning all sorts of new tricks and naughty magic that gets her off time and time again. I liked her a lot, and the things we did turned me into a better lover.
A Convict's Life: Demon Women
Posted:Jan 18, 2021 7:04 pm
Last Updated:Mar 3, 2021 6:24 pm
He's back! Convict #5330, 'Crazy ' is released from prison and embarks on a journey of XXX smoking fetish lust with many erotic ladies. He works hard and plays hard while struggling with his new found freedom. A violent twist of fate takes place as demon women try to take his life. He survives to live like there is no tomorrow. Warning: graphic erotica...

My third is complete and I wanted to share with all my AdultFriendFinder friends what an amazing adventure this project was. Sadly, I can't post most of the chapters but will share with anyone who wants them via email! I worked hard and at 495 pages, this is a fantastic, , sexy, and wild story!

Table of Contents:
1-Rozanne's Birthday Surprise
2-First Mistake
3-From the to the Club
4-Dancing With Demons
5-Paranoia and Loss
6-Rozanne's Jewelry Party
7-Happy Thanksgiving
8-When the Levee Breaks
9-Home Depot Kim
-The Honeymoon
-Alcohol Was a Factor
-Misbehaving Michelle
-Margo's Pirate Booty
-Wisconsin Dolls
-Angel in My Bed
-Party Bergie's
-"No Pity in Simon City"
18-My Sexy Vixen Vickie
19-Theresa the Temptress
20-The Birth of Super-Aztec
21-Vladimir the Romanian Porn Star
22-The Ballad of Bobbie Jo
23-Jessica is a Hustling Ho
24-My First Love Returns
25-Second Mistake
26-Gina's Cherry Pie
27-Mounting Frustrations
28-For Services Rendered
29-In-Patient Treatment
30-Finding Success with Sue
31-The End of Sobriety
32-Reunited with Christina
33-New Job, Same Problems
34-Tangled in Kat's Cradle
35-Black Magic Woman
36-Alternative to Revocation
37-Christina's Last Chance
38-An Unforgivable Curse
39-Amanda & the Crew
40-Meeting Monica
41-The Real Crazy
42-Caught in the Web
43-Cashing In
44-Demon Women
45-Battle For My Soul

All females and couples, I will be released in five months, in May 2021. Anyone wanting stories or other content, contact me.
Brenda and Angela Smoking
Posted:Nov 30, 2020 6:49 pm
Last Updated:Jan 23, 2021 7:11 am

Brenda and Angela Smoking
I had my own place, a great job, and a nice ride. I worked third shift as a supervisor/lead man at a meat company and was enjoying my freedom. I was locked in a cage for a long time and was pussy and party crazy. After working all night, I woke up and went the gym maintain my prison muscle. When I got back and showered, my coke dealer tossed some new stuff; it was so good, I bought more. I take a huge puff of the rock and holy fucking high. I put on a fresh tank top and jean shorts and my Timberland boots, and decided I needed a drin I walked a cool, little Mexican bar and did four shots of tequila and felt instantly better.
On my way home, maybe blocks away, some hot little Puerto Rican lady comes up to me and says, “Papi, I like your tattoos.”
She is a short, cute thing and I'm feeling the booze. “Wanna party,” I asked, and she smiles. “You smoke cigarettes and rock, baby?”
She grabs my arm, “Hell yeah, but I don’t have none.”
“Let’s go get you some so you can party with me.” We walk to the gas station to get a pack of Virginia Slim 0’s, and I hand the pack over her as she thanks .
We get back my place, and she likes my bachelor pad, taking in how well I’ve done for myself. She goes the bathroom and comes back out, looking at the rock in the pipe and the porn on my TV; of course, it’s smoking porn. I point the screen and some hot lady is smoking a cigarette, blowing smoke on some guy’s huge dick that’s even bigger than mine.
“Damn Papi, I can do that. I’m Brenda, I’ll take care of you.” She smiles at me wickedly as she grabs the pipe off the bed. I hand her a huge hit of this powerful rock, and I’m pulling off my clothes as she hits the pipe. I pull off my undies and stand before this hot, little sexy slut. She’s staring at my huge dark dick as she takes the smoke in and her eyes go wide. I move in front of the TV so she can see the hot blonde doing a smoky blowjob, and she hands me the pipe and grabs my cum leaking eight and a half inch pric
“Blow it on my cock, baby,” I tell her, and she does one better. Her tiny, wet , smoky lips wrap around my huge cum oozing cock head and in one swift motion, she deep throats , burying her nose in my cock hair. She gags and a huge cloud of smoke covers my whole dark, hard dic She looks up at , staring into my big, brown eyes as hers go wide and glassed over, moaning on my big, fat prick stuck in her mouth.
I grab a long Virginia Slim cigarette, light it, and pass it to her as she slurps on my cum leaking coc
“Papi, you’re so big. My friend’s gonna like you, baby,” she says, taking the smoke as I point the TV. She puts the cig her cocksucker lips and takes a drag, blowing the hot smoke on my saliva coated cock before beginning suck off. She wraps her tiny hot mouth around my cum leaking prick as I grab my pipe and put a huge hit inside, forgetting how good this rock is and blast off. As I inhale the hit, my whole body warms up, my ears start ringing, and I fuck Brenda’s mouth like it’s her hot pussy.
I pull my fat wet cock from her dick loving lips and kiss her, giving her the cocaine shotgun as I blow the smoke down her throat and into her lungs. She can’t take it all and it covers her face, the huge smoke cloud billowing between us.
“Talk slutty, it turns on. Talk dirty,” I command her, and before she can say anything, I shove my huge, dark cum leaking dick back in her hot, wet throat. She gags on my throbbing hard cock and the smoke pours from her mouth before pulling away take another drag.
“Fuck my mouth, Papi. Use my mouth like it’s my pussy. I smoke your cock,” she says in a sultry tone, blowing the smoke on my big cockhead and tongues my hot pre-cum glob on my pisshole. I grab her head and, feeling so high, I get rough, fucking her tiny wet cocksucker lips. She gags on my huge prick, her tongue doing hot swirls all over my dick shaft as I keep pounding her tight, little mouth.
“Smoke my cock,” I tell her, pulling my excited, hard cock from her mouth. She puffs roughly on the cig and pushes my horny prick back into her hot, cock loving mouth. She looks so sexy as I fill the pipe and hand her an insane hit. She replaces my cock with the pipe and I light it as she takes the hit; with the pipe still sizzling, I pack another hit in and blast off with her.
She’s staring at the hot blonde getting ass fucked, smoking a cigarette and I shove my excited prick down her throat and keep it there. She gags loudly and the crack smoke pours over my huge dark dic I feel the cum in my balls swimming, begging for release as I fuck her hot, dick loving mouth and throat like it’s a hot cunt. I let the hit out of my lungs, and as the smoke escapes my lips, I fuck her face faster and harder.
She starts making these wild noises and I scream, “I’m cumming, eat my cum, bitch! Eat my cum! Suck it!” My hot cum shoots from my exploding huge cock deep down her throat as I hear her gag like a in ecstasy. She gulps down my sperm in globs as I fill her belly and mouth full of hot sperm.
She sucks clean and spanks my ass. “Papi, you naughty. I can no breathe. Damn I love your big dic” I see cum all over her chin and lips as she wipes off her mouth. “ You fuck later. I go find something nice for you, like that,” she says, pointing the blonde on the screen who’s getting her ass fucked while smoking.
She asks for a little rock take with her and tells she’ll be back later; before I know it, she’s out the door and I lock it behind her. I see she forgot the cigs in her hurry, and go under my mattress for more rock and change the DVD. My cock is still drooling cum as I put on some cool DVD from fetish fans, this shit is hot! I listen the lesbians talk and that English accent drives wild with lust.
I smoke a little rock and wish I was in England with these hot, sexy British birds. As soon as I take a huge blast off the pipe, I hear a knock at the door.
‘Fuck,’ I think myself, ‘is that my P.O., or is it the cops?’ I sneak the door and look out the peephole and relax. I see smiling faces and open the door. In walks Brenda and some hot, young blonde.
“Papi, this Angela. She from Florida,” says Brenda, introducing her new friend.
I look at Angela and ask, “How are you?”
Angela dodges the question, “Holy shit, nice tattoos,” and grabs at my bulge in my tight boxer briefs. She looks at the TV and sees a hot lesbian with a huge strap-on with her partner blowing smoke on the dildo.
“Angela, you smoke for Papi,” said Brenda, grabbing the cigs she left behind and lights one up, passing it to the hot, sexy Angela. This bitch is fucking beautiful!
I hand Brenda a huge rock, watching intently as I break off a piece of it and leave a large portion for her and Angela. “For , Papi? Oh, thank you. I do anything, I stay all night.” She opens her purse and grabs a bottle of 20/20 wine and a bottle of vodka, combines them both and slams it all down.
“I ready. I eat this bitch’s pussy and you fuck her face and pussy. She like it in the ass, Papi. She make for you.”
I can’t believe my luck as I have street hoes on my dick! “Take them clothes off,” I tell them, “and I like my sex dirty and smoky. You use nasty words, I fuck and suck you harder.”
Angela says, “You like this?” She takes her shirt off, and she’s all nipples, no tits, with piercings through both pink nipples and a tiny, shaved slit. She puffs on the cigarette, “You want fuck like a , David?”
Brenda lights a cigarette and tells Anglea, “We suck and smoke.”
I got hot whores now licking my hard cock as I turn up the TV hear the lesbians fucking. I pass Angela the pipe filled with rock and Brenda lights the lighter. Angela takes the huge hit and looks up at as she faces the TV with my hard, fat eight and a half inch cock in front of her hot, pink, wet lips.
“Suck it, blow the smoke on my dick,” I command her as her eyes roll back into her head. She opens her hot, sexy lips and I slide my cum leaking prick in her mouth as her hands grab my balls. I push my prick down her throat and hear a sound that never fails to excite .
“Aagghhrr” is all I hear as she gags on my cock and smoke pours from her sexy lips and out her nose like a witch dragon of lust. She sucks my fat dick like she’s possessed.
“You’re good,” I commend her, “suck it. Deep throat it, get it wet so I can fuck your hot, little cunt.”
Brenda grabs my wet, saliva covered dick and takes a hit off the pipe as Angela smokes the cigarette like a . Brenda’s mouth takes me her hot throat and blows the smoke on my pulsating pric “Fuck yes,” I tell her, “suck my big cock!”
Angela blows cig smoke on Brenda’s lips. “God he’s sexy. You got a nice, big cock,” she says. I grab the pipe and tell them what do next like the dominating master I am.
“On the bed, spread your legs, and rub them cigarettes up and down your hot, wet cunts.” They quickly obey and I take a big hit and observe their pussies and asses. Angela has this hot, pink pussy lipped cunt that’s shaved smooth. I load and take another insane hit before passing the pipe Brenda and bending down Angela’s tight pink slit.
She reminds of Miley Cyrus with these huge, blue eyes that watch as I blow smoke on her wet cunt lips, grabbing her legs and pushing them up her ears powerfully. I thrust my tongue up her young, tight shaved cunt and hear her moan in earnest.
“Eat my pussy, fuck yeah. Tongue fuck your runaway ’s pussy!” Brenda kisses her hot lips and I look at the tiny pink asshole I can’t wait to taste and fuc I pull my mouth off her tasty, young pussy as Brenda starts tongue lashing her pierced nipples.
“You’re gonna be mine. I’m gonna tongue your ass,” I tell Angela as Brenda squeezes her small tits. I ram my long, wet tongue up her asshole, struggling to get the tip of my tongue up her tight, naughty hole.
“Ooh, shit, he’s licking my ass. Oh yes, it feels so fucking good.”
I tongue fuck her tight pink asshole and she grinds her ass like a hot, horny slut on my face and tongue. I watch Brenda smoke the cigarette over Angela’s pussy mound, looming closer to Angela’s pretty pink clit.
“I’m gonna lick your little pussy, . You want Mama’s tongue in there,” says Brenda, her head hovering inches away as Angela giggles like an evil ; it turns on so much, I”m beyond simple smoky lust.
Brenda puffs on the cigarette and blows the smoke on Angela’s little pink pussy lips as my tongue fucks her tight asshole. As soon as Brenda’s tongue probes her cum leaking cunt, Angela screams, “I’m gonna cum, oh fuck, lick my holes.”
I open her ass up with my wild, wet tongue and slam my fat tongue further up her ass that it’s been and she screams and bucks in heat. “I’m cumming, oh yes!”
She shakes with passionate, orgasmic ecstasy and her little pussy explodes, leaking streams of hot cum down into my mouth and on my tongue. I let her legs down and drink her sweet, young pussy cream. Brenda’s tongue and my own lick our young hot ’s pink slit clean before kissing Brenda, tasting more of Angela’s sweet cum on her smoky lips. I suck on Angela’s cum leaking pussy lips then crawl on her passionately, deeply french kissing her so she can taste her cum.
“Turn around and light up a cigarette. You’re gonna blow smoke on Brenda’s hot unt and eat her pussy while I fuck you.” They grab the pipe first and Brenda says, “ first, ,” as they fight over the hit. Brenda blasts off and lays back on the bed, her legs wide open and hot tits looking so good and delicious.
Angela puts her tiny ass up in the air, her skin so white it’s like vampire pale and her pussy glistens with saliva and cum; I see my spit on her asshole while Brenda takes another hit.
“Eat my cunt, bitch,” she orders Angela, and she flicks her tongue back and forth over her wet clit and brown cunt lips. I grab my big, hard prick and slap her young, pink cunt with my fat mushroom head. Brenda quickly slides up and grabs Angela’s pussy juice covered mouth and deeply tongue kisses her before blowing the smoke down into Angela’s lungs.
“Eat my cunt, ,” she screams at Angela, “Fuck her pussy Papi, make the slut scream!”
I ram my big, eight and a half inch cock up her tiny cunt hole and she’s soaking wet and tight as fuck, she feels so good.
“Oh fuck, oh yes, it’s too big. I love it,” she screams as smoke pours from her hot lips
into Brenda’s brown lipped cumleaking cunt. I fuck this timy ’s pink pussy faster and harder, reaching under her and pinch her nipples so hard, she squeals.
“Fuck , fuck my pussy like a ,” she yells, trying puff on the cigarette as my
fat, huge cock stretches her pink pussy open with each powerful thrust and my balls slap her hot clit.
Brenda screams, “Eat my cunt, . I cum, I cum, bitch,” grabs Angela’s head and force her face and mouth into her cum pissing cunt. Angela gasps for breath, moaning wildly as I pound her little twat and Brenda shakes so fucking hard, her back arching off the bed and grinding her cunt on Angela’s mouth and tongue. I hear her slurp and suck Brenda’s love juice out of her spasming hot cunthole.
I stick a finger in Angela’s ass as I fuck her little pink lipped cunt harder and work on loosening her tight little ass.
“Oh no, oh fuck it hurts. I’m cumming. Fuck , fuck David, I’m your ,” she screams as her whole body spasms and her little cunt explodes on my dic She starts leaking hot pussy cum from ddep inside her hot cunt and I spit on her asshole and pull my finger from her pink, puckered ring.
I really want her ass, so I grab the pipe and give her a huge hit help relax her. I have a half gram rock on the table and tell Brenda, “Putt all of it in there for Angela.” As Brenda loads the hit, I lean down and whisper into Angela’s ear, “I’m gonna fuck your ass, little , so you better hold that hit in. It’s fucking fifty.”
I turn my attention back to Brenda. “Light cigs at the same time when I slide my big dick up her ass. Do it, bitch!”
Angela takes the hit, putting the pipe between her lips and Brenda lights the lighters melt the big roc I slide fingers up the tightest ass I ever felt.
As Angela takes the hit, I tell Brenda, “Turn around and spread your asscheeks. Let her blow the smoke and tongue your ass.”
Brenda turns around and holy busted up, huge, brown fishlipped asshole. I see pink and red in her gaping, cum leaking ass; there’s even some cum in her dirty, stinky asshole!
Angela takes the hit and I slide my cum oozing, dark cock inside her pink tight asshole and my head eases in past her puckered ring of muscle as she tries buck forward, I hold her by her asscheeks and slide inch by thick inch into her tight ass until I bury all eight and a half inches inside her.
“Blow the smoke on Brenda’s asshole, , taste her dirty ass,” I tell her and she screams huge clouds into Brenda’s cum filled asshole.
“It’s too big! Oh, God, hurry! Hurry, fuck my ass, cum in my ass,” she screams before her head buries between Brenda’s ass cheeks and starts tongue fucking her asshole.
“Eat my ass, , lick out that sperm slut. You love it,” Brenda says before handing Angela a cigarette as I continue to fuck her tiny asshole with my big, dark cock, my balls slapping against her red-pink pussy lips. I see Brenda and Angela both take huge drags on their cigarettes and it pushes over the edge.
I scream out, “I’m gonna cum in your hot ass, . I”m cumming, I’m fucking cumming.” My hot jets of burning cum shoot deep up her busted open rectum as she screams with .
“Cum in my ass, , I love your big dic I’m cumming too, oh it hurts so good!”
My prick is so excited by her words of slutty filthiness, I shoot even more hot cum up her ass, filling her to the brim with my hot, fertile seeds of love. Her whole body shakes like a schoolgirl in orgasmic heaven.
Brenda screams, “Finger my ass, bitch, finger my pussy. I want to cum in your hot mouth, bitch. Smoke my pussy and ass!” I see Brenda spread her ass as I pull my cum leaking hard cock from Angela’s red, cum drooling asshole and push her out of the way and drive my ass juice covered prick to Brenda’s dirty asshole and easily slide inside.
“Oh, God yes Papi, ass fuck your . I yours,” she yells out as I plunge my entire length in her stinky asshole.
“Angela,” I yell out, “blow smoke on my dick and her asshole as I fuck this slut.” Angela has tears of joy in her eyes as she obeys her master. She takes a drag on the cigarette and blows it perfectly on my ass-covered, cum leaking coc
“Papi, hurt my ass, cum in my ass. Make Angela eat Mama’s ass,” Brenda screams as I feel the smoke being blown on my wet, dark, and now smelly cock as Brenda starts cumming.
“Yes, I cum, I cum,” she shouts as I pull my dick from her ass and turn Angela.
“Open your mouth Angela, blow smoke on my ass loving cock!” I feel powerful have sex slaves and I see Angela puff on the cigarette and I shove my dirty dick down her throat. She looks dazed and blows the smoke on my cock as I pull it from her lips. “Now lick your ’s asshole.”
She tongues that asshole like a starving slut and I can’t hold back anymore, I’m so turned on by the most beautiful, dirty whores. I shove my dick back inside Brenda’s loose asshole and scream, “I’m cumming in your ’s ass. Feel my cum, bitch.”
Hot sperm shoots up her loose asshole and I pull my prick out, caked with dirtiness and cum and turn to Angela. “Lick it clean,” I tell her, and she does not look happy about my stinky, messy, cum oozing coc She grabs the pipe and I point the tables. She grabs a chunk and takes a hit, closes her eyes and swallows my huge, messy cock, her tongue swirling on my growing limp dic The hot crack smoke pours from her lovely cocksucker lips and this makes her suck on my prick hard. I stare into her eyes as she slurps on my coc
“I taste too, Papi,” asks Brenda, and again I point to the table. She grabs a rock and blasts off before kissing Angela with power and passion, blowing the smoke into Angela’s sexy, messy ass and cum filled mouth. I look down and see Angela fingering her pussy as Brenda licks my soft dic
I try be a sexy sport and call for a triple kiss, and all of our tongues dance together in messy anal delight. I need a hit, so I load the pipe and tell them, “Light up a cigarette. You are going lick and tongue my asshole until you get my cock hard.”
I go into my stash and give them each a big reward; a gram of roc
“Papi, really? Thank you,” says Brenda.
“I love you, ,” Angela yelps, “I never had an orgasm getting my ass fucked. Can we try it again?”
I laugh and get on my hands and knees, feeling their four hands spread my ass cheeks. “Stick the cig filter in my asshole. I can smoke with my ass” I tell them, and my naughty sexy whores giggle with witchy laughter. They put the filter in and I puff and hiss a small stream of smoke from my pink asshole.
“Holy shit, do it again,” says Angela, and I do before taking another hit off the pipe. I feel sexy, hot tongues worshipping my ass and I command them to eat. It. I can tell Brenda’s tongue is longer, but Angela tries. They both hear say, “Blow smoke on my asshole,” and they obey.
Brenda would bring lots of girls; I have five living with by that Fall. My bed was never empty! Yes, all you hot ladies, I like dope date, so don’t judge . I can be clean and sober too, but I’m not giving up my dirty, nasty, smoking sex! Mmmm…
My Crack Smoking BBW
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Last Updated:Jan 26, 2021 12:35 pm

My Crack Smoking BBW
I went pick up some rock and headed over this spot on the north side of Milwaukee. I had been there a few times, real quick, get my shit and leave deals. I walk in and I see my dealer grab my package, and there is some asshole yelling at a really pretty, fat lady. He’s calling her a fat, ugly and I don’t stand for that shit at all.
“Can I hit this pussy ass dude,” I ask my dealer.
He smiles at me. “Go handle that hist, folks.” He’s from the same set, so there’s a common level of respect.
I step up the asshole, “Hey, what’s your problem? She’s beautiful.” He looks at and I know he’s high, he’s got that crazy look in his eyes. I put my arm around this scared, crying, big sexy lady and ask him again. “What’s your problem, man? Why you yelling at her?”
He doesn’t have a chance as I punch him right in the nose and he hits the floor, knocked out cold.
I ask my new lady, “Hey, wanna party? Let make you something eat.” I show her my half ounce of rock sweeten the deal.
“Wow, sure,” she says, perking up.
I take her hand, nod at my brother, and lead her my royal blue Chevy Blazer. Once inside, I properly introduce myself.
“My name’s David, honey, who are you?”
“I’m Peggy,” she says, and I kiss her on her soft, chubby chee She finally smiles, and starts taking in all my Aztec tattoos and prison muscle. “You’re sexy.”
“Thanks baby.”
“Why you so nice to ?” There’s a hint of sadness and confusion in her voice.
“Honey, all my life, I’ve been judged. I’ve been treated like shit because I’ve been in prison, people get jealous because they can’t have what I got, and been kicked around like a stray. I know what it’s like be treated like shit because of my tattoos, my skin tone, my prison record, and besides, I really think you’re beautiful. I love big women.” I smile at her, “You look like you needed the help.”
We’re driving along towards my place on the south side and she asks, “Where are we going, David?”
“I’m cooking us a Mexican breakfast and gonna run a bubble bath for you, then give you a hot stone massage,” I tell her. She smiles deep into my big, brown eyes as I take in her perfect smile and look down her top to stare at her huge, white cleavage.
We get to my place and she likes what she sees. I go run the bath and put some baby oil and bath beads in for her, light a few candles, and pull off all my clothes, leaving me in my MMA boxer tight briefs.
“Holy shit, you’re built. Mmm,” she says with a hint of lust, and I know she’s staring at my semi-hard cock bulge.
“Now soak in the bath honey, I’m making you breakfast.” I leave her to go into the kitchen and whip up some eggs, chorizo, and corn tortillas.
I hear her splashing around and tell her, “Put some bubbles on you, I’m coming in.” I open the door and all I’m wearing is my bow tie and a towel over my arm, my other balancing a platter of eggs and juice.
“Oh my God,” she says, laughing at me.
“I’m your waiter. I shall feed you, my sexy Peggy.” I see her huge tits covered in bubbles jiggle as she laughs at my silly ass. I slowly spoon eggs into the tortilla and feed my sexy lady. She chews up my food, her eyes closing in joy.
“Oh, that’s good. More,” she says, and I can see she hasn’t eaten. I feed my new beauty and she cleans her plate like a good girl.
I go into my room for some goodies. “Care for a smoke,” I ask, handing her a Virginia Slim 0 and light it for her. She puts the cig her sexy, plump lips and as she takes a drag, I stand up and point my huge, semi-hard, cum leaking dic “Blow the smoke on this.”
She grins at and blows a hot stream of smoke on my cum leaking, growing coc “I like women who smoke for me, Peggy.” She giggles at me, her pretty face turning red and I like this chick already. I rub her shoulders and as she smokes, I feel my cum boil in my balls, my heart races, and I tilt my head her sexy, smoking mouth and softly kiss her moist lips, sliding my tongue into her hot, cigarette tasting mouth. We passionately kiss, Peggy grabbing my head with her wet hand, letting know she’s into . She’s a great kisser and I can’t wait feel her tongue on my huge, dark coc
“I’ll be right back,” I say, leaving put my hot stones for the massage in the heater. It’s a crock pot filled with water, and the rocks I picked from the shores of Lake Michigan and blessed them with sweetgrass and cedar. I grab my pipe and a nice chunk of rock, taking the time to light some candles in my room, lay out some towels and turn some Zeppelin on softly.
I put the huge hit in the glass pipe and walk into the bathroom and see Peggy smoking. I hand her the pipe and she puts it in her sexy lips. I light the lighter and she sucks the intoxicating smoke into her hot, moist, plump lips. I watch her eyes get glassy and stand up and pull my tight boxer briefs down to show her my dark surprise. She holds the smoke deep in her lungs as she stares at my big, dark, eight and a half inch cum leaking coc
“Blow it on this, Peggy,” I tell her as she licks my clear pre-cum from my pisshole and
Slides her hot cocksucker lips down my dark cock shaft. She moans as the huge crack hit of smoke pours over my huge, pulsating prick and she deep throats . I slowly fuck her hot wet mouth, feeling her tongue wrap around my mushroom head and shaft. I pull my dick from her wet lips and deeply french kiss her, tasting my seed on her lips. I give her another big hit and light the lighter. She takes a huge blast off the pipe and my cock is so fucking hard and excited, I wait till she gets the hit deep in her lungs before I shove my cum-leaking dick between her hot, dick loving lips. She sucks my fat prick into her throat and as she gags on my cock, the huge smoke cloud covers my wet, saliva-coated coc She looks up at and I feel the tip of her tongue go to work on my cum-oozing pisshole.
“God David, you have a beautiful dick,” she moans, and I love hearing this. There is nothing more sexy than a woman who likes my coc I pull my wet dick from her hot lips.
“Thank you, honey. I will treat you so, so good so you can ‘cum’ back for more,” and I deeply french kiss her.
“Time for your massage, honey. Let me dry you off.” She stands up and I take in her huge 54DDD tits with big brown saucer nipples. Her tummy feels so soft and she’s absolutely smooth shaven; I look lower and see these thick white thighs. My huge dick throbs as I towel dry my big beauty’s soft, clean skin.
“Come, my princess,” I tell her, leading her by the hand to my bedroom, serenading her with the Native American warrior song “Lakota Sioux” in my native tongue, blessing this woman. She stares at me in awe as she sees the candles and lays on the towels. “Lay on your tummy,” and she rolls over, showing off her huge white ass cheeks. I pour rose oil on my hands and rub them together. I have a lot of energy in my whole body and was told by a medicine man that I’m a natural healer. I rub my sexy plump Peggy’s soft skin , starting at her neck and working my strong, sensual thumbs into her relaxed vertebrae and down her spine, slowly making my way to her huge ass cheeks. I open them to see her tight brown asshole, letting my thumb brush across it then moving down to her shaved, hot innie pussy lips.
“Ooh, David, you’re fucking awesome,” she says, loving the attention and touch of my hands on her body.
“Your lovely, soft, beautiful body is mine tonight, and my friendship is yours forever.” I sing the Zeppelin song softly and kiss her neck, leaving feather-like kisses down her spine as her skin turns to goose bumps.
I open her huge ass cheeks and kiss her naughty, dark asshole. I open it up and smell her clean scent and drool my spit into her ass before plunging my wet tongue deep into her brown-ringed asshole.
“Oh, fuck yes, oh God yes,” shoe moans softly in lust as I suck and nibble on her ring, getting it relaxed for some hot loving.
I lick lower and plunge my tongue up and down her wet, brown pussy lips, flicking my wild tongue across her clit. She is my sexual instrument as she sings with pure orgasmic lust; I use my experienced tongue to a symphony with her asshole and plump cunt.
I hear a ‘ding’ from the hot stone alarm, telling the stones are ready for her bac I grab the pipe and toss her some crac “Smoke baby while I massage you.” I towel off the wet stones, check the temperature by hand and tell her, “Be still. You’ll feel some warm stones on you.”
I place them on her soft neck, down her spine, on her lungs, kidneys, and lower bac I grab the smaller stones and place a pair on her ass cheeks and run more down the back of her legs. I finish the application by sliding the smallest stones between her toes and cover her with a big towel. I fire up a fat joint and blow the smoke on her sexy tits from the side and start to massage her scalp through her long, soft black hair.
“Ooh, David, that feels awesome. No one has ever made me feel this way!”
“I’m happy you like it. You can reward me when we’re done.” I kiss her soft, sexy lips, and my dick is so hard from seeing the pleasure on her face. I pull the stones off her white, soft skin and put them back in the heater, pull off my undies and jump on her oily back and massage her back as my throbbing huge cum leaking cock rests between her ass cheeks. I slide my prick up and down her huge white ass cheeks as I massage her neck and let my hands move down the sides of her super huge tits. I massage the warm oil into her huge nippled tits.
“Oh, David, yes,” she moans, her body responding to every touch I make.
“Take a hit baby, then light up a cigarette for me.”
She takes a huge crack hit as I rub my cum oozing dark mushroom head up and down her shaved, fat cunt. I watch her exhale the large smoke cloud as I push my big prick into her dripping wet cunt. She spasms with high delight. I pull my cum leaking cockhead from her cuntlips and tell her, “Turn over, Peggy.”
She is in a trance I know all too well, my sex magic of the Order of the Golden Dawn is upon her. I grab her pretty face and steal a hot, wet, deep french kiss and ram my tongue down her hot throat before moving down to lick her gigantic tits. I suck hard on her already excited nipples and tell her, “Light up a cigarette, baby.”
She smiles a wide grin, her teeth shining like stars from above. She puts that cig to her sexy, wet cocksucker lips and takes a huge drag and blows the smoke on her huge saucer dark nipples. I lick down her big tummy, leaving a saliva trail and smell her clean sex scent. My huge cock throbs as I find her clit and tease it with my hot, wet, pussy loving tongue.
“You taste so good, Peggy,” I tell her as she puffs on the cigarette, “spread your legs, open that cunt for me.”
She moans and obeys my command, for she is under my spell. I ram my hot, long tongue up her brown, fat cunt and pinch her hot, huge nipples hard. I tongue fuck her wet, cum leaking, clean cunthole as she screams in pleasure.
“Eat my cunt, David, oh yes. I’m your , watch me smoke.”
I love hearing this sexy, dirty talk and I tell her, “Talk dirty, be my little smoking slut!”
I lick her wet pussy and tongue fuck her twat wildly. I grab her huge, fat thighs and take her by surprise, pushing her big legs to her ears and exposing her puckered brown ringed asshole. I spit on her naughty, dark asshole and let my tongue rim her as she moans like a in heat.
“Fuck yes, David, tongue my asshole. Make my slutty ass yours. Oh God yes!”
I spread her brown anus open, attacking and thrusting my tongue deep into her hot asshole. I tongue fuck her little asshole faster as I push fingers up her tight, plump cunt.
I hear her moans of approval, “Fist my cunt, fist my cunt like a .” I ram my big hand up her cum leaking pussyhole and pull my tongue from her horny ass and replace it with fingers. “Oh God, David, yes! Don’t stop, treat like a !”
I push fingers up her ass and my whole hand up her huge, busted open cunt as she starts pissing cum. “I’m cumming,” she screams, “watch smoke. Fist , I’m cumming!”
She screams like a fucking slut in orgasmic lust and she puffs on the cigarette as her huge cuntlips flood streams of musky cum onto my fist. I fist her cunt faster, hearing the cum juice noises as she soaks my hand.
I suck on her clit and lick up my fat ’s beautiful, tasty cump drops as I slam a fourth finger up her ass and she screams out again, “Fist my asshole, , oh my God, I’m gonna cum again!” I can’t fit my hand up her ass because she’s thrashing on the bed, shaking so much as her orgasm possesses her lovely, plump, curvy body. She cums again as I work both of her hot holes of lust. Her cunt hole pisses cream everywhere as she spasms on my four fingers. I know my is in ecstasy as she keeps cumming.
“David, oh yes, it hurts good. Please , I’m your !” She’s saying the hottest shit so I pull her asshole open with both hands, splaying her wide and looking into her red ass, spitting deep in her ass before licking her loose. I surprise her by ramming my hard, cum leaking cock up her stretched out asshole as she takes the last long drag from her cigarette. She lets the smoke out as I slide all eight and a half inches between her huge white ass cheeks in one swift motion with my fist still fucking her hot cum-drenched pussy.
She screams, “Use my ass, , make a mess in ’s slutty smoking .” She turns the tables on , unlocking the doors in my own sexual kingdom by using her body as the key.
The cum shoots from my huge, throbbing fat dick deep into her huge, sloppy asshole. “Yes, I’m cumming, oh fuck my slutty bitch I’m cumming. Yes, my hot ,” I moan as jet after hot jet of thick fertile sperm shoots up her hot asshole. I feel this cum pour directly from my sex soul, and I keep cumming so much, I feel all my hot jizz flood her hot asshole. I keep shooting hot cum until I feel as if she is taking all my power from through my pisshole.
“Oh David, I belong you.” I’m your , your smoking slut. Pull it out, put it in my dirty cockloving mouth.”
I hear these words and it fills with excitement as I pound my big cum shooting prick in her ass and feel more cum boil in my balls. I’m going multi-orgasm and I yell out, “Oh God, I love your ass, my slut. I’m cumming in your ass again. You’re making cum again! Holy fuck!”
She screams so loud it hurts my ears and my huge prick explodes again, shooting more hot, burning sperm in this ’s ass.
“Light up another cigarette. You’re gonna lick your mess off my coc”
She lights up a cig and I’m pulling my dark, cum-drooling fat prick from her cum filled asshole and put it her lips. “Open your mouth and show your tongue.”
She opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out and I slide my cum-oozing, still hard cock between her cocksucker lips. I powerfully shove it in her mouth, the way whores enjoy, until she chokes on my ass-flavored fat coc “Smoke it, slut,” I command her as I pull my wet, clean cock from her smoky hot lips. She puffs on the cig, staring at with powerful, hot lust and blows the smoke on my hard, wet dic “Good girl. Now, tongue my ass. Blow smoke on my asshole. Do it, bitch!”
I squat over her hot mouth as she puffs, spreading my ass cheeks wide and sit on her wet, wild tongue. “Tongue fuck my asshole.”
My huge, wet prick rubs her forehead as she struggles for breath. “Tongue fuck it,” I yell, jacking my fat dark cock off as her tongue snakes deep in my ass. “Make your ’s cum tongue my asshole, bitch.”
I start to shake with another orgasm. “Open your mouth,” I tell her, pulling my asshole off her hot, wet lips and cum down her hot, wet throat. She gags on my sperm as she gulps down all my hot, thick cum and keeps my cum shooting prick lodged in her cum-filled throat. I feel both powerful and evil, making her choke on my hot jizz and big cock, her eyes growing huge until I see them water up. I let her breathe, pulling my prick from her cocksucker lips and she immediately puffs like mad on the cigarette.
“More , I love you. Give more.” I’m thinking this is one sexy, hot bitch and slide my cock down her throat and the hot smoke pours over my now limp dic
I pull it from her dick loving lips and kiss my new ’s hot lips, tasting my seed on her mouth and tongue.
“Peggy, I love that nasty tal You made cum so good.”
She hands the crack and pipe, looking at with the most sexy, wicked smile. “Blow smoke on this,” she says, pointing her cum-filled mouth; she wants a crack shotgun and we giggle in delight, just like the of the damned. I put the half gram hit in the pipe, turn up the lighter and blast off, ears ring and I blow the smoke down her cum loving throat. She holds the smoke and fingers her pussy! As I tongue her huge nipples, I put on a smoking fetish portn of girls smoking each other’s pussies.
“Tomorrow, I’m bringing over my girlfriend Jeanie. She’s a redhead and a .”
My Sexy Smoking Captain
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My Sexy Smoking Captain
In my first book, “A Convict’s Life: Brick by Brick”, I touched down on my sexy smoking third shift captain, the beautiful and loyal, Donna. Dam was she sexy in her prison guard uniform!
I was a chef in the kitchen, so I could eat right to keep my body solid and muscular as a Simon City Royal gang leader. I had to be ready for any drama going down. Well, this sexy, blonde haired, blue eyed angel of a prison captain loved my style and my body and would love to smoke her cigarettes for .
We were passing notes and I poured my love, heart, and soul into those letters. After cleaning up the kitchen and dazzling her taste buds with my cooking, along with the heavy flirting, I had her in the cooler and stole a sexy, deep, passionate french kiss. She melted in my big, tattooed arms as our hot, wet tongues searched for heat and heaven. We didn’t have much time, so I would steal a few feels of her huge, soft ass, give her my note and tell her to smoke for me tonight. She would sit out in the dayroom and smoke erotically for me while she did her paperwor She would enjoy watching jack my big cock off as she stared in my direction, doing her best Sharon Stone impression by crossing and uncrossing her legs. My hands worked my fat, eight and a half inch cock till I shot my jets of hot, thick sperm, wishing it was in her sexy mouth, hot pussy, and ass. She was one big, beautiful, blonde woman! This was our foreplay, because every morning from four until five a.m., she would sneak into my cell and ravish each other. The klepto exhibitionist rush I got was amazing!
I hear my door pop and she’s in my cell. She always has my weed, coke, and some southern breakfast.
She snorts a little meth and lights up a cigarette and I’m in pure heat for this gorgeous, sexy, dick loving Southern plumper. She puts the cig in her pink lips and does her little sexy dance moves, pulling the cig from her mouth and holding it between her fingers and rubbing the filter on her hot, already erect nipples. She stares at my huge, hard dick as I stroke it, looking into her beautiful, liquid blue eyes.
“I love your dick, David. It’s mine,” she says in a sultry tone, inching closer towards me.
“It loves you too,” I say playfully, falling in love with her southern twangy accent and big, sexy smile.
She licks her lips and turns around, bends over and spreads her big ass cheeks wide open with the cigarette between her fingers; time stops as my heart races with torrid lust.
“Open it up more,” I tell her, and she obeys, showing off her shaved pink asshole and pink, cum-oozing pussy lips that are still swollen from me pounding her twat yesterday.
I kiss her pink, musky asshole and glide my tongue up and down her hot, pink cuntlips as she moans in ecstasy. I tongue fuck her wet, tasty pussy lips, parting her pink folds with my hot, cunt loving convict mouth and tongue.
“Ooh, good baby,” she moans, looking over her shoulder and puffing on the cig like a in heat. I have both hands on her huge, white ass cheeks and start rimming her sweaty, tight pink asshole and she moans again. “Yes, lick me baby, please.”
I plunge my long, wet tongue deep into her tasty asshole and ram fingers between her now cum-oozing cunthole, finding and teasing her g-spot. I finger fuck her pussy while tonguing her asshole deeper, snaking my hot, long tongue as far as I can make it go while it grips like a vise. She takes a huge drag on the cigarette and moans as she french inhales the sexy smoke. I finger fuck her weet, hot twat and thumb her pink clit as she quivers with orgasmic lust.
“I’m cumming, David, I’m cumming,” she moans, trying keep her voice down. I feel so powerful knowing her body so well, unlocking the keys all her sexual kingdom doors. She pisses hot cum cream everywhere as my beautiful Donna pisses her pussy cum on my fingers and hand. I pull my tongue from her tight asshole and drank from her pink love hole, swallowing her nectar like the sex-starved, horny, big-cocked convict I am.
“You taste so good, Donna. Smoke for , my blue-eyed angel.” Her pussy keeps flooding cum and I can’t keep up with it as it drips off my chin and down her legs. I start thinking about Zeppelin again, the lyrics, “Till the juice runs down her leg.”
I stand up and gently, but strongly, grab her with my huge, Aztec tattoo covered arms and intensely kiss her smoky cigarette flavored lips, shoving my wild tongue down her throat s o she can taste her yummy, intoxicating pussy and ass juices on my tongue. She moans in delight as the juices and smoke blend between our tongues.
I push her on my bunk, grab her cigarette and put it out. Before she has a chance to complain, I grab another as my eight and a half incher is leaking pre-cum and aimed at her lips. Her cocksucker lips, pussy lips, and nipples are all the same color, and it drives me wild. I light the cigarette for my beautiful, blue-eyed angel and let the smoke out on her huge, motherly tits as I begin my Crazy strip show.
I run the cig up and down my Aztec tattooed, muscular chest as my big, brown eyes lock with Donna’s liquid blues. I want her under my love spell forever. I trail the cig lower, rubbing the filter up and down the length of my hard, dark cock before showing my blooming cockhead tric I push all the blood my huge, cum-oozing cockhead and she stares in awe as my head doubles in size.
“Holy shit, do it again,” she says excitedly, and I giggle like a hyena, doing it over and over. I put the cigarette her lips and she puffs hard on it, looks up at her convict prize and exhales the smoke on my huge, dark dic She tongues my pre-cum, tasting my seeds of fertile love upon her glorious hot tongue.
I shove my big prick in her hot, cocksucker lips and she swallows my cock like a in heat. I puff on the cigarette as I paw her huge tits and nipples. I know I love this woman for all the risks she takes for as I look over at my four ounces of weed, eight-balls of coke, then back the real prize as she sucks my cum leaking prick faster. I hand her the cigarette as my sexy dance comes an end. Donna takes the cigarette in her mouth, jerking my fat cum leaking prick faster. She takes a drag on the smoke, deep throats and gags as the hot smoke rolls over my saliva coated hard cock and I watch the smoke cover and coat my cock deep in her throat and escape out the corners of her mouth. I pull my wet, dark cock from her sperm-coated cocksucker lips as the rest of the smoke falls from her mouth.
“I need you Donna. Lay back and smoke, baby girl.” She is in a sex trance as her wanton eyes are glued to my eight and a half incher. I kiss her forcefully and she thrusts her tongue down my throat with excitement and I taste my jizz on her lips and tongue. I lick down her soft neck and begin making little love bites to mark my territory, pushing her 48DD’s together and suck on her silver dollar, hot pink nipples.
“Yes, put it in me. Fuck me, David, fuck me,” she moans as I bite down on her sensitive nipples. I waste no time, grabbing my dark, hard dick and sliding my cum-leaking mushroom head between her cum leaking pussy folds, reaching around and spanking her clit so hard she stiffens.
“Smoke for me,” I tell her, watching as my baby puts the cigarette to her sexy lips and takes a hard off it. I slide inch by dark, thick inch into her hot wetness, opening up her cunt folds. My dark cock stands out in contrast to her pink pussy lips and stark white skin, it makes the cum in my balls boil as she moans in orgasmic joy.
“Oh yes, David, oh God you’re big,” she moans as I slide all eight and a half inches into her, burying myself balls deep into her cum dripping hot cunt so she can feel it in her core. Her beautiful blue eyes roll back into her head as I fuck her hot pussy, thrusting and grinding my hard prick deep in her cunthole.
“Rub your clit, make a mess on my cock,” I tell her as my balls slap at her huge ass cheeks with each powerful thrust. She rubs her clit as the cigarette in between her fingers looks so sexy as I ram my huge, cum-oozing prick in and out of her pink pussy. I feel her cunt grip me tighter as I watch her pretty facial expressions of pure lust. She rubs her clit faster as I bend over and bite her erect, big pink nipples.
“Oh fuck my cunt. Fuck me, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Right there, right there, oh God yes, fuck my cunt hard,” she screams and I love it when she talks like a filthy . Her big cunt quivers and grips my big, wet cock as she explodes with her orgasm. I feel so excited and powerful, I look into her orgasmic, sexy eyes and feel her hot cunthole piss streams of cum all over my cock and balls. I hear her pussy noises from her heavenly wetness as I pound her hot, wet cunt harder; my cum filled balls slap her ass cheeks which sends another orgasm coursing through her as her sweet pussy pours hot cum everywhere.
She puts her cigarette out and I slip a finger up her ass. “Turn around,” I order her, “I’m gonna fuck your ass.”
My dark cock is so hard it hurts as Donna puts her lovely white ass up in the air. I spit on her asshole and get between her fat ass cheeks, gliding my huge pussy juice covered cock into her pink asshole. I slowly push my dark prick past her puckered up asshole and sink inch after thick inch into her ass.
“Oh, yes David. Fuck my ass, oh it’s so big,” she moans in lust as her asshole stretches around my huge coc I watch her ass swallow my huge, cum leaking dick as I slide deeper inside her hot, busted open pink asshole.
She grabs a cigarette as she squeals like an anal porn star slut in heat.
“I love your ass baby, it’s mine! You hear ,” I shout down her in lust.
“Yes, I belong you. I love you,” she shouts back, her pretty eyes closed as I pound my cock in her ass. I feel so powerful as I pump my huge, cum oozing cock deep into her tight hot asshole and my balls slap at her cum dripping pussy, it’s intoxicating.. She lights up a cigarette and I say to her, “Yes, smoke for my hot smoke . Show you love it.”
I fuck her asshole so hard, she can’t puff on the cig and I watch my fat eight and a half inch cock open up her pink asshole until I hear, “Hurry, cum baby. Please hurry and cum, it hurts.”
I pound my sexy Donna’s ass harder till the sweat pours off like rain. “I’m gonna cum in your ass, baby, I’m fucking cumming. I’m cumming!”
My huge dick explodes deep inside her loose asshole, jet after jet of burning hot sperm and I hear Donna scream out from the sensation. “Oh, God yes, I’m cumming,” she screams, “yes cum in my ass, oh fuck yes, I’m cumming!”
She shakes with orgasmic pleasure and my hot cum leaks from her now red-tinted asshole. I feel her piss hot pussy cream on the bed like a in heat. I know she is mine forever and she finally smokes her cigarette as her lovely plump body spasms. My dark, cum leaking cock goes soft inside her cum filled asshole as we share the cigarette and snort up a little meth. She licks my soft dick clean and I tell her the drug order I need for the next day and how much we made.
Yes, after all these , I still love this big, sexy, plump woman. Donna, this one’s for you. Mmm…
Mama Blanca's Brothel
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Mama Blanca’s Brothel
Dear smoking fetish fan, I wanted share with others my excitement, fascination, desire, and need for this turn-on I have. I invite you come along as I tell all about how I developed this beautiful and sexy fetish. I also spoke about this in my first book, “A Convict’s Life: Brick by Brick”, a life story of prison, sex, and adventure. I poured my heart and soul into that book, but left out the erotica. So now I’m here to unleash the sexy smoking fetish beast from within to get all you horny readers off. Sit back, strap in, and get ready as I take you on a journey of lust and smoke. Ladies, gentlemen, and transgenders, I hope you cum a zillion times to my filthy words of lust!
Now, let me take you back to where my smoking fetish started. When I was 18, my dad took me to a brothel in Chicago to become a man. Before that, he took me to a Cubs game, which they won, and bought me a Cubs cap. When Dad said, “Tonight, you will be a real man”, I knew he was really drun I told him, “I already had sex, I know all about beavers, pussy, and tits”, my dad smiled. He never used these words, so he didn’t believe .
I remember walking into this story house and the smell of weed hit me like a brick in the face and before my eyes were super hot ladies walking around in frilly, almost see-through gowns, stockings and high heels; some were walking around with nothing on at all. I remember this was around 1970-something and all these sexy women were smoking long sexy cigarettes and had massive, hairy cunts. I instantly got a woody as this tall Latin lady yelled out, “Aurelio”, my dad’s name. I’m standing there wondering how they knew each other. She hugged him, and my eyes were stuck staring at her hairy ass bush that her sheer panties couldn’t contain. I’m thinking ‘Holy shit, this is heaven. I love you Dad,’ as she looked me up and down.
The lady says, “Es tu hijo?” meaning “this your ” and my dad beams at me and proudly says yes. He reaches in his pocket for his big roll of , peels some off and gives them her. She grabs my hand and takes up the stairs; as we’re going, I smell her perfume mixed with cigarette smoke. It’s absolutely intoxicating, so I keep sniffing and breathing her lusty scent and she asks very loudly, “You have a cold, hijo?”
I told her, “You smell so good”, and she cackles like an animal. I smile at her crazy ass laugh, and when we were halfway up the stairs I buried my face into her hairy asscrack and take one last sniff.
A beautiful, thick thighed, tall white lady met us at the top of the stairs, and I was instantly turned on. She was wearing white sexy stockings, matching super high white heels and a white bra under a frilly, see-through nightgown. Her huge tits were overflowing from under the bra, but I was stuck staring at the cigarette she had between her lips. It was the longest cigarette I had ever seen, and with her huge hairy cunt bush popping out of her sheer panties and big pink nipples peeking through the bra, I was stopped in my tracks, frozen. My dick had never been so big and hard, it hurt down there.
I’m introduced to Blanca, holding out her hand and taking my own. I was so nervous, I couldn’t stop shaking. She asks for my name, which I stutter, “David” and she is all smiles. I stare into her beautiful blue eyes as she stares into my own eager, excited and fearful eyes before she takes a long, hard drag on the cigarette. She then blows the warm smoke on my now visible big dick that’s so hard it hurts and I am in pure sexy shoc My heart is racing and I look at this beauty and say, “Cool, you’re so pretty.”
She smiles and kisses on the lips and time stops. I hear my heart beat so fast as I taste her cig on her lips and tongue. I want to kiss her again, but she pulls me into the room and says, “We don’t have a lot of time. Let Mama Blanca take care of you, baby. Take off your clothes.”
I strip down to my tighty whities as she peels off her stained panties then her bra and scoots up on the bed. She spreads those thick thighs open and I’m frozen.
“Come to Mama,” she tells me, and I walk over so she can pull down my undies. Her sexy cigarette is hanging from her pink wet lips as I’m fully hard, pre-cum leaking from my mushroom head as her eyes take in my huge, young dic Her eyes open wide and her mouth falls open in amazement. She removes her cigarette and puts it out before reaching over for a new one, her eyes fixated on mine. I take in her long blonde hair as she puts the new Virginia Slim 0 between her lips and lights up, my eyes growing wide with excitement. She leans over and kisses the tip of my dickhead, takes a puff on the cig and touches her electric wet lips to my cum-leaking prick before blowing the smoke in her lungs over me. The huge smoke cloud covers my dick shaft and she takes all of me into her hot, wet mouth and gags.
“You’re very big for your age. All the girls are gonna love you. Oh, my God!” She takes another long drag on the cigarette as our eyes lock and she blows it on my saliva-coated coc She started stroking and sucking faster, her hand and mouth growing tighter around my big, thick shaft; I felt so good I didn’t want it ever end. I looked down and noticed her fingers were rubbing her hairy cunt lips. She started moaning loudly as my dick was trapped in her throat.
“Oh, God, yes,” she moans, and as she begins shake and yell with my cock in her mouth, I’m wondering if she’s okay. The shaking stops and she pulls from her mouth smoke her long, sexy cigarette.
“Put that inside now, honey,” she orders, spreading those thick, sexylegs show off her cream-dripping pussy. She puts my cum-leaking dick her hairy slit and I push inside her hot, wet love hole as she puffs on the cigarette. She moans out loud as the smoke pours down from her hot wet lips and screams.
“Fuck , fuck ! I love your dick!” Her pretty eyes roll in her head as I pound her hairy twat faster and harder. I fall on her huge pillow tits and suck on her huge pink nipples as I watch her face twist in ecstasy. I notice I’m sweating on her and can feel my balls slap at her ass when she reaches around and places her hands on my cheeks and pulls deeper inside her. She’s grinding her hairy cunt against my dick and tummy, moaning loudly the point I think she’s in pain until she shouts, “Right there, yes, right there.”
She starts buck wildly beneath and I feel her hairy cunt piss juice all over , flooding the bed beneath us. The shaking and pulsing of her pussy makes my balls tighten and I feel that “about cum” feeling in my tummy; when it happens, I explode, letting my seed go deep into her hairy, wet, hot womb of joy.
She puffs on the cigarette with lust in her eyes before putting it out. I’m still inside her, feeling the sperm flow deep inside her messy, hairy hole of love when she grabs me and squeezes me in a hug so hard I farted. I swear, it was so funny that she starts giggling as loud as a hyena, and I join in too until the doors busts open and some lady runs in.
“What’s going on in here,” she asks, checking on who or what was making the ruckus. I quickly pull out of Blanca’s safe, sexy, messy pussy and roll onto my back, trying to cover up my messy still hard weiner. Mama Blanca lights up another long cigarette and takes me by surprise by moving my hands and blowin ga long stream of smoke on my cumy oozing dic I’m in both a state of awe and shock as both women stare at my throbbing, messy dic
The new lady smiles at , and I find her pretty too. “What’s his name? Give me a cig, Blanca.”
Blanca hands one over and the new lady lights it up before mimicking Blanca and blowing smoke on my still hard, big dic Then, she reaches between Blanca’s legs and scoops out some of my hot sperm from her cum oozing cunt and tastes it, licking and sucking it from her finger. In my head, I’m thinking, ‘Yuck, that’s gross’, but she smiles and says, “Mmm”. She then walks out of the room and leaves me and Blanca in pure orgasmic bliss.
I would see many women give me that big sexy smile and open mouth stare when they see my privates. As I got older and slept with older women, I would have them smoke and enjoy my huge ,eight and a half inch long cock over and over. I still jack off Mama Blanca, and thank you wherever you are for giving my sexy smoking fetish.
In this book, I will give you all of my sexy adventures in the order they happened and hope you all will enjoy what I’ve seen, done, and tasted. Ladies, gentlemen and transgenders...this erotica is for you!
Blog New Book: A Convicts Life Brick by Brick
Posted:Feb 22, 2020 2:09 pm
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My Cover Art for book is now complete for my first book. So all Lovers of Smoking fetish a true story of a notorious convict who is a dying breed in the Wisconsin prison system who pulls daring moves on the inside to make things happen to survive and make life comfortable for his Brothers and build his reputation for his click How this Royal Convict flirts and captures female prison guards’ hearts, bodies and minds. He has hot sexy smoking fetish romantic relationships with them. He is shipped to a private prison in Tennessee and more adventure unfolds as female guards will fall under his love spells, as he teaches them smoking fetish lust and desire that stemmed from being taken to a bordello at age thirteen by his father to become a man and his sexy so beautiful MaMa Blanca smokes long sexy Virginia Slim cigarettes and gives him his first smokey b.j. and smokes so sexy as he pleases her over, and over and how she teaches him sexy smoking naughty magic.

You can also read about all of David’s sexy smoking fetish in his second book “My Smoking Fetish.” Nineteen chapters of hot erotic XXX Smoking fetish Erotica in graphic smoking detail.

“A Convicts Life Brick By Brick”, a true tale of a real convict in his environment and his desire to break every rule he can to make life better behind the walls and glistening raze wire. This book is what movies are made from. So much adversity was thrown at him as this AZTEC Warrior from childhood to today, his challenges of addictions, toxic relationships, violence and his need for the next adrenaline rush or his desire to satisfy any lady who crosses his path.

How he survived beatings by jealous male S.O.R.T. team guards, almost beat to death but survives! His constant struggle with adjusting to the outside world and parole agents who only want him in a cage. This book will be available on Amazon, Google, Barnes & Noble 4-2020 paperback and digital.

So any faithful readers stay tuned. I start book three “A Convicts Life; Demon Women”. More smoking fetish, violence ,almost killed twice by opposition Demon Women but David AKA “Crazy ” survives to tell his story of more female romance. So any lovers of hot action convict and female officer erotica, this will entertain and excite all!!!

Seeking female pen pals, female cam partners, swinging females and couples upon release 5-2021, “Next Year” 🙂

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A Convicts Life Brick By Brick and My Smoking Fetish 19 Chapters

1. Mama Blanca’s Brothel

2. Peeping on Joy

3. Stealing Cigarettes for Tori

4. Watching Micky Smoke

5. Old Beautiful Mrs. Chello

6. Mona loves Salems

7. Derek’s Mom Smokes

8. My Sexy 1st Love, Patty

9. Alpine Valley Trip

10. My Sexy Launa

11. My Smoking Captain

12. Double Smoking B. J.

13. My Crack Smoking B.B.W.

14. Brenda and Angela Smoking

15. Lesbian Smoking Web Cam Models

16. Smoking Satanic Goth Lesbians

17. Smoking Sexy Christina ‘Cisco’

18. Smoking Halloween Crossdresser and Cindy

19. Pregnant Smoking Nicole

Anyone interested? Contact me!!!

Thank you,

Love David
My Smoking Fetish
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I wanted share with others how I was exposed this fetish and how I enjoy something I find erotic, sexy, and do this I have simply just tell it the way it is, and touch down on a few issues. You can read about this in detail in 1st book ‘A Convict’s Life; Brick by Brick’ Page Publishing out I hope I hope the end of winter 20 on Amazon, Google books, etc.
So in family father wanted become a man years of age and I tried explain I already was sexually active but he wasn’t trying hear . So we ended up going a Cubs game in Chicago celebrate his victory on the craps table and he won a ton of loot so we had fun at the game. He bought me a cool shirt and cap and we tossed back some beers. Then he said in Spanish I was going become a man. I knew he was buzzed cause Spanish back then was not so good. Now I’m years old and it’s 70 something and he takes me a huge two story house. We get inside the house and the smell of weed hit me in the face like a brick and before eyes I seen all these super beautiful women in frilly see through lace gowns, high heels, stockings. A few with nothing on to talk about. Instant woody and most of them were smoking cigarettes and had on 70s style make up-blue eye shadow, hoop earrings, pink pearly lip stick. So as I’m taking this all in, some tall older Latin lady yelled out dad’s name. And I’m like you did he know this lady?
She came over, hugged him, and looked me up and down. I took in her beautiful body and thinking holy Heaven, I love you Dad.
The lady says, ‘Is to hijo?’ (This your ?) dad reaches in his pocket, peels off some , gives it her. She grabs hand and takes up the stairs and as we’re going I smell her perfume. She notices me sniffing and asks me, ‘You have a cold, hijo?’ I tell her ‘you smell good.’ She cackles like an animal and I smile her crazy laugh. We’re half way up the stairs and ‘Boom’ there’s this thick thighed tall white lady, wearing heels and white panties and she’s smoking the longest cigarette I ever seen.
I’m introduced Blanca.
She holds out her hand, and grabs hand and asks name. I stutter ‘Dave’ and she smiles and she looks me in the eye, takes a sexy long puff on the cigarette and blows it on privates. I’m in pure shock, heart racing, and say, ‘Wow, you’re so pretty?’ She smiles at and kisses on the lips and time stops. I hear heart beat. Mama Blanca shows all…You can read the un-edited version in ‘A Convict’s Life; Brick by Brick and ‘ Smoking Fetish’.
So ’s how it happened and as I got older, I learned I could tell a lot by the way a woman smokes, the way she holds the cigarette, how she puts it her lips, how she drags on it and blows the smoke from her wet lips. So all girlfriends ‘most’ would smoke for and some who were non-smokers would try on special occasions so I was very liked and spoiled. Maybe I have special skills? Magic?
Also growing up after Mama Blanca’s incident, ’s beautician did hair mom’s. All were smoking, running around in 70s style. So fueled desire for this fetish. So I wrote a sexy erotica book I just finished ‘ Smoking Fetish’ of all the detailed sexy hot stuff I seen and done and fantasized about. I’ll be willing share these stories or non-nude photos of females smoking in bra and panties lingerie. Write !!! Stories.
book 2 ‘ Smoking Fetish’
1. Mama Blanca’s Brothel
2. Peeping on Joy
3. Stealing Cigarettes for Tori
4. Watching Micky Smoke
5. Old Beautiful Mrs. Chello
6. Mona loves Salems
7. Derek’s Mom Smokes
8. Sexy 1st Love, Patty
9. Alpine Valley Trip
10. Sexy Launa
. Smoking Captain
. Double Smoking B. J.
. Crack Smoking B.B.W.
. Brenda and Angela Smoking
. Lesbian Smoking Web Cam Models
. Smoking Satanic Goth Lesbians
. Smoking Sexy Christina ‘Cisco’
. Smoking Halloween Crossdresser and Cindy
. Pregnant Smoking Nicole
So any lovers of steamy erotica, I hope this book will excite many so please contact , send an e- . Seeking all smoking fetish and erotica fans for friendship, steamy fun, and swapping stories and photos. Looking for swinging single females/couples upon release!!!

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Smoking Fetish

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