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A Convict's Life: Demon Women  

David165330 56M
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1/18/2021 7:04 pm
A Convict's Life: Demon Women

He's back! Convict #5330, 'Crazy ' is released from prison and embarks on a journey of XXX smoking fetish lust with many erotic ladies. He works hard and plays hard while struggling with his new found freedom. A violent twist of fate takes place as demon women try to take his life. He survives to live like there is no tomorrow. Warning: graphic erotica...

My third is complete and I wanted to share with all my AdultFriendFinder friends what an amazing adventure this project was. Sadly, I can't post most of the chapters but will share with anyone who wants them via email! I worked hard and at 495 pages, this is a fantastic, , sexy, and wild story!

Table of Contents:
1-Rozanne's Birthday Surprise
2-First Mistake
3-From the to the Club
4-Dancing With Demons
5-Paranoia and Loss
6-Rozanne's Jewelry Party
7-Happy Thanksgiving
8-When the Levee Breaks
9-Home Depot Kim
-The Honeymoon
-Alcohol Was a Factor
-Misbehaving Michelle
-Margo's Pirate Booty
-Wisconsin Dolls
-Angel in My Bed
-Party Bergie's
-"No Pity in Simon City"
18-My Sexy Vixen Vickie
19-Theresa the Temptress
20-The Birth of Super-Aztec
21-Vladimir the Romanian Porn Star
22-The Ballad of Bobbie Jo
23-Jessica is a Hustling Ho
24-My First Love Returns
25-Second Mistake
26-Gina's Cherry Pie
27-Mounting Frustrations
28-For Services Rendered
29-In-Patient Treatment
30-Finding Success with Sue
31-The End of Sobriety
32-Reunited with Christina
33-New Job, Same Problems
34-Tangled in Kat's Cradle
35-Black Magic Woman
36-Alternative to Revocation
37-Christina's Last Chance
38-An Unforgivable Curse
39-Amanda & the Crew
40-Meeting Monica
41-The Real Crazy
42-Caught in the Web
43-Cashing In
44-Demon Women
45-Battle For My Soul

All females and couples, I will be released in five months, in May 2021. Anyone wanting stories or other content, contact me.

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