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Alpine Valley Trip  

David165330 56M
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3/3/2021 6:48 pm
Alpine Valley Trip

As I got older, I began experiment with drugs: mostly pot, acid, and coke. I just hit my final year in high school, and Def Leppard was playing at Alpine Valley in East Troy, Wisconsin. I picked up fifty hits of green gel acid make some and my friends and I went on an acid pussy hunt. It was my first time being here, and holy fucking shit, this was a cool place. We couldn’t believe our eyes as hot hippy chicks were walking around as far as the eyes could see; we had just parked and didn’t even get out of the car before we had chicks coming up and asking if we had any acid or pot sell.
I jump out of the car and say, “Five bucks, how many?”
This sexy, hot blonde with huge tits smiles at and hands a ten. “Give .” I hand her the drops and she splits it with her girlfriend before walking away.
We decide go for a wal I’m 18, and it’s close 90 degrees outside and all I see are the sexy, beautiful rocker ladies everywhere. This , cool hippy couple came up asking, “Do you have any trip?” I’m stuck staring at this older, sexy lady and I can see her huge, dark nipples through her tube top.
She notices I’m staring. “Hey cutie, want a better look?” She pulled up her tube top and let her huge tits fall free as my cock stirs in my Levi shorts.
I’m all smiles. “Nice tits, honey. Five bucks for the trips.”
She down at her pussy, “Twenty bucks.”
I’m laughing, “Maybe later.” I give them the four hits, and the dude pulls out a joint and sparks up, puffing and passing it between the of us. They took their hits, and I dropped one myself before I started to get swarmed with buyers. In forty minutes, I sold all but six hits.
At the same time, I lost my friends and ran into this wild chick with a strange accent.
“Want some shrooms,” she asked me, catching my attention.
“Sure, how much?”
“Twenty for a quarter.” I buy an eighth, and she says, “Step in my office.” We dip into her cool Camaro, and she unbuttons her jean shorts and pulls out a huge bag of mushrooms. As she pulled the bag out, I noticed she has a super hairy cunt and I can’t take my eyes off it. I’m like a deer caught in the headlights, and she follows my eyes to her hairy pussy. “You like that tiger?
I shake off my concentration and dig in my pockets for the cash, ultimately throwing her twenty bucks. I put out my hand and she gives me a handful of caps, tossing them in my mouth in a single motion and chewing them up as she proffers a bottle of Jack Daniels. I swallow the shrooms down, washing my mouth with the whisky when I see she still has her shorts wide open.
“Let’s smoke,” she says, pulling a weed pipe from the ashtray and jumping into the backseat. I go after her as she lights up the bowl and her sexy lips blow the smoke from her wet mouth. She looks a lot like Tara Reid, and with the way she exhales the smoke, I want to kiss her.
“Where are you from,” I ask her.
“Washington, baby,” she says then passes the pipe. I take a huge hit and smile a devilish grin before bending over her hairy pussy and blowing the smoke on her mound. “Ooh, thank you,” she coos. “What’s your name stranger?” I tell her, and she responds with “Debbie” as she grabs a pack of Newports and lights one up. She french inhales the smoke and it has my cock so fucking hard it hurts; the acid finally kicks in and the butterflies dance in my stomach. I watched her smoke until I told her to blow the smoke on the bulge growing in my shorts. She laughs at me, but I’m captivated by this Tara Reid look-alike and she blew the smoke on my jean covered dic
I groaned under my breath as she started rub my cock through the shorts, keeping the cigarette between her sexy lips and smiled as she peeled off my jean shorts, freeing my eight and a half inches. My cock literally sprung into her hands and she’s in awe.
“Holy fuck, baby, nice.” She starts to jack off while I go for her sexy little tits, pulling off her top and licking her hard, pink nipples.
“Lay down Debbie, I need you.” She moved back and I tore off her shorts and saw her golden blonde hairy pussy in full glory, her pink lips swelling in excitement. I rubbed my fat dick on her erect nipples, “Smoke that cig, Debbie, it turns me on.”
She puts it to her lips and takes a drag, her eyes closed as the smoke fills her mouth and lungs; before she can let it go, I push my eight and a half inch cock at her wet, waiting lips and she slowly exhales as I push myself into her mouth. I slide inch by thick inch into her watering mouth and into her throat as her eyes widen and glisten with tears from my size. “Oh yes, Debbie, smoke my cock, honey,” I groan, pulling my dick from between her lips so she can puff on her cig. I stare into her sexy eyes and beautiful Tara Reid face, feeling the smoke roll over my balls and hard, cum-leaking pric I passionately french kiss her, letting my tongue dance in her hot mouth. She threw the cig out the window and I needed to taste her.
“Light up another one, I’m gonna eat your pussy and ass, baby, while you smoke.” She lit up another cigarette as I kissed and licked my way down her toned tummy, smelling her hot, hairy blonde cunt. My mouth waters as I use my tongue to flick her clit, reaching up with my hands to pinch and caress her hard nipples and she screams. I rammed my hot, wild tongue up her hairy cunt, tasting her lovely nectar, her musky scent driving me wild as she moaned and bucked against me.
I looked up over her hairy mound and said, “Smoke for me, smoke while you feel my tongue inside your hot cunt,” before plunging back into her moist, cum-dripping snatch. The dirty talks turns me on even more and pre-cum starts oozing from my mushroom tip as I tongue fuck my sexy Tara Reid beauty, her legs clamping together as I explore further into her cunthole. I taste every inch of her, and when I pinch and tweak her hard nipples, she screams like a bitch in heat.
“Oh, fuck yes, eat my pussy. Don’t stop,” she shouts as I continue to probe my tongue in and out of her musky pussy, pausing only to pinch her clit between my teeth before lashing at her hood with the tip of my tongue. She starts humping my face, pushing me deeper into her tasty, hot, cum-leaking cunt. She puffs on the cigarette as I lick lower down her hot, sweaty asscrack and smell her hot asshole, my tongue running circles around her naughtiest spot, gently teasing her.
“Oh, fuck yeah, I love it. Tongue my ass,” she moans, and as she draws her breath on the cigarette filter, I jam my tongue deep up her asshole and she moans like a wild animal. I tongue fuck her tight, sweaty asshole faster and add fingers up her flooding pussy, working on her g-spot.
“I’m cumming, oh my fucking God, I love it!” She shakes so hard from the waves of her orgasm, she starts grinding her ass on my face and I can’t breathe. I try reposition myself, but she keeps bucking back and forth until her pussy squirts a stream of cum all over and the car. I pull my wet tongue from her ass and drink up her tasty cunt cream, licking up her lusty nectar while she shakes and my fingers continue to work her g-spot roof.
“I’m cumming again, yes, don’t stop,” she screams as she squirts again, her cunt exploding in a mixture of juice and cream. I work quickly to slurp up all of her tasty, musky cum as she rubs her bright pink pussy lips all over my face. The acid now is in full effect and I start giggling while trying to lick her dripping pussy clean.
My cock is so big and hard, I need her hot pink cunt. I grab my hard, dark cock and tease her wet, cum-leaking pussy lips and fall on top of her, ravaging her with passionate acid kisses. I taste her cig and she tastes her ass and cunt juice on my dancing tongue as I slide inch by thick inch into her sloppy cum-oozing pussy. I stare into her beautiful face and see pretty rainbow colors as she moans.
“Oh, fucking shit you’re big. Go slow, baby, slow,” she whispers in my ear cutting off her own words with a low moan as I sink all eight and a half inches into her lovely wetness. She wrapped her long, sexy legs around as I start seeing so many colors. I think I’m in a Jimi Hendrix video.
“You’re beautiful, please feel ,” I tell her, pumping in and out of her pink, swollen cunt. “Not necessarily stoned, but beautiful...my purple haze baby!”
Debbie screams like a bitch in heat, “Fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt. Hurry, I’m sore, please cum, please!” I see her hot pink nipples shine like sunlight as I pound her hot, tight, wet cunt harder. Her facial expressions are beautiful, her mouth hanging open in an ‘o’ and gasping with each powerful, deep thrust. I feel her hot cunt grip my fat cock tighter as she screams out, “Owiee, oh yes. I’m cumming, oh fucking God! Please cum!”
I pound her little hot cum-dripping twat harder as she starts squirting her cum all over ; in my mind, I think of Zeppelin's “Whole Lotta Love” as the juice runs down my legs and laugh with delight. The acid has feeling so good, and being inside this beautiful Tara Reid look-alike pushes even higher. I look down at my huge, dark cock deep inside her furry blonde pussy and I increase the pace, pistoning harder and faster. I want to make her crazy with lust as I fuck her hot, little pussy.
She screams again, “Please hurry, please. Oh God, I’m cumming again, I’m cumming.” There’s this strange but powerful lust and energy I feel coming from my body as she squirts another time and I feel like she’s possessed.
“Yes, baby, I love you! Hurry, hurry,” she screams.
“I want to cum in your mouth,” I tell her, and she obeys my command as I pull myself from her hot pink pussy and yell in orgasmic pleasure, “I’m cumming! Taste it, taste it all. Yes!”
She opens her mouth and I aim my dark, hard, eight and a half inch cock at her face as jet after hot jet of rainbow colored cum flows onto her face and into her mouth. I shove it in between her soft lips and down her throat as I feel my dick throb with delight. She gags on my hot, fertile seeds of love and sucks my fat dick clean. I pull it from her mouth and ram it back up her red, swollen cunt and she gasps in surprise.
“Oh, God yes. Fuck my cunt, baby,” she shouts as I fall on top of her, kissing her madly and tasting my seed upon her cum-coated lips and tongue. I fuck her so fast, she makes new moans as she thrashes beneath me on the car seat, sweat dripping like wild as her hot, wet cunt spasms again.
“I’m cumming again, oh God, fuck me, fuck me. I want you cum inside me, give me your cum,” she screams as her pussy erupts like a geyser. I do, my huge, eight and a half incher explodes and I shoot my young, fertile seeds deep into her womb, jet after jet of hot cum flows into her twat until it leaks down her ass. I fall on top of her, panting for air.
“I need your phone number,” she giggles into my ear, and I’m so high on the acid, I forgot my moms number. I laugh like a madman, and she laughs with me, lighting up a cigarette.
“You should blow it on this,” I say, pointing down on my cum-covered coc
“That’s how this started. No way.” She laughed it off and I split, forgetting my shirt in the process. As I make my way across the grounds, I notice everyone is staring at .

I make my way back the care where my friends are, and at this point, I’m tripping heavily. I hear a ton of music: Iron Maiden, ZZ Top, Rush, and everything seems to be moving to the music; all I can focus on is Debbie/Tara Reid’s pussy scent. As I get to the car, my buddies John and Joe are laughing hysterically and out of nowhere, that freaky hippie couple appeared, smiling at .
“Hey, that acid is great. Got any more?” I can’t stop staring at this , sexy hippie chick’s huge nipples as she asks about the acid. She takes kindly my ogling eyes. “Hey cutie, you really like these?”
She grabbed them and shoved her beautiful, silver dollar sized nipples all over my face. I lick them wildly as the rainbow colors flood my eyes.
We all start laughing when the dude asks, “Wanna buy some coke?”
I got a pocket full of , and I want see this sexy, hippie chick’s hot, hairy cunt. We get this tricked out custom van and we all go inside. It smells like Cheech and Chong’s house, with shag carpet on the floor, a disco ball hanging from the roof, and a velvet bed. He starts up the van and air conditioning pumps out of the vents.
“Hey, I’m Dave, and I’ll take an eight-ball if it’s good.”
“I’m Tina, and that’s my man, Bill.” She pulled out a bag of coke that looks about ounces, peels off her tube top and put some on her milky white tit. “Wanna try some, sexy chocolate eyes?”
I grab her tit with one hand, plug my nose with the other and sniff the powder. Holy shit, this stuff was good! My face went dentist’s office numb and had a great freeze. “How much,” I ask, enjoying the drip.
“One twenty for the ball, and I’m included,” Tina says, looking me dead in my eyes.
“Go ahead you . I gotta piss,” said Bill, and he promptly split, leaving us alone.
I pull out my and we do a few lines, all while I want fuck this hot, sexy hippie lady.
“Can I kiss you, Tina,” I ask, and she only giggles before pushing onto the floor and deeply french kisses . I feel her huge 44-plus tits pin as she sucks on my tongue like it’s my dic I feel my young cock grow like a snake in my shorts as I let out a moan.
“You wanna fuck Dave? Well, come on, chocolate eyes.”
“Wait, can you do something for me? Light up a cigarette and smile while I eat your hot pussy.” She giggles again, peeling off her tight jean shorts and all I see is her huge, hairy cunt bush. I take off my shorts and she looks at my cum-oozing, eight and a half inch coc
“Oh my God, you’re so fucking beautiful and big.” She lights up a cig and I’m in heaven. I spy her hairy armpits and feel the cum boil in my balls. “Why do you want smoke?”
“It’s a turn-on. Blow the smoke on my dic” We laugh, but I’m embarrassed yet so turned on as she takes a huge drag, looks up into my trippy eyes and blows the smoke on my cum-oozing coc
She grabs my thick shaft and tongues the tip, “You’re fucking huge.” She holds in one hand, drags on the cigarette with the other, taking a long, sexy pull and wrapped her lips around my throbbing coc She works inch by inch into her mouth until she’s deepthroating all eight and a half inches, letting the smoke rise from her lungs and gagging on my pric She pulls it from her wet lips and rubs my head all over her pretty face.
I’m all smiles, watching this older hippie beauty work on my young throbbing cock, I see colors radiate from her and I start questioning myself. ‘Does she really like ,’ I ask myself, as she stops mid-act.
“Wanna see something?” She grabs the coke bag and dumps a bunch on my saliva-coated cock before licking it off with her magical, wet tongue. Instantly, my young, dark cock goes numb along with her mouth and throat. I couldn’t help myself, fucking her cock loving lips like a pussy until her eyes grew wide in her head and I relented, pulling myself from her mouth.
“Smoke that cig, baby! Do it,” I command her, feeling a sense of power to make her my smoking as she puffs on the cig, staring at me with wanton lust as a huge cloud of smoke poured over my huge, hard pric I fucked my hippie mama’s hot cocksucker mouth faster as the feeling of power intensifies with every slurp and gag and moan that escapes her mouth.
“Lay down babe, let taste you,” I tell her. She grabs the coke mirror, snorts a few lines before passing it . I toot lines and set it aside. “Light up another smoke. I’m gonna watch you smoke while I tongue your ass and pussy.” She giggles at and her smile makes my heart jump with delight in my chest.
She lights up and spreads her creamy white thighs open. I stare at her hairy snatch and feel the acid and coke mix as the instant visuals hit. I pounce on her like a jaguar in a Mexican jungle, deeply and passionately french kissing her, taking her breath away in the process. I move my mouth her neck, sucking on her skin and leaving a mark; I want every man know she was with this week!
She puffs on the cigarette erotically, knowing I’m staring into her eyes though I can’t see them directly and attack her huge, soft tits. I ravish them gently , biting her huge, silver dollar sized nipples as she moans like a bitch in heat. I lick to her hairy armpits and inhale her strong, sexy hippie scent, tonguing her hairy pits.
“Oh shit, yes, ok, ok, ok,” she moaned, giggling like a schoolgirl. I licked lower down her tummy, probing her belly button, her laughter making laugh like a hyena. I can smell her strong, musky scent and it drives me insane. I need bottle this and sell it as a fragrance: “Hippie Love”.
I start giggle in her musky, cum-oozing cunthole at the idea. I look over her hairy pussy mound and see her smiling down at , our eyes locking as time slows a standstill. I break the tension, sliding my tongue deep into her wet, musky, intoxicating cunt lips as she moans in approval. I lash out at her clit with my tongue, feeling her legs shake as I locate her g-spot and reach up to put my hands to wor I pinch and tweak her nipples, her pleasurable moans confirming how good it feels. I peek up and see her puffing away on her cigarette, enticing with her smoking skills by french inhaling the smoke like the whores in World War movies; I start think I’m a soldier and giggle at this new notion, my dick getting so hard it hurts.
She screams out, “I’m cumming, lick my clit!” I obey this sexy hippie mama who is so beautiful, I feel an instant attraction. I feel her hot, hairy cunt explode on my tongue and small, wet streams dribble from her fat pussy lips. I tongue her cunt cream and eagerly gulp down her love juice. I pull my hands down from her tits and spread her big ass cheeks apart to start licking her super hairy asshole. She thrashes on the van floor beneath , screaming and moaning wildly as I lick her asshole.
“Oh, God yes, you horny fucker. Tongue fuck my ass, please,” she begged, and I rammed my tongue powerfully up her asshole, smelling her strong scent as I show my sexy Tina my oral skills. I keep plunging my tongue in and out of her ass while I stuff fingers up her hot, cum-oozing cunt, hitting her g-spot. She moans louder and louder, “Fuck my cunt, oh fist it! I love your tongue in my ass!”
I’m so turned on by her filthy words, I add a fourth finger to her stretched out pussy and tongue her hot asshole faster as she shakes with wild passion. I feel her twat spasm and her hairy, hot cunt explodes on my fingers.
“Oh, God, I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming. I’m fucking cumming!” She sprays hot cunt cream all over my fingers and hand. I pull my tongue from her hot, wet asshole and drink from her cum well, lapping up all her tasty love juice. Her cum tastes like strawberry pineapple, and I giggle as the acid makes think her cunt is a sexy fruit stand. I like her clean and crawl back up her pretty face, kiss her, and she grabs my head and deeply french kisses back, our tongues wrestling in each other’s mouth.
She holds my face in her hands, “Chocolate eyes, can I have your phone number?”
“Sure. It’s 1-800-Fuck-.” We bust out laughing as I rub my fat mushroom headed cock up and down her hairy, wet slit. She stares at in awe as I slide my hard, cum-leaking cock up her hot, hairy pussy. “Light up, baby,” I tell her, sliding my big cock inside her inch by thick inch as she lights up a joint. She lets out a long, deep moan as I slide all eight and a half inches in her velvet cunthole.
“Oh, fuck yes baby. Fuck , I’m yours!” She puffs on the joint as my size fills her.
“Put it my lips,” I tell her and take a hard drag and hold it in as long as I can as my cum-filled balls slap at her ass cheeks. I lower my handsome face her huge tits and blow the smoke on her hot nipples and flick them with my tongue. I fuck her hairy cum-dripping cunt harder as I watch my acid beauty puff on the joint. I angle my big cock up to her g-spot and she gasps at the sensation with orgasmic pleasure. I watch her sexy facial expressions as I grind harder against her clit, lifting my hips enough to give her space to slide her hand between us. She begins to rub her excited clit faster and faster and places the joint between my lips. I take a hard hit of this primo weed feeling my balls tighten and my hippie princess starts screaming.
“Fuck , fuck ,” she shouts between her heavy moans.
“Turn around,” I command her, pulling out long enough for her put her big, white ass up in the air before plunging right back into her cum dripping pussy. She starts to rub her clit as I pound her tight, pink cunt, my balls tightening and throbbing with the need to cum.
“Finger my ass, finger my ass, baby,” she tells , so I spit on her tight hairy asshole and slide a finger inside, working it around loosen her up before adding more spit and a second finger.
“Ooh, God, fuck it now. Fuck my ass, please,” she begs and I love how dirty she talks . I rub my cum leaking cock on her asshole and slip inside her special, tight, naughty hole. She screams in pure anal delight as I slide all eight and a half inches into her tight asshole.
“God, you’re so fucking big,” she cries out, and I can’t believe her heat and tightness. I grab her ass cheeks and fuck her ass so hard, my balls slap on her cunt lips with each powerful thrust; her fingers rub her clit so fast, they’re a blur.
“Oh, Tina, I love your ass. Baby, I’m gonna make a mess in your ass!”
“Hurry,” she screams, “hurry, baby. Cum with me. I’m cumming! Oh yes, hurry, fuck my ass!”
\ I sweat raindrops on her back as rainbow colored diamonds fill my vision. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming baby.” My fat, young dick explodes deep in her ass, my dark cock shooting hot, thick sperm deep in her lovely, hairy asshole. Jet after jet of burning hot sperm flows deep in her tight asshole and fills her completely, so much so cum drips down her hot cunt. I fall inside her and go soft as we catch our breath, holding her tightly as we bask in the aftermath of our hot love.
I pull out of her gaping wide, cum-oozing asshole and she only smiles at me.
“I need a cigarette,” she says, reaching for her smokes.
“Round ,” I ask jokingly and we laugh like a pair of lunatics as the love, acid and coke have us higher than the planets. I start thinking myself I’ll call her Mother Venus as she looks at with the sweetest twinkle in her eyes. Santana’s ‘Black Magic Woman’ comes mind as she lights up her cigarette and stares at while I do a few lines of blow. I grab her cig from her hand and take a long puff, blowing the smoke on her asshole, then again on her pussy, and one final puff and exhale of smoke on her tits.
I pull on my jean shorts, write down my mom’s phone number and split, ready enjoy the rest of the night.

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