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Blog New Book: A Convicts Life Brick by Brick  

David165330 56M
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2/22/2020 2:09 pm
Blog New Book: A Convicts Life Brick by Brick

My Cover Art for book is now complete for my first book. So all Lovers of Smoking fetish a true story of a notorious convict who is a dying breed in the Wisconsin prison system who pulls daring moves on the inside to make things happen to survive and make life comfortable for his Brothers and build his reputation for his click How this Royal Convict flirts and captures female prison guards’ hearts, bodies and minds. He has hot sexy smoking fetish romantic relationships with them. He is shipped to a private prison in Tennessee and more adventure unfolds as female guards will fall under his love spells, as he teaches them smoking fetish lust and desire that stemmed from being taken to a bordello at age thirteen by his father to become a man and his sexy so beautiful MaMa Blanca smokes long sexy Virginia Slim cigarettes and gives him his first smokey b.j. and smokes so sexy as he pleases her over, and over and how she teaches him sexy smoking naughty magic.

You can also read about all of David’s sexy smoking fetish in his second book “My Smoking Fetish.” Nineteen chapters of hot erotic XXX Smoking fetish Erotica in graphic smoking detail.

“A Convicts Life Brick By Brick”, a true tale of a real convict in his environment and his desire to break every rule he can to make life better behind the walls and glistening raze wire. This book is what movies are made from. So much adversity was thrown at him as this AZTEC Warrior from childhood to today, his challenges of addictions, toxic relationships, violence and his need for the next adrenaline rush or his desire to satisfy any lady who crosses his path.

How he survived beatings by jealous male S.O.R.T. team guards, almost beat to death but survives! His constant struggle with adjusting to the outside world and parole agents who only want him in a cage. This book will be available on Amazon, Google, Barnes & Noble 4-2020 paperback and digital.

So any faithful readers stay tuned. I start book three “A Convicts Life; Demon Women”. More smoking fetish, violence ,almost killed twice by opposition Demon Women but David AKA “Crazy ” survives to tell his story of more female romance. So any lovers of hot action convict and female officer erotica, this will entertain and excite all!!!

Seeking female pen pals, female cam partners, swinging females and couples upon release 5-2021, “Next Year” 🙂

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http://www.goodpeopleinbadplaces.com, http://www.AdultFriendFinder.com, smokemouths.com, chatterbate cams, bonga cams, camsters, manny cams smoking domination, pornhub, xhamster

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Favorite Smokers:

Vonda, Lauren Phoenix, Casey Cream, Candy Samples, Egypt, Cisco

Favorite porn producers:

Ty Endicott; Andrew Blake; Smokey Mouths products!!!

My books:

A Convicts Life Brick By Brick and My Smoking Fetish 19 Chapters

1. Mama Blanca’s Brothel

2. Peeping on Joy

3. Stealing Cigarettes for Tori

4. Watching Micky Smoke

5. Old Beautiful Mrs. Chello

6. Mona loves Salems

7. Derek’s Mom Smokes

8. My Sexy 1st Love, Patty

9. Alpine Valley Trip

10. My Sexy Launa

11. My Smoking Captain

12. Double Smoking B. J.

13. My Crack Smoking B.B.W.

14. Brenda and Angela Smoking

15. Lesbian Smoking Web Cam Models

16. Smoking Satanic Goth Lesbians

17. Smoking Sexy Christina ‘Cisco’

18. Smoking Halloween Crossdresser and Cindy

19. Pregnant Smoking Nicole

Anyone interested? Contact me!!!

Thank you,

Love David

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