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Derek's Mom Smokes  

David165330 56M
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3/3/2021 6:45 pm
Derek's Mom Smokes

I’m in high school and I had just ran out of weed. My friend Derek told he would leave some in his room at his Mom’s house while they were up north at the cabin. He left a half ounce of primo bud under his carpet and the key the garage under the backdoor mat. I had used his room before watch VHS porn tapes, my favorite being a taboo video with Kay Parker in it.
I drive my ‘66 Nova his Mom’s pad score my weed and smoke and jack my cock off stoned. I parked on the street, sneaked to the back of the garage and grabbed the key from under the mat. Next thing I know, my heart skips a beat as the klepto rush consumes me as I stand in the empty house thinking it’s all mine! I go downstairs and pull up the carpet, uncovering our “weed spot” and grab the half ounce. I smell the aroma of the brick of weed and turn my attention to the tv, popping in the video and fast forwarding to Kay Parker’s scene. I packed a huge bowl in the foot bong and blast off, wishing I could blow the smoke on some chick’s hot cunt. I drew the smoke into my lungs and crawled close to the tv to blow the smoke on Kay Parker’s huge tits. I drop my jeans and start to stroke my now hard, eight and a half inch fat cock, wishing she would blow smoke on my big, cum-leaking dic I’m stoned out of my mind as I watch her lips wrap around some guy’s cock and I feel the cum boil in my balls; I jack my hard dick faster and faster before stopping to take another hit off the bong.
I take the hit, holding it in until I start coughing my ass off and stroking my cock when in walks Derek’s mom.
“Oh shit, Mrs. O,” I stumble, scrambling to try and pull my pants up.
“David, oh my fucking God, you have a gorgeous dic Don’t stop.”
I’m a deer caught in the headlights by her response. “I’m sorry Mrs. O, the guys said everyone was gone.” I stopped fighting with my pants and started at this thin, sexy mom.
“I came down here to smoke and steal some of Derek’s weed,” she said, holding a pack of Virginia Slims and a lighter in her hand. She sat down beside me and grabbed my cock in her hand.
“I want this. Hold fuck, you’re bigger than my boyfriend.” She grabbed the bong and took a huge hit.
“Blow the smoke on this,” I tell her as she’s holding the smoke in her lungs, my hand wrapped around my cock as I start jacking off again. She stares at my cock like she’s in a daze and exhales the huge sexy cloud of smoke on my pre-cum oozing prick before flicking her tongue over my purple mushroom head.
“Mmm, yes, oh yes,” she moans as her pink lip gloss covered mouth swallowed my dark, thick cock down. I watch in lust as her smoky mouth glides up and down the shaft, covering me with her saliva.
“Oh, yes, baby, please light up a cigarette and blow smoke on my dick while you suck it. Please do this!”
I watch her beautiful face brighten with curiosity. “Really? Do you like that, David?”
“Yes, I love it, Mrs. O.” I looked to the tv and saw Kay Parker take a huge cock up her hairy twat. Mrs. O lit up a long Virginia Slim and I watched as she wrapped her sexy hands and lips around my hard, young coc She moaned as she blew smoke on my fat dick and our eyes locked.
“You’re so beautiful, Mrs. O, you make want cum.” She looked at the tv and saw watching Kay Parker getting fucked while she sucked off. “You’re bigger than him. You want fuck , David?”
She stood up with the cigarette hanging between her glistening cocksucker lips and pulled down her tight Calvin Klein jeans, revealing her shaved brown pussy.
“Sit on my face first while you smoke, then I’m gonna fuck you so good, honey,” I tell her as she smiles and puffed on the cig. I situated myself on the loveseat and watched her remove her tiny t-shirt, exposing her brown, sexy tits. Her body is so hot, I”m in lust as she walked over and squatted over my eager mouth. We’re watching each other and I smell her hot, shaved cunt; I breathe it in and begin flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue as she grinds her pussy lips up and down against my mouth. Her moans increase as I thrust my tongue deep inside her wet, tasty cunthole, her head tipping backwards as she realizes I have the skills to make her cum harder than ever. I’m so hard as she puts that long, sexy cigarette to her lips and inhales, locking eyes with long enough know I’m watching her and then blows the smoke onto her erect brown nipples. I take her clit into my mouth as she rubs the cig filter on her nipples, pinching her hood between my teeth as she moaned in orgasmic pleasure.
“Yes, right there, don’t stop,” she shouts as the waves of her orgasm crash into her. I start tongue fucking her clit faster as she grinds her cum-dripping pussy lips all over my mouth. I pulled away from her clit, licking down her tight cunt lips before ramming my long, wild tongue deep in her lovehole.
As she bucked against my face, I pulled my tongue from her cum-dripping pussy and performed my signature move by introducing my tongue to her shaved asshole. She moved up my face, and I knew she had been here before because I could really get in deep and eat her asshole.
“Yes, David, you naughty boy. I love my ass licked, oh God,” she moaned as I thrust my tongue up her tight, smooth asshole. I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide to open her ass up further to my probing tongue, my movements increasing in speed and ferocity as I slipped fingers into her shaved pussy and made a “come here” motion, pushing my fingers against her G-spot roof. The result was immediate as she began to scream in joy and ecstasy from my fingers in her cunt and tongue deep in her ass.
“David, yes. Oh, God, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum,” she screamed as her sphincter muscle clenched around my tongue and her body shook like an earthquake. I feel her pussy walls explode on my magic fingers as I pull my tongue from the depths of her tight asshole and licked up all her yummy cum. Her cunt burst a waterfall of pussy cream, streams of it falling down my cheeks as my mouth was flooded with her juices. I gulp down as much as I can, the taste sending my high to new heights as her thighs trembled around my head; all I can think of is her intoxicating taste and ‘Lick it up’ by KISS.
“I need another cigarette. Oh my God, David,” she said, panting from her climax. Before she had a chance to light a new one, I took her face in my hands and passionately french kissed her, spreading the taste of her pussy juice to her tongue. She attacks my tongue with hers, savoring her taste, and my cock is hard as steel as it pokes at her stomach.
“Lay down and smoke,” I tell her, grabbing my thick, eight and a half inches as she lights up one of her long Virginia Slim 0s. She is so beautiful and sexy, I say her, “Thank you, Mrs. O, you are fucking beautiful.”
Her eyes glisten with tears of joy as I spank her clit with my throbbing hard cock and place my cum-leaking head her shaved pussy lips, her whole body gasping as I slid into her wetness. I feel her tight pussy muscles grip my fat, hard cock as I push inch after thick, dark inch into her until she bucks against like a bitch in heat.
“Fuck , fuck hard. Oh God, yes,” she commands as I slide my entire length into her hot, horny cunthole, my eyes fixated on her glassed-over doe eyes. Her breaths turn to moans as her tight hole grips my cock like a constrictor, the walls growing tighter as I pump in and out of her and my cum-filled balls slap at her ass with each powerful thrust; her hot, tiny tits jiggle as I pound her cunt faster and harder.
“You feel so good, Mrs. O, I’m gonna cum inside you, honey,” I tell her as she keeps puffing on the cigarette and slowly exhaling the smoke from her cock loving lips. I’m sweating bullets upon her lovely body as I hear her moan beneath and I see her eyes are glued the TV as Kay Parker takes a huge load of cum on her face.
“David I’m fucking, fucking cumming again. Hurry! Fuck yes! Fuck , I’m cumming. Cum on my face please,” she begs between her gasps for air and moans. I fuck my sexy lady’s cunt harder the point my balls hurt from the impact of each power thrust.
I want her remember me, and I want fuck this hot bitch again and I can feel my balls tighten as the cum boils over.
“Open your mouth, show your tongue. I’m gonna cum, oh yes, taste my cum, oh God,” I groan as I pull my eight and a half inches from her messy cunthole and shoot my hot, thick ropes of sperm into her sexy, smoky mouth. She gags on my huge load of cum as I keep shooting jets of sperm into her mouth and onto her face. I wiped my messy, still erect cock all over her face, spreading my cum into her skin as she licked up the seeds of my love from her lips. I caught her by surprise, forcing my cum covered dick into her cum filled mouth and down her throat; her eyes bulged out as she proved her love of my young, dark cock, swirling her tongue and suing her throat muscles to drain and clean every drop of cum from my pric I pulled my clean cock from her cum-savoring lips and gave her the biggest smile I could give.
“You are fucking sexy,” I tell her, and go in for a deep, wet french kiss before she has the opportunity respond, tasting the smoke and jizz on her lips and tongue. She attacks with a feral intensity and I feel my cock stir with excitement.
“Thank you so much, David. Promise see again. Please don’t tell anyone.”
“I don’t kiss and tell,” I assure her, my heart fluttering and my face beaming with a smile. We giggle together and both take turns hitting the bong, enjoying the high of both the pot and each other.
“Wait a minute, that’s my video,you thieves,” she says when she realizes what’s been playing on the TV the whole time we were fucking. We laughed it off and I spent the night, learning all sorts of new tricks and naughty magic that gets her off time and time again. I liked her a lot, and the things we did turned me into a better lover.

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