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Mama Blanca's Brothel  

David165330 56M
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11/30/2020 6:42 pm
Mama Blanca's Brothel

Mama Blanca’s Brothel
Dear smoking fetish fan, I wanted share with others my excitement, fascination, desire, and need for this turn-on I have. I invite you come along as I tell all about how I developed this beautiful and sexy fetish. I also spoke about this in my first book, “A Convict’s Life: Brick by Brick”, a life story of prison, sex, and adventure. I poured my heart and soul into that book, but left out the erotica. So now I’m here to unleash the sexy smoking fetish beast from within to get all you horny readers off. Sit back, strap in, and get ready as I take you on a journey of lust and smoke. Ladies, gentlemen, and transgenders, I hope you cum a zillion times to my filthy words of lust!
Now, let me take you back to where my smoking fetish started. When I was 18, my dad took me to a brothel in Chicago to become a man. Before that, he took me to a Cubs game, which they won, and bought me a Cubs cap. When Dad said, “Tonight, you will be a real man”, I knew he was really drun I told him, “I already had sex, I know all about beavers, pussy, and tits”, my dad smiled. He never used these words, so he didn’t believe .
I remember walking into this story house and the smell of weed hit me like a brick in the face and before my eyes were super hot ladies walking around in frilly, almost see-through gowns, stockings and high heels; some were walking around with nothing on at all. I remember this was around 1970-something and all these sexy women were smoking long sexy cigarettes and had massive, hairy cunts. I instantly got a woody as this tall Latin lady yelled out, “Aurelio”, my dad’s name. I’m standing there wondering how they knew each other. She hugged him, and my eyes were stuck staring at her hairy ass bush that her sheer panties couldn’t contain. I’m thinking ‘Holy shit, this is heaven. I love you Dad,’ as she looked me up and down.
The lady says, “Es tu hijo?” meaning “this your ” and my dad beams at me and proudly says yes. He reaches in his pocket for his big roll of , peels some off and gives them her. She grabs my hand and takes up the stairs; as we’re going, I smell her perfume mixed with cigarette smoke. It’s absolutely intoxicating, so I keep sniffing and breathing her lusty scent and she asks very loudly, “You have a cold, hijo?”
I told her, “You smell so good”, and she cackles like an animal. I smile at her crazy ass laugh, and when we were halfway up the stairs I buried my face into her hairy asscrack and take one last sniff.
A beautiful, thick thighed, tall white lady met us at the top of the stairs, and I was instantly turned on. She was wearing white sexy stockings, matching super high white heels and a white bra under a frilly, see-through nightgown. Her huge tits were overflowing from under the bra, but I was stuck staring at the cigarette she had between her lips. It was the longest cigarette I had ever seen, and with her huge hairy cunt bush popping out of her sheer panties and big pink nipples peeking through the bra, I was stopped in my tracks, frozen. My dick had never been so big and hard, it hurt down there.
I’m introduced to Blanca, holding out her hand and taking my own. I was so nervous, I couldn’t stop shaking. She asks for my name, which I stutter, “David” and she is all smiles. I stare into her beautiful blue eyes as she stares into my own eager, excited and fearful eyes before she takes a long, hard drag on the cigarette. She then blows the warm smoke on my now visible big dick that’s so hard it hurts and I am in pure sexy shoc My heart is racing and I look at this beauty and say, “Cool, you’re so pretty.”
She smiles and kisses on the lips and time stops. I hear my heart beat so fast as I taste her cig on her lips and tongue. I want to kiss her again, but she pulls me into the room and says, “We don’t have a lot of time. Let Mama Blanca take care of you, baby. Take off your clothes.”
I strip down to my tighty whities as she peels off her stained panties then her bra and scoots up on the bed. She spreads those thick thighs open and I’m frozen.
“Come to Mama,” she tells me, and I walk over so she can pull down my undies. Her sexy cigarette is hanging from her pink wet lips as I’m fully hard, pre-cum leaking from my mushroom head as her eyes take in my huge, young dic Her eyes open wide and her mouth falls open in amazement. She removes her cigarette and puts it out before reaching over for a new one, her eyes fixated on mine. I take in her long blonde hair as she puts the new Virginia Slim 0 between her lips and lights up, my eyes growing wide with excitement. She leans over and kisses the tip of my dickhead, takes a puff on the cig and touches her electric wet lips to my cum-leaking prick before blowing the smoke in her lungs over me. The huge smoke cloud covers my dick shaft and she takes all of me into her hot, wet mouth and gags.
“You’re very big for your age. All the girls are gonna love you. Oh, my God!” She takes another long drag on the cigarette as our eyes lock and she blows it on my saliva-coated coc She started stroking and sucking faster, her hand and mouth growing tighter around my big, thick shaft; I felt so good I didn’t want it ever end. I looked down and noticed her fingers were rubbing her hairy cunt lips. She started moaning loudly as my dick was trapped in her throat.
“Oh, God, yes,” she moans, and as she begins shake and yell with my cock in her mouth, I’m wondering if she’s okay. The shaking stops and she pulls from her mouth smoke her long, sexy cigarette.
“Put that inside now, honey,” she orders, spreading those thick, sexylegs show off her cream-dripping pussy. She puts my cum-leaking dick her hairy slit and I push inside her hot, wet love hole as she puffs on the cigarette. She moans out loud as the smoke pours down from her hot wet lips and screams.
“Fuck , fuck ! I love your dick!” Her pretty eyes roll in her head as I pound her hairy twat faster and harder. I fall on her huge pillow tits and suck on her huge pink nipples as I watch her face twist in ecstasy. I notice I’m sweating on her and can feel my balls slap at her ass when she reaches around and places her hands on my cheeks and pulls deeper inside her. She’s grinding her hairy cunt against my dick and tummy, moaning loudly the point I think she’s in pain until she shouts, “Right there, yes, right there.”
She starts buck wildly beneath and I feel her hairy cunt piss juice all over , flooding the bed beneath us. The shaking and pulsing of her pussy makes my balls tighten and I feel that “about cum” feeling in my tummy; when it happens, I explode, letting my seed go deep into her hairy, wet, hot womb of joy.
She puffs on the cigarette with lust in her eyes before putting it out. I’m still inside her, feeling the sperm flow deep inside her messy, hairy hole of love when she grabs me and squeezes me in a hug so hard I farted. I swear, it was so funny that she starts giggling as loud as a hyena, and I join in too until the doors busts open and some lady runs in.
“What’s going on in here,” she asks, checking on who or what was making the ruckus. I quickly pull out of Blanca’s safe, sexy, messy pussy and roll onto my back, trying to cover up my messy still hard weiner. Mama Blanca lights up another long cigarette and takes me by surprise by moving my hands and blowin ga long stream of smoke on my cumy oozing dic I’m in both a state of awe and shock as both women stare at my throbbing, messy dic
The new lady smiles at , and I find her pretty too. “What’s his name? Give me a cig, Blanca.”
Blanca hands one over and the new lady lights it up before mimicking Blanca and blowing smoke on my still hard, big dic Then, she reaches between Blanca’s legs and scoops out some of my hot sperm from her cum oozing cunt and tastes it, licking and sucking it from her finger. In my head, I’m thinking, ‘Yuck, that’s gross’, but she smiles and says, “Mmm”. She then walks out of the room and leaves me and Blanca in pure orgasmic bliss.
I would see many women give me that big sexy smile and open mouth stare when they see my privates. As I got older and slept with older women, I would have them smoke and enjoy my huge ,eight and a half inch long cock over and over. I still jack off Mama Blanca, and thank you wherever you are for giving my sexy smoking fetish.
In this book, I will give you all of my sexy adventures in the order they happened and hope you all will enjoy what I’ve seen, done, and tasted. Ladies, gentlemen and transgenders...this erotica is for you!

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