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My Sexy Launa  

David165330 56M
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3/3/2021 6:50 pm
My Sexy Launa

In my first book, “A Convict’s Life: Brick by Brick”, I talked a little about this beautiful woman. I was in prison when I met her and even this day, she was and is the most sexy, beautiful 80’s porn star; in short , she was the definition of perfection. She didn’t smoke cigarettes, but she did smoke other things and she made so hot and turned on without trying and made cum more than I can measure. I want share with the world one of our many adventures of lust we shared.
I scored some great powder cocaine, and if you can picture all these gorgeous women, she resembled all of them; Doris Day, Elizabeth Montgomery, and Barbara Eden all in one with long, sexy 80’s rock-and-roll blonde hair, the pinkest longest nipples in the universe, a ski-jump perfect nose and Nordic ice blue eyes with a giggle/snort laugh that made my heart skip beats. I was in love with her.
One night, we took some acid and did a few lines of powder, smoked some weed and was having a wild time. I wanted her anal cherry and this is how I succeeded. As we’re tripping on some acid, we started coming down and my big, dark cock wanted to be deep inside her hot, tight, pink pussy. We were on the bed and as I crawled on the bed, I stared at her heavenly body and pounced on her like an Aztec panther, possessing my lovely white prize. I passionately french kiss her so deeply, she struggles to breathe. She returns the kiss just as hard, taking my breath away as our tongues in each other’s mouths. She moans as I grab her long hair and pull it into my powerful, deep kiss before kissing along her neck, sucking on it roughly until it makes her gasp in pleasure.
“Yes,” she moans as my mouth attacks her soft flesh, leaving my mark on her soft skin. I stare down at her long, pink, pencil eraser like nipples and ravage them, teasing them with my hot, wild tongue as they grow erect with every lashing of my tongue and the pressure of sucking them.
“Oh, God yes, David,” she moans with orgasmic lust, and the way she says my name makes time stop. ‘This woman loves me’, I tell myself as I lick down her thin tummy and see her huge, blonde cunt patch and sniff in her pussy essence. Her scent drives my cock into pulsating lust as I dive my head down and glide my wet, tongue over her hot, excited clit. She grabs my long hair, forcing my mouth and tongue into her wet, tasty pussy, running my tongue up and down her cum oozing cunt lips. She tastes like lemons and I breathe in her musky, intoxicating love scent. I ram my long, hot tongue deep inside her cunt folds as she spreads her long, sexy legs wide open so I can eat her hot cunt even more.
“Eat my cunt. Oh, David, I love you,” she screams as I work my tongue further into her cum-dripping cunt hole, picking up the pace as she writhes on the bed. I reach up and pinch her hot, long, pink nipples and she gets so excited, she starts grinding her hairy blonde pussy all over my face and tongue, marking her territory.
“You taste so good, my sexy lady,” I mumble as I suck on her hot, erect clit. She arches her back like a in heat and I lick down her tasty, strong scented ass crac I love crack cocaine, and I think this is the best ‘crack’ in the whole world. The thought makes giggle as I peer at her pink virgin tight asshole. I start tongue kiss it, placing my whole mouth on he pink ringed asshole and wildly tease her.
I plunged my hot, long tongue up her virgin ass and I hear her moan, “Holy shit, it feels so good. Lick it David, oh yes.”
I feel my eight and a half inch cock ooze pre-cum on the bed as I push her sexy, long, beautiful legs to her ears from better access to her asshole for my mouth and tongue to feast on. I want to fuck my huge, dark cock deep in her ass, but I know I need to numb her first.
I reach over for the cocaine mirror and rub some of the powder on her wet, pink asshole, using my fingertip to massage it into the skin of her tight, naughty hole. I go back to tongue fucking her, tasting her lovely ass and coke on my tongue. I grab the K-Y jelly and lube up her ass, sliding in a single finger into her vise-like virgin ass.
“Oh, David, I can still feel it,” she says discouragingly.
So I grab a huge half gram cocaine rock and push it up her rectum and break it up deep inside the tightest, most beautiful asshole in the universe and I ask her, “What about now?”
“I feel only a little,” she says.
“Turn around,” I tell her, and she obeys, on all fours with her ass in the air. “Open up your ass cheeks, baby!” She puts her hands on her ass and spreads it wide, and I can see her tight, pink asshole glistening with lube and cocaine dust.
I grab my dark, cum-oozing cock and slide it up her hot, pink pussy and slide my fingers across the coke mirror, coating them with dust before sliding them deep into her tight, pink asshole. I start singing “Cocaine” by Eric Clapton as I ram my big prick into her wet, cum-leaking cunt, feeling her lips grip me as she tries to speak over her moans.
“Fuck me David! Yes, you’re so fucking big, oh God, yeah,” she screams out as I fuck her hot cunt with my dick and finger fuck her cocaine-numbed tight asshole. She reaches down and starts rubbing her clit as I visualize my hot 80’s porn star of a girlfriend as I slide another finger deep into her wet, pink ass.
“Yes, I can’t believe it. Oh God, it feels so good! Fuck my ass NOW,” she moans in deep ecstasy, sounding like the possessed demon of Venus and I pull my wet, hard dick from her juicy, cum-dripping cunt and stare at her virgin asshole.
“You will be mine, forever,” I tell her as I push my fat, cum leaking prick to her pink, puckered asshole, easing into her vise-tight ass.
I see it open wide and hear her gasp in shocked delight. “Oh, God, put it in. Fuck my ass, David, please!”
I love this slutty talk and feel my heart beat faster as my thick dark cock slides into her molten lava hot, virgin ass. I push all eight and a half inches slowly, moving inch by thick inch into her before I start moving slowly in and out as she rubs her clit with one hand, the other grabbing a fistful of the bedsheets.
I saw in and out of her faster as she works on her clit when I hear the greatest, most exciting words spoken. “Fuck my ass, and don’t you ever stop.” I will never forget those words.
She looks over her shoulder, locks her eyes with mine and she has the most sexy facial expression of pure lust. “I love you,” she says, fighting her moans, “I love you. Fuck my ass, please.”
I ram my huge dark dick deeper into her now busted open asshole, watching it grip my cock shaft and I see she’s really high from all the cocaine I put up her ass. I start fucking her harder and faster as she keeps her eyes on me, screaming with every thrust, “Fuck my ass, fuck my ass, Don’t you ever stop fucking my ass.”
So now my hot porn star cheerleader Launa is now my hot anal slut and the cum boils in my balls. I have to hold back as I pound her asshole powerfully to give her memories she’ll never forget. I slide side to side to open up her ass even more. I piston my huge, dark prick in and out of her now cum-foaming ass as she rubs her clit and gasps in orgasmic pleasure.
“I’m cumming, oh, fuck my ass David, I’m cumming,” she yells out as her beautiful body shakes and spasms so hard, I have to hold he tiny ass cheeks while I fuck her tight little asshole like a love starved ex-convict. I watch my dark, cum-foaming cock fuck her now broken anal cherry and it sends me over the top.
“I love you, Launa, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna um in your ass, oh yes baby,” I yell out in orgasmic lust as my huge prick explodes deep in her pink asshole. I push as far into her ass I can go and my hot, thick sperm shoots deep inside her asshole, coating my dark dick and flowing from her red, cum-oozing, busted open ass. It drools down from her gaping hole to her sexy pink pussy lips as I feel her whole body quiver, leaving her gasping for air.
I fall on her back, sweating in pure, passionate heat and hold my love in my big arms and bury my face in her long, lovely blonde hair.
“Damn Launa, I love you. Thank you.” I whisper in her ear.
She giggles, and her laugh always casts a deeper love spell on me. “I love you too. I didn’t know I could cum like that. Can we do it again?”
I’m now laughing and kissing her, saying over and over, “Yes, yes, yes.”
“I love poo-poo love,” she says as I hold her in my arms.

So, to my lovely Launa, my Chaturbate porn star, thank you for the memories. I wish I would of had that baby with you; in my heart, you will always be my baby . You are awesome and may you be blessed now and in the Afterlife. I hope our paths cross again someday and we can party once more.
“I love you, pee-pee love,” I tell her.
“I love you, poo-poo love,” she answers bac

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