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My Sexy Smoking Captain  

David165330 56M
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11/30/2020 6:45 pm
My Sexy Smoking Captain

My Sexy Smoking Captain
In my first book, “A Convict’s Life: Brick by Brick”, I touched down on my sexy smoking third shift captain, the beautiful and loyal, Donna. Dam was she sexy in her prison guard uniform!
I was a chef in the kitchen, so I could eat right to keep my body solid and muscular as a Simon City Royal gang leader. I had to be ready for any drama going down. Well, this sexy, blonde haired, blue eyed angel of a prison captain loved my style and my body and would love to smoke her cigarettes for .
We were passing notes and I poured my love, heart, and soul into those letters. After cleaning up the kitchen and dazzling her taste buds with my cooking, along with the heavy flirting, I had her in the cooler and stole a sexy, deep, passionate french kiss. She melted in my big, tattooed arms as our hot, wet tongues searched for heat and heaven. We didn’t have much time, so I would steal a few feels of her huge, soft ass, give her my note and tell her to smoke for me tonight. She would sit out in the dayroom and smoke erotically for me while she did her paperwor She would enjoy watching jack my big cock off as she stared in my direction, doing her best Sharon Stone impression by crossing and uncrossing her legs. My hands worked my fat, eight and a half inch cock till I shot my jets of hot, thick sperm, wishing it was in her sexy mouth, hot pussy, and ass. She was one big, beautiful, blonde woman! This was our foreplay, because every morning from four until five a.m., she would sneak into my cell and ravish each other. The klepto exhibitionist rush I got was amazing!
I hear my door pop and she’s in my cell. She always has my weed, coke, and some southern breakfast.
She snorts a little meth and lights up a cigarette and I’m in pure heat for this gorgeous, sexy, dick loving Southern plumper. She puts the cig in her pink lips and does her little sexy dance moves, pulling the cig from her mouth and holding it between her fingers and rubbing the filter on her hot, already erect nipples. She stares at my huge, hard dick as I stroke it, looking into her beautiful, liquid blue eyes.
“I love your dick, David. It’s mine,” she says in a sultry tone, inching closer towards me.
“It loves you too,” I say playfully, falling in love with her southern twangy accent and big, sexy smile.
She licks her lips and turns around, bends over and spreads her big ass cheeks wide open with the cigarette between her fingers; time stops as my heart races with torrid lust.
“Open it up more,” I tell her, and she obeys, showing off her shaved pink asshole and pink, cum-oozing pussy lips that are still swollen from me pounding her twat yesterday.
I kiss her pink, musky asshole and glide my tongue up and down her hot, pink cuntlips as she moans in ecstasy. I tongue fuck her wet, tasty pussy lips, parting her pink folds with my hot, cunt loving convict mouth and tongue.
“Ooh, good baby,” she moans, looking over her shoulder and puffing on the cig like a in heat. I have both hands on her huge, white ass cheeks and start rimming her sweaty, tight pink asshole and she moans again. “Yes, lick me baby, please.”
I plunge my long, wet tongue deep into her tasty asshole and ram fingers between her now cum-oozing cunthole, finding and teasing her g-spot. I finger fuck her pussy while tonguing her asshole deeper, snaking my hot, long tongue as far as I can make it go while it grips like a vise. She takes a huge drag on the cigarette and moans as she french inhales the sexy smoke. I finger fuck her weet, hot twat and thumb her pink clit as she quivers with orgasmic lust.
“I’m cumming, David, I’m cumming,” she moans, trying keep her voice down. I feel so powerful knowing her body so well, unlocking the keys all her sexual kingdom doors. She pisses hot cum cream everywhere as my beautiful Donna pisses her pussy cum on my fingers and hand. I pull my tongue from her tight asshole and drank from her pink love hole, swallowing her nectar like the sex-starved, horny, big-cocked convict I am.
“You taste so good, Donna. Smoke for , my blue-eyed angel.” Her pussy keeps flooding cum and I can’t keep up with it as it drips off my chin and down her legs. I start thinking about Zeppelin again, the lyrics, “Till the juice runs down her leg.”
I stand up and gently, but strongly, grab her with my huge, Aztec tattoo covered arms and intensely kiss her smoky cigarette flavored lips, shoving my wild tongue down her throat s o she can taste her yummy, intoxicating pussy and ass juices on my tongue. She moans in delight as the juices and smoke blend between our tongues.
I push her on my bunk, grab her cigarette and put it out. Before she has a chance to complain, I grab another as my eight and a half incher is leaking pre-cum and aimed at her lips. Her cocksucker lips, pussy lips, and nipples are all the same color, and it drives me wild. I light the cigarette for my beautiful, blue-eyed angel and let the smoke out on her huge, motherly tits as I begin my Crazy strip show.
I run the cig up and down my Aztec tattooed, muscular chest as my big, brown eyes lock with Donna’s liquid blues. I want her under my love spell forever. I trail the cig lower, rubbing the filter up and down the length of my hard, dark cock before showing my blooming cockhead tric I push all the blood my huge, cum-oozing cockhead and she stares in awe as my head doubles in size.
“Holy shit, do it again,” she says excitedly, and I giggle like a hyena, doing it over and over. I put the cigarette her lips and she puffs hard on it, looks up at her convict prize and exhales the smoke on my huge, dark dic She tongues my pre-cum, tasting my seeds of fertile love upon her glorious hot tongue.
I shove my big prick in her hot, cocksucker lips and she swallows my cock like a in heat. I puff on the cigarette as I paw her huge tits and nipples. I know I love this woman for all the risks she takes for as I look over at my four ounces of weed, eight-balls of coke, then back the real prize as she sucks my cum leaking prick faster. I hand her the cigarette as my sexy dance comes an end. Donna takes the cigarette in her mouth, jerking my fat cum leaking prick faster. She takes a drag on the smoke, deep throats and gags as the hot smoke rolls over my saliva coated hard cock and I watch the smoke cover and coat my cock deep in her throat and escape out the corners of her mouth. I pull my wet, dark cock from her sperm-coated cocksucker lips as the rest of the smoke falls from her mouth.
“I need you Donna. Lay back and smoke, baby girl.” She is in a sex trance as her wanton eyes are glued to my eight and a half incher. I kiss her forcefully and she thrusts her tongue down my throat with excitement and I taste my jizz on her lips and tongue. I lick down her soft neck and begin making little love bites to mark my territory, pushing her 48DD’s together and suck on her silver dollar, hot pink nipples.
“Yes, put it in me. Fuck me, David, fuck me,” she moans as I bite down on her sensitive nipples. I waste no time, grabbing my dark, hard dick and sliding my cum-leaking mushroom head between her cum leaking pussy folds, reaching around and spanking her clit so hard she stiffens.
“Smoke for me,” I tell her, watching as my baby puts the cigarette to her sexy lips and takes a hard off it. I slide inch by dark, thick inch into her hot wetness, opening up her cunt folds. My dark cock stands out in contrast to her pink pussy lips and stark white skin, it makes the cum in my balls boil as she moans in orgasmic joy.
“Oh yes, David, oh God you’re big,” she moans as I slide all eight and a half inches into her, burying myself balls deep into her cum dripping hot cunt so she can feel it in her core. Her beautiful blue eyes roll back into her head as I fuck her hot pussy, thrusting and grinding my hard prick deep in her cunthole.
“Rub your clit, make a mess on my cock,” I tell her as my balls slap at her huge ass cheeks with each powerful thrust. She rubs her clit as the cigarette in between her fingers looks so sexy as I ram my huge, cum-oozing prick in and out of her pink pussy. I feel her cunt grip me tighter as I watch her pretty facial expressions of pure lust. She rubs her clit faster as I bend over and bite her erect, big pink nipples.
“Oh fuck my cunt. Fuck me, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Right there, right there, oh God yes, fuck my cunt hard,” she screams and I love it when she talks like a filthy . Her big cunt quivers and grips my big, wet cock as she explodes with her orgasm. I feel so excited and powerful, I look into her orgasmic, sexy eyes and feel her hot cunthole piss streams of cum all over my cock and balls. I hear her pussy noises from her heavenly wetness as I pound her hot, wet cunt harder; my cum filled balls slap her ass cheeks which sends another orgasm coursing through her as her sweet pussy pours hot cum everywhere.
She puts her cigarette out and I slip a finger up her ass. “Turn around,” I order her, “I’m gonna fuck your ass.”
My dark cock is so hard it hurts as Donna puts her lovely white ass up in the air. I spit on her asshole and get between her fat ass cheeks, gliding my huge pussy juice covered cock into her pink asshole. I slowly push my dark prick past her puckered up asshole and sink inch after thick inch into her ass.
“Oh, yes David. Fuck my ass, oh it’s so big,” she moans in lust as her asshole stretches around my huge coc I watch her ass swallow my huge, cum leaking dick as I slide deeper inside her hot, busted open pink asshole.
She grabs a cigarette as she squeals like an anal porn star slut in heat.
“I love your ass baby, it’s mine! You hear ,” I shout down her in lust.
“Yes, I belong you. I love you,” she shouts back, her pretty eyes closed as I pound my cock in her ass. I feel so powerful as I pump my huge, cum oozing cock deep into her tight hot asshole and my balls slap at her cum dripping pussy, it’s intoxicating.. She lights up a cigarette and I say to her, “Yes, smoke for my hot smoke . Show you love it.”
I fuck her asshole so hard, she can’t puff on the cig and I watch my fat eight and a half inch cock open up her pink asshole until I hear, “Hurry, cum baby. Please hurry and cum, it hurts.”
I pound my sexy Donna’s ass harder till the sweat pours off like rain. “I’m gonna cum in your ass, baby, I’m fucking cumming. I’m cumming!”
My huge dick explodes deep inside her loose asshole, jet after jet of burning hot sperm and I hear Donna scream out from the sensation. “Oh, God yes, I’m cumming,” she screams, “yes cum in my ass, oh fuck yes, I’m cumming!”
She shakes with orgasmic pleasure and my hot cum leaks from her now red-tinted asshole. I feel her piss hot pussy cream on the bed like a in heat. I know she is mine forever and she finally smokes her cigarette as her lovely plump body spasms. My dark, cum leaking cock goes soft inside her cum filled asshole as we share the cigarette and snort up a little meth. She licks my soft dick clean and I tell her the drug order I need for the next day and how much we made.
Yes, after all these , I still love this big, sexy, plump woman. Donna, this one’s for you. Mmm…

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