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My Smoking Fetish  

David165330 56M
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9/9/2019 7:21 pm
My Smoking Fetish

I wanted share with others how I was exposed this fetish and how I enjoy something I find erotic, sexy, and do this I have simply just tell it the way it is, and touch down on a few issues. You can read about this in detail in 1st book ‘A Convict’s Life; Brick by Brick’ Page Publishing out I hope I hope the end of winter 20 on Amazon, Google books, etc.
So in family father wanted become a man years of age and I tried explain I already was sexually active but he wasn’t trying hear . So we ended up going a Cubs game in Chicago celebrate his victory on the craps table and he won a ton of loot so we had fun at the game. He bought me a cool shirt and cap and we tossed back some beers. Then he said in Spanish I was going become a man. I knew he was buzzed cause Spanish back then was not so good. Now I’m years old and it’s 70 something and he takes me a huge two story house. We get inside the house and the smell of weed hit me in the face like a brick and before eyes I seen all these super beautiful women in frilly see through lace gowns, high heels, stockings. A few with nothing on to talk about. Instant woody and most of them were smoking cigarettes and had on 70s style make up-blue eye shadow, hoop earrings, pink pearly lip stick. So as I’m taking this all in, some tall older Latin lady yelled out dad’s name. And I’m like you did he know this lady?
She came over, hugged him, and looked me up and down. I took in her beautiful body and thinking holy Heaven, I love you Dad.
The lady says, ‘Is to hijo?’ (This your ?) dad reaches in his pocket, peels off some , gives it her. She grabs hand and takes up the stairs and as we’re going I smell her perfume. She notices me sniffing and asks me, ‘You have a cold, hijo?’ I tell her ‘you smell good.’ She cackles like an animal and I smile her crazy laugh. We’re half way up the stairs and ‘Boom’ there’s this thick thighed tall white lady, wearing heels and white panties and she’s smoking the longest cigarette I ever seen.
I’m introduced Blanca.
She holds out her hand, and grabs hand and asks name. I stutter ‘Dave’ and she smiles and she looks me in the eye, takes a sexy long puff on the cigarette and blows it on privates. I’m in pure shock, heart racing, and say, ‘Wow, you’re so pretty?’ She smiles at and kisses on the lips and time stops. I hear heart beat. Mama Blanca shows all…You can read the un-edited version in ‘A Convict’s Life; Brick by Brick and ‘ Smoking Fetish’.
So ’s how it happened and as I got older, I learned I could tell a lot by the way a woman smokes, the way she holds the cigarette, how she puts it her lips, how she drags on it and blows the smoke from her wet lips. So all girlfriends ‘most’ would smoke for and some who were non-smokers would try on special occasions so I was very liked and spoiled. Maybe I have special skills? Magic?
Also growing up after Mama Blanca’s incident, ’s beautician did hair mom’s. All were smoking, running around in 70s style. So fueled desire for this fetish. So I wrote a sexy erotica book I just finished ‘ Smoking Fetish’ of all the detailed sexy hot stuff I seen and done and fantasized about. I’ll be willing share these stories or non-nude photos of females smoking in bra and panties lingerie. Write !!! Stories.
book 2 ‘ Smoking Fetish’
1. Mama Blanca’s Brothel
2. Peeping on Joy
3. Stealing Cigarettes for Tori
4. Watching Micky Smoke
5. Old Beautiful Mrs. Chello
6. Mona loves Salems
7. Derek’s Mom Smokes
8. Sexy 1st Love, Patty
9. Alpine Valley Trip
10. Sexy Launa
. Smoking Captain
. Double Smoking B. J.
. Crack Smoking B.B.W.
. Brenda and Angela Smoking
. Lesbian Smoking Web Cam Models
. Smoking Satanic Goth Lesbians
. Smoking Sexy Christina ‘Cisco’
. Smoking Halloween Crossdresser and Cindy
. Pregnant Smoking Nicole
So any lovers of steamy erotica, I hope this book will excite many so please contact , send an e- . Seeking all smoking fetish and erotica fans for friendship, steamy fun, and swapping stories and photos. Looking for swinging single females/couples upon release!!!

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Favorite Smokers: Vonda, Lauren Phoenix, Casey Cream, Candy Samples, Candy Vegas, Sierra, Zoey, Nicole, Cindy, Donna, Cisco
Favorite Film Producers: Ty Endicott, Andrew Blake
Books: A Convict’s Life Brick by Brick
Smoking Fetish

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