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Romeo, Romeo  

DearVixey 34F
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10/5/2021 8:02 pm
Romeo, Romeo

Let me tell you about a rather unexpected surprise during a work trip.

His was Romeo.

After a night of delicious sexting, I was curious where things might be headed. I’m not going lie. After some sub-par performance that had happened with a prior stallion, I kept a bit of my hope in see if Romeo was going turn into another talker. I am happy to report that this new potential stallion was anything but ‘all talk’. Let’s fast forward a , past the cute touching and teasing we snuck throughout the next few days.

We were on a bus headed back from a mandatory field trip organized by the conference coordinators. had been an all-day event so many of us brought our laptop bags with us. Romeo and I managed to find seats together. Now, let’s build the scene. we were, squished on a crowded bus, people all around us. I was feeling particularly horny because we had kept up a fresh dialogue of sexy teasing throughout the day. I wore a thin blouse and dark work pants with a cute pair of camo panties.

Our thighs touched. We set our bags on our laps. Moments later, I felt his fingertips brushing, caressing across my thigh. The bag concealed everything. His touch traveled to the zipper on my pants. My face flushed from the excitement, the heady thrill of feeling Romeo slowly, carefully unclasp my pants and draw the zipper down. He parted the two sides of my pants. My stomach dropped. My heart raced. My panties were wet with need.

Romeo hesitated, his fingertips just resting above my clit, atop the material.

I looked up at him, into his eyes.

Now, this is an important note. Every man I have been with has commented on a certain look I give when I am really turned on. I am completely unaware of it, but apparently it’s something in the way our eyes connect. I communicate everything in that moment. No words. Just the desire, the need to right and then. If you’ll recall, I had mentioned prior opening my marriage I had struggled with libido. This aspect, this cue, of my sexuality, is something I have loved rediscovering about myself.

And was with this new stallion.

His touch just above my clit.

Our eyes locked.

Don’t stop.

I felt Romeo drift his fingers to the side, expertly maneuvering the wet material aside. And then his fingers were gently brushing my pussy. I closed my eyes and shut the world out in order to fully take in the sensation. Romeo’s touch. Finally. He massaged my clit. I ever so subtly rocked my hips forward to give him more access. Down he went to gently press his fingertips into me. I could feel how much I wanted him. He glided in easy. In and out. Slowly, deliberately finger-fucking me in the middle of a crowded bus with colleagues all around us.

But was I about to let dear Romeo have all the fun? Hell no.

It was my turn.

I eased my hand in between his bag and his lap. The , gentle teasing touch. I knew this game. I fucking owned this game. Ignoring the zipper and button altogether, I slid my hand beneath his belt. Down, taunting my touch. I knew Romeo would be rock hard and throbbing to feel my fingertips. I wasn’t wrong. His tip was wet with precum. The lube I needed to show him two could the tease. I traveled a finger down the underside of his shaft, feeling him throb and ache for more. And because I am a kind vixen, I obliged, gripping his cock for the first time. was thick like Armando. longer? I couldn’t tell much past how hard he was for me.

I stroked him just as slowly as he’d rubbed my clit. His dick in my hand. The feel of the head as he released more cum slicken the shaft.

I looked back up at Romeo and communicated everything in that one look.

More. I want more.

was later that evening. We sat in the communal lounge area watching some lame-ass movie. But hey at least the lights were off. Romeo and I had time a bit more. Not so openly because I did not have my trusty shielding bag with me, but enough feel a couple more stomach drops. We had whispered a bit more about our texting fantasy from the night before. A hotel after the conference. Romeo genuinely seemed inclined to commit. To be honest, I wasn’t thinking much about the future at that point. I wanted more. And I did not want to wait.

Neither did Romeo.

He caught my eye and then rose to leave. He had his cell phone in-hand.

Ding. My cell lit with a .

Storage closet.

And he was gone.

I stared at the . My blood raced. We had joked about sneaking away and had even found a convenient closet, tucked away from everyone. This was . I smiled.

A minute later, I slipped into the closet and immediately felt myself taken up in Romeo’s arms. ’s hard describe the level of passion. The intensity of the moment. We kissed with a wild, reckless kind of abandon, a kiss that was meant taste just briefly because were so much of our bodies left explore. And so time.

I dropped my knees and had his dick out and back in my hands. was dark so I couldn’t see but I could certainly feel . Definitely thick like Armando but also longer, too, like my stag. I fit his cock in my mouth and tasted the precum of before. I<b> sucked </font></b>Romeo’s dick for a good few strokes, mind spinning from the thrill of it all. My pussy was so wet. Romeo pulled me up and we stole a few more kisses as he hastily undid my pants and had them down to my knees.

This is what I wanted.

The of his cock parted my pussy lips and in a single thrust, he was inside of me.

I had hold back my moans. We gasped quietly together. Our breaths hitching as we fucked in the closet.

It was not long. a minute or so. But was one of the most experiences of my life and I will never forget .

Romeo had done well so far. He had delivered some incredible moments and some new adventures. Teasing is all well and good. was time see if he was the kind of man follow through with his promise of a full night together.

Grillick 40M  
39 posts
10/8/2021 11:54 am

I hung on every word of this delightful story. So glad you shared this with us, and pleased that you were able to have that experience.

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