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Decadent202 63M  
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8/3/2021 4:33 pm

I've come here a few times over the last two years. It feels as barren as the desert. Oh. there have been a few teasers, now and again, men who claim to be so horny that can't contain themselves. But in the end it has all been talk, and for me because I haven't crossed over into primal male sex as of yet, I feel as though time is running out, and maybe my nerve. I feel the power within myself and also the doubt. "Could I really do this?" "Can I really be with a naked man, and touch his flesh and put his cock in my mouth?"

There are moments when the fire is so deep, it is without question, my hunger for raw, masculine sex is a hurricane. But the time must be right and the man willing to stand before me naked and throbbing. Or even steal his fluids in the dead of night in the front seat of his car. I don't fucking care. I want it feral, primal and raw. But most men, many of the married, just like me, hesitate and talk more than they can do.

Come to me, feed it to me, No strings No BS. All I want is your cock, throbbing, hard and big. Give it to me the way you want. I don't care. I need to feed this fire before time runs out or my fucking nerve does. I am not a pretty boy, I am a full grown man, growling in his temperament and frustrated with this denial. I lay at night thinking about your big cock rubbing against my lips and how I unleash my fire upon its glory. I revel in your power and its beauty and when your erupt with long, white ropes of cum, I am anointed. Please, whoever you are, before time runs out.

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8/3/2021 6:43 pm

primal is good . . .

Humanity peaked during the 20th century.
We can't even make a decent starter solenoid any longer.

Decadent202 replies on 8/3/2021 7:52 pm:
Yes, if I can get there lol...I just need someone to put their thick, hard cock in my face....\8

1kittylikker 71M
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8/4/2021 7:08 am

If you weren't 1600 miles away I'd stand in front of you in a hart beat!

Decadent202 replies on 8/4/2021 11:15 am:
A heartbeat full of cum I hope...\8

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