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The Arrangement  

DecentDude2018 40M
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6/4/2020 10:37 am
The Arrangement

They decided meet at McDonald's. As soon as he entered, he knew she was there. He could sense her. He finally took notice to the long-haired beauty sitting along the wall of one end of the restaurant. He ordered a drink and sat on the other side, making sure he had a clear view of her beauty. Their eyes locked. Her lips parted as her tongue wiped slowly across them. He felt his warm blood rushing to his groin. She looked down, as if to draw his attention to what was under the table. Her legs parted, revealing a bright pink, glistening with moisture pussy, previously hidden by her tight mini-skirt. Fully erect, he stood and walked to her. "Come on princess. Let's go."

They make their way outside into his car, him in the driver's seat and her on the passenger side. He can't help but notice her bulging breast, begging to be torn from their constraints. "I want you ," she whispered while leaning into his neck and ear. "Let have you," she hissed. He felt her warm, wet tongue sliding along the nape of his neck, forcing his toes to curl within his shoes. His fully erect penis was pressed tight against his jeans, begging to be released. His hand reaches inside her shirt, intent on finding that sensitive and tender nipple. He finds it quickly and begins softly pinching and swirling the tips of his fingers around the perimeter of her erect nipple. Slow at first, then harder .. pinching harder. She moans in pleasure as he feels her hot breath waft across his neck and airs. "I need you ," she says.

Her hands begin tracing the outline of his throbbing cock through his jeans. With each stroke, the blood inside rages hotter. She unbuckles his jeans and pulls his rigid manhood into view. The purple head is swollen and a small glint of pre-cum can be seen on the tip. She wraps her soft hands around the shaft, and begins stroking, slowly, cupping her fingers over the head while on the upstrokes, forcing his hips off the seat in pleasure. "You know I like to use my mouth and not my hands," she says as she leans in for a deep, passionate kiss, all the while, stroking his hard coc "Can I suck it ?" she asks just as a tall truck pulls into the parking stall next to theirs. "But there's a guy right there," he said. "Let him watch," she replied, as she lowered her warm, wet mouth into his lap.

Her tongue tip brushes the head of his cocking, allowing her to taste the salty pre-cum his excitement produced. Parting her lips, she takes the tip of his raging penis into her mouth and lightly clamps around the bottom of the head, slowly, she pulls back, while darting her tongue back and forth, eager for more of his juices. She continues to suck the head while he squirms in his seat, rhythmically pumping his thighs to her movements. She pulls his cock from her mouth, and whispers, “How does my mouth feel ?” as she parts her lips and engulfs his entire member. Feeling it stretch her throat, tears well in her eyes, yet she pushes deeper, until her nose is pushed deep into his swollen sac Back and forth, seemingly deeper every time, he moans in pleasure.

Anticipating orgasm, he grasp her hair and pushes her back into her seat. Instinctively, her hand moved to his crotch, but he grabbed her wrist and moved closer. Locking eyes, he darted into her mouth, exploring her wetness with his tongue, tasting his cock on her breath. They kiss passionately, tongues wrestling like mating snakes. She feels his hand on her thigh, slowly rubbing. Inching further towards her groin. “Touch your princess ,” she hisses. His fingers find the folds of her tight puss at the same time his other fingers find her already stiffened nipple. The kissing becomes heavier as he massages her pink lips and erect nipple. Moaning in pleasure, her hips shift in the seat. He feels her wetness running down his fingers as her kissing turns mouth open breathing, enjoying the pleasures his fingers are producing.

Dancing lightly over her slippery, swollen lips, his fingers find her clitoris, now the size of a dime. He begins to rub it slowly, up and down at first, then side by side. As he mixes the motions, she shrieks in pleasure. She can feel the orgasm building as his finger continues to circle her tender spot. He’s pinching her nipples hard, and the pain is transmitted into pure pleasure as her body quakes in lust. She feels his hand slide lower as he entered a finger into her tight vagina. Waves of pleasure coursed through her groin as he pumped back and forth, delving deeper with each stroke. As his fingers brushed her very special spot, she quivered.

Knowing orgasm was near, he continued pleasuring her g-spot as her moans and shrieks turned into pleasured screams. Waves of pure excitement coursed through her groin as her climax approached, and while attempting to hold out as long as she could, gave into the sensation and allowed her sexual energy to flow. The walls of her vagina pulsed as the orgasm tore through her loins. She felt like she was being stung by a million bees, all with Q-Tips as stingers. For what seemed like eternity, the bees kept stinging and her love juices kept flowing as the orgasm ran its course. When her senses came back about her, she had realizes he was still pumping his finger in and out of her, but very slowly. Gently. He was also lightly rubbing her nipple and areola. There was no more pain. They locked stares and engaged in a deep, passionate kiss. “Thank you . Your princess wants return the favor,” she said. “Sweetie you are wet and messy. We need get you cleaned up and get you some new panties. Let’s go the mall.”

They arrived at the mall and did “mall” things. They shared a soft pretzel. They walked in and out of stores. They held hands. Both kept their chins held high. She was proud of her . And he was proud of his princess. Arms swinging, connected by their hands as they strolled the halls, her sometimes skipping show her enjoyment. She enjoyed this man’s company. Although she didn’t know him, there was something she liked about him. Perhaps it was the way he held the doors open for her at every portal they encountered. Maybe is was because upon entering the mall, she immediately needed use the restroom clean the sticky passion still on her thighs. When she returned from the restroom, he placed a bright sunflower in her hair. Or, maybe it was the way he looked at her. She enjoyed knowing his eyes were drawn her perky breasts and tight ass, but she was turned on by the way he looked at her, and talked her, with respect.

... be continued

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