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Did you waste your money to be...GOLD..??  

Deeliciouscurves 45F
23 posts
5/20/2015 12:08 pm
Did you waste your money to be...GOLD..??

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sphxdiver 70M  
21075 posts
5/20/2015 12:17 pm

I happen to think to many guys bought into the old "Get Laid tonight" slogan the site was using for a long time.

I also have to agree with what your saying, myself, having been on here for a few years, nothing happens overnight.

Good post !!

furietheripper2 32M  
3 posts
5/20/2015 12:20 pm

I once wasted my money on being gold, all of my messages get ignored (and no they arnt rude or overpowering in any form) and i get ignored on IM too. Wont be paying for it again, especially as i can simply spend points on becoming a top fan and get to view / message them as if i was gold anyway.

s2ndegree 61M  
9735 posts
5/20/2015 3:59 pm

I'll answer your non spoken question first.No it doesn't bother me when people attempt to laugh at any of the men here who aren't ready to just give it away.I'm happy it works for you. I have gold because I can afford it and enjoy reading the blogs.it's definitely good story though.thank you!

Using more than all the road!

Deeliciouscurves replies on 5/21/2015 12:36 am:
Thanks so much for your comment. My apologies as I L M A O!! I've not come across any men here who aren't ready to give it away, so please excuse me for not asking that question...

burblesback07 39M
532 posts
6/16/2015 5:21 am

To be fair........you're easily sexy enough to pull off the no teeth look and still have guys fall at your feet !!!!

Deeliciouscurves replies on 6/26/2015 10:21 pm:
LOL!!! Thanks...

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