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A Strange Wedding  

Denizen12345 55M
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3/4/2019 6:37 am
A Strange Wedding

Being one of only 4 male porters (among 24ish female staff) assigned to the ward I worked in did have its advantages , when on nights out, there was always mild flirting and sometimes very boisterous sexual innuendos and always without fail I was on the other end of the "pack treatment", anyway we digress - there was within the ward an open invitation to an auxiliary nurse's<b> wedding </font></b>where we could come with or without our partners, being single at the time I was going to go with a couple of the nurses/auxiliaries rather than turn up like a dweeb on my own, an evening only invite allows you to meet in the pub before heading off to said venue. I made my way to the pub in a pre booked taxi in my traditional Scottish kilt, when I arrived I was met with a couple of wolf whistles when I joined the group of 3 women and 1 man, ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to Keith, sister j's husband.

Keith and I got on very well from the onset but there was something different about him, he was what I could only describe as keen to please, he was chatty, knowledgeable, friendly and i'd say unassuming, he was smartly dressed in a two piece suit & Sister J introduced us and he asked me what I wanted to drink and off he scuttled to the bar for my alcohol, I said to sister j when he was at the bar that I had competition for the women's attention tonight to which she replied almost in a whisper "I've trained him well he wont get in the way" which I found to be an odd and very leftfield comment.
We made our way to the<b> wedding </font></b>in a cab an arrived as the<b> wedding </font></b>was getting into full swing, there were many familiar faces, some of whom gave me the age old "are you a true Scotsman under that kilt" to which i'd reply "there's only one way you're going to find out", we found ourselves a table close to the bar and settled down to enjoy our night, I found myself sitting beside sister j and Keith and proceeded to drink my cans of Shlitz whilst chatting on and off to those around me. Sister j was dressed immaculately, a body hugging one piece dress that accentuated the curves of both her breasts and hips, it was really the first time id noticed how curvy her body was, the neckline showed just enough hint of cleavage without looking tarty but the kicker was the outline of the suspender belt slightly showing through the material of her dress, she looked wow.

When sister j went up to dance I noticed Keith wouldn't take his eyes off her, when I spoke to him he'd answer whilst semi looking at his wife and looking at me but I had plenty other people to chat to. I was in such a conversation when I noticed sister j dancing with one of the hospital consultants, not close dancing just dancing close enough to speak, I looked to see what Keith was doing and he was nowhere to be seen, then I caught him out the side of my eye at the corner of the bar standing with eyes bored into his wife's every move it was strange behaviour in my opinion and I thought something was going to kick off... how wrong I was.
Sister j re-joined the table and Keith 'almost within a minute' joined too with drinks for the 5 in the company, Keith went to the toilet and I said to sister j that she looked great when up dancing but I thought her husband was going to kick off because he was staring and shuffling trying to get a view of what you were doing to which she replied "he likes to see me", I must have had a confused look on my face when she said "one day you'll understand" I just brushed it off and continued enjoying my night with intermittent thoughts of what she could mean.

The night was coming to a close when Sister J asked me what I was wearing under my kilt to which I replied "you can find the answer to that in only one way" I don't know if it was the alcohol or being able to take an opportunity but sitting to my left her right hand under the table made its way onto my left leg under my kilt and feeling no pain and alcohol induced bravery I sat motionless whilst her hand made it all the way up to my uncovered cock and balls gave them a good feel then quickly pulled her hand out and said "a true Scotsman who's well equipped and smiled.

I was still stunned when we phoned our taxi, Keith was very quiet but looking back I understand now he was hopeful of sating his own lust, we got a standard cab which meant 4 in the back, Keith got in the front and 4 in the back with sister j sitting on my knee directly behind her husband and facing the window, my right hand was holding her up so to speak and my left hand across her lap over her knee length coat, we were bantering when Sister j put her left hand on top of mine and moved it to her knee, I wasn't slow to pick up the signal but fuck her husband was right there, sitting in front but trying as he might to stretch round to see if anything was happening with his wife, I didn't miss the subtle movement of her knees slightly opening as she said to Keith you'll strain your neck or choke yourself if you twist round any further, as she said that in my semi drunk state and in the darkness of the back of the cab my hand made its way under her coat and dress unseen to those around, my mouth dry, my heart thumping, my mind racing as my hand made its way up past the stocking tops to the warmth of her skin, she shuffled a little opening her legs a little more, I could feel my own hardness growing beneath her ass as my hand reached the top of her inner thighs and the gusset of her panties, I felt I had to speak and I said to Keith something along the lines of working tomorrow, I felt so stupid but so turned on as I chatted to him I was pulling his wife's panties to the side to reveal her wet pussy to my fingers, I know he heard her little gasp as I found her clit and started to toy with her as she wriggled on my lap and sometimes catching the hardness off my cock with the curve of her ass, god she was fucking sexy, fortunately or unfortunately one of the girls got to her destination, got out of the taxi allowing Sister j to sit in the middle of the backseat and I had 3 miles to not only catch my breath but get rid of the hard cock that was dying for more attention, Keith then asked if me and the other girl with us wanted to go to theirs for a nightcap to which we both refused, for me it was down to meeting friends at a nightclub but the journey had begun.

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