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Diana the Protean Submissive  

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10/2/2020 8:56 am
Diana the Protean Submissive

After chatting through IM, flirting and getting to know one another for some time, Dev and Diana decided to have a video chat to take another step towards getting together in person. They planned to discuss the kind of things they’re comfortable with and what the rules would be if they ever got together in person.

“I’ve been hard all evening in anticipation of our meeting,” said Dev, adjusting his camera to show his thick, curved penis. Even though they might meet soon in person, he was still not quite ready to reveal his face and identity.

Diana already had pictures on her profile of her face and she did not care about preserving her identify or privacy. She knew that admirers wanted to see her face and body, and that was more important to her than privacy. She was in a dark, indistinct room, long dark hair, one length, flowing well past her shoulders. She wore dark mascara in a goth style, which was messy around her bright blue eyes. It looked like she had been crying. She had a collar on and she seemed to be tethered to something near her webcam.

“Have you been crying?”

“I was upset because…”

He thought about interrupting her to tell her to shut the fuck up, to dismiss her feelings. After all, their entire chat history was about Diana enticing Dev to abuse and humiliate her, while Dev was exploring being dominant in such a way that ran counter to his lifelong sexual experiences, which had always been tender, loving, and steering well clear of what might be uncomfortable to his partner. He decided to listen for now.

“…my boyfriend and I had a fight before he left for work. He’s just too much of an asshole. Even if it’s quite often, I like playing out being abused and humiliated, but it’s not the only thing I like. I also like being playful, dressing up, sometimes dominating, being sensual and caring. I like to mix it up, even if I like being humiliated also.”

“You’re a protean lover.”

“Um. He just doesn’t get it. He thinks that because I like being abused, that I want to be treated like that all the time, which isn’t true. I do want that, many times when we’re having sex and occasionally just randomly out of no where, which ends up turning me on, but seriously, all the time? He’s like blind to the cues that sometimes I want to be treated differently.”

“I see. I have to be honest that when you starting saying that you were upset, I thought to tell you to shut the fuck up, but then I wanted you to feel free to tell me how you felt, and then I also thought that it might turn me on to hear you talking about what was upsetting to you.”

“Well, thanks for letting me vent, but since we’re chatting about getting together so you can abuse me, it’s fine for you to tell me to shut the fuck up. In fact, right now I’d prefer it. It would turn me on.”

“Ok, then shut the fuck up. It’s not hard to understand how your boyfriend has no respect for you. You can’t get much sluttier than fucking around with some random dude on the internet and asking him to humiliate you. You are definitely a stupid ass bitch.”

The “shut the fuck up” part, which Dev had emphasized with a bit of anger, did start to get her wet.

“Have you ever thought about why you like being humiliated and abused as much as you do, or at all for that matter?”

“It’s hard to explain. I find it very exciting while it’s happening. Getting slapped and other things just makes my pussy soaked. I crave it, the face slapping, the verbal abuse, and I’m looking to see if my man is satisfied. Even though it makes me feel like shit, it also feels good, the approval. And when it’s all over, I feel happy and calm and relaxed, like a job well done. At first, I liked the taboo nature of it all. Rebelling, being dirty, breaking the rules appeals to me, but I think it has become much more than that for me.”

“The approval for a job well done. Huh. So it’s like you enhance your self-esteem by pleasing him? What about the fact that you are showing yourself and him that you are strong enough to survive the humiliation and abuse? Do you think you get any self-esteem from that inner strength?”

“Yeah, I guess I like to see myself as a survivor, and the more brutal the humiliation, the better a survivor I am.”

“Alright, well let’s talk about what you want and what I want.” Dev wanted to tell her that if he lays it on too thick, she can tell him to ease up, but he didn’t know if that would be weak, and then she wouldn’t want to be with him, because she really wanted him to be forcefully in control, but she did seem to have this side that was more sensitive and seeking support, but maybe that was just a trap and he was supposed to ignore that emotional shit and just tell her to shut her fucking whoring cunt of a mouth.

“I’ve never done this with anyone. I’ve always been gentle in my relationships and when having sex. Passionate, but gentle. But I have to say, I think I have a real nasty streak in me and want to explore being a complete bastard. I want to push things all the way up to the line, to the very limit, so let’s figure this out.”

“If I have a line, no one’s ever crossed it yet. You can pretty much do whatever you want, whatever pleases you. I mean, I don’t want to die and I’ll lick your ass, but I’m not into anything with feces. Those are my limits. And just because I don’t have a line doesn’t mean that I always want to be treated like this. That’s the line my boyfriend crosses.”


“You can piss all over me if you like, even on my face.”

“Well that’s a nice offer, but based on how hard I am right now, I’m not sure I’ll be able to pee when I’m with you. And get that stupid proud smile off your face. I’m getting hard because you are a dumb slut who I’m going to smack around.”

Diana apologized for smiling. She was getting the impression that Dev was going to be a real fucking prick, maybe a real aggressive prick, which made her nervous, but also excited. And wetter.”

“When all is said and done, do you want some tenderness at the end before we say goodbye? Cause I’m gonna treat you like I’m a fucking heartless bastard, but when it’s all over I can be soothing and tender.”

“I don’t know. Probably better if you just scream at me to get the fuck out of your face once you’ve had enough of me. I do want tenderness, but not from you. Not yet.”

Dev felt a little hurt by that, like he was being used for her pleasure by giving him pleasure by letting him abuse her? He was good enough in her eyes to abuse her, but not good enough to care for her? What the fuck? Yet she wants the tenderness from her dick boyfriend who could care less about anything but being an asshole to her?

“Ok, so in terms of language, I can say anything I want to you?”

“Sticks and stones.”

“There’s nothing to avoid, anything that would hit such an emotional chord that it would cross a line?”

“No, in fact I want you to hurt me with your words. The more deeply I feel hurt the better. It’s the same with other things. I like it, and I like it to feel real, but it’s not the only way I want to be spoken too.”

Dev thought that she seems to be challenging herself to deal effectively with emotional pain, like a high jumper who keeps pushing themselves to go higher. Like she’s trying to master something, to master painful feelings dealt to her by others.

“So if I tell your dumb, worthless ass that you deserved to be given up for adoption because no parent in their right mind would have any use for you, that’s okay? That you are such a worthless , I can’t believe you let guys do this to you for fun? That you should just do away with condoms because the best thing that could happen to you is that you get full blown AIDS? That you’re such a pathetic, filthy slut, that I’m almost at the point that I can’t even look at you or touch you?”

“Well…that’s a lot to process. I’d be satisfied if you just call me stupid, bitch, slut, , worthless, and filthy.”

“What about the slapping part. I’ve never slapped anyone before, but I want to slap you. It makes me so hard to think about slapping you.”

“I love being slapped hard. Like this…,” and Diana demonstrated by slapping herself with a full and heavy hand on her cheeks, each side, multiple times. “I want it to make a loud sound. Even though I know you’re going to do it, I want it to surprise me, to daze me. I want your slaps to cause my eyes to well up, even if I don’t want them to. Slap my fucking tits too. Grab me by the nipple and slap that tit with the other hand. Slap the inside of my thighs, my round ass, and any other place you want to.”

Dev wondered if he would take this permission too far. She wanted to be dazed? Why? To escape in some way from some other reality? “How do I know if I’m taking it too far?”

“How about my safe word will be ‘protean,’ though I’m not sure I’ll ever use it. I don’t know why, but I trust that you won’t cross the line. My boyfriend crosses the line sometimes, which wouldn’t be so bad if he also gave me more tenderness.”

Dev didn’t really want to hear about this guy who she keeps complaining about yet lets him do whatever he wants. “Okay, so besides slapping your ugly face, I really like the idea of forcing you to deep throat me and shoving my fingers down your throat, up year nose, and while we’re on the topic, can I kiss you? I love deep mouth kissing and want to shove my tongue all over your tongue, the inside of your lips, your gums, spitting in your mouth and having you drool all over yourself.”

“All good. I don’t want to have sex with you the first time we meet, but you can touch and lick my pussy and my asshole. Your dick is a little thick for my tiny asshole anyway!”

“If your filthy asshole is game, then yes, I’ll enjoy filling it with fingers and tongue. I’m not really into at this point using props and weapons or tying you up.”

“I don’t know if that’s because you’re too soft or too stupid to use them.”

“Hey bitch, watch your rotten cunt of a mouth.”

“I’m sorry. I can’t help fighting back some time, but I’m sorry daddy, I’m so sorry, I won’t say that kind of thing to you again, daddy. I’m sorry.”

“I want this to be person to person, without props. I want to feel the firm tenderness of your cheeks fill my fingers and hands with a thwack. As hard as I might be, slapping you with a full open handed blow against your dumb looking face will make me that much harder.”

“You can use my mouth and other parts of my body to just jerk yourself off. Fuck my mouth like it’s a toy you’re jerking off with. Rub your cock on me anywhere you like. If I choke and gag on your cock and I’m trying to pull away, just force me to do what you want. Goddamit, choke the shit out of me and make me think I’m going to suffocate.”

“Stunned, suffocating, and in a deep emotional hole is the point you want to reach? Is that your idea of an escape? A getaway from reality?”

“Maybe, but, not totally. It’s more of a catharsis for me. Those feelings all put together are an incredible and utter release when they pass. And if I can cum when that all goes down, I’m truly at peace. This first time, just use my mouth likes it’s just a random, wet hole, and I’ll take care of fingering my wet pussy until I cum.

“Plus, I’m getting the feeling from you that even if you’re telling my I’m worthless, I know that doesn’t capture all that you’re feeling towards me. Maybe one day I’ll call that a weakness and take advantage of it.”

“So you get off being made to feel worthless, by someone who actually doesn’t think you are worthless? Maybe that’s why you’re having such a hard time with your dick boyfriend. He actually thinks you’re worthless. And I can’t say I blame him.”

Diana knows Dev is a novice at all this, but somehow he gets it. He knows how to make that worthless piece real, while in some other way communicating that she’s not, which makes her want him to lay it on even thicker.

“So I’m having second thoughts about doing this with you. Fuck you if you don’t like my boyfriend, and why don’t you go fuck yourself and slap yourself in the face while you’re at it, asshole!”

Dev pauses. His thoughts vacillate between wondering how he is going to save this situation that he’s been craving (let’s say by apologizing for dissing her boyfriend?) or does he go all out on the assault, risking going down in a fiery crash. This is the closest he has come to fulfilling this fantasy, after a couple of years searching this stupid website for anyone who was not a bot, fake profile, or grifter. Would she not have hung up on him immediately if she was really done with him?

“Listen to me! You soiled, sullied, pathetic of a girl! You can’t tease my fucking cock all of this time and cut me off! That’s not for your obtuse, halfwitted mind to decide! Fat, ugly, sniveling sluts like you need to take what you have coming to you! If I think your boyfriend is a dick, then you thank me for pointing that out, while I smack any thought of you talking back to me out of your pathetic fucking head! FUCK YOU BITCH! And I will decide whether I fuck you in the ass when I see you! Not you! Your miserable clogged cunt of a mind can’t decide that shit on your own! I should piss all over your face on my screen, if I wasn’t so goddam hard! OH FUCK! If you were here right now, I’d take that putrid pussy and fuck the shit out of it while repeatedly slapping the dumb, crosseyed look right off of that crying face! I’d finish myself off by cumming right on those pathetic tears!”

“Oh my god! Jerk off that fucking cock for me!” Diana shouted while she grabbed both of her tits with one hand and fingered her pussy deeply and vigorously with the other. She totally got off seeing him lose control; that she was the source of him losing his fucking mind. It did not take long for him to shoot a couple of streams of cum into the air with more gooeyness following to drip over his hand and down his long, thick, curved shaft, nor for her to have a shaking orgasm penetrate every aspect of her soul, from deep within her gut to the tingly reaches of her toes, fingers, nose, and ears.

Total release for Diana and Dev.

“Oh my god…”

“Holy fucking shit…”

They both breathed deeply for a few moments. “I’d like to tell you you are an absolute angel for allowing me to pleasure myself in these ways with you. But you said you don’t want comfort and caring from me, not yet anyway, so I’ll just say that you are way too dumb and ugly to deserve such a compliment.”

“Thank you.”

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