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Natural Ways to Enhance Your Virility
Posted:Aug 7, 2019 8:53 am
Last Updated:Aug 18, 2019 10:48 am

With the popularization of costly medications and products available to enhance virility there are many low cost, affordable ways to enhance virility also. Because my ex suffered from erectile dysfunction I did some research into these means and methods and would encourage anyone interested to do their own research also. It was amazing to me how many options are available out there without enduring surgery, taking hormones or costly medications. As always check with your doctor before making and changes like this. These are just my own findings and what worked for us.

1. Weight Loss

Men store estrogen in their excess fat. As a result sex drive can decrease, breasts can form and penis size can decrease also. For optimum sex drive seek to maintain a healthy weight.

2. Exercise

Exercise builds testosterone and releases endorphins make us feel good. If it’s been awhile since you have participated in daily exercise start with walking daily and consider joining a low gym.

3. Cut Back on Drinking and Drug Use

My ex developed erectile dysfunction as an alcoholic. Alcohol is a depressant depresses everything including sex drive. If you find yourself relying on alcohol and Drug use to relax, relieve stress and socialize consider the negative effects doing this has on your sex drive and do your best to cut back.

4. Diet

Some foods develop testosterone naturally. These include oats, beets, salmon, and many others. Do a little research on foods develop testosterone and consider incorporating them into your diet.

5. Mood

We all know mood plays a big role in whether or not we find sex interesting. Depression can take a huge toll on the libido. Many people suffer from depression these days. If you think this might be the case talk with your doctor about it and possibly a good counselor. Relief for depression can come from lifestyle changes, alleviating stress and toxic relationships, increased access to sunlight, exercise and spending time alone or around people we have fun with. There are many serious side effects to depression so if you have many down days consider talking with someone about it. Life is too short to be unhappy and usually these things get worse before they get better.

Have you ever had times when sex seemed unappealing? What helped you to get back in the mood?
Scams to Look Out For
Posted:Jul 31, 2019 6:22 am
Last Updated:Aug 13, 2019 7:39 pm

The internet is rife with scams these days and AdultFriendFinder is no exception.
We all place ourselves in a vulnerable position somewhat choosing to put ourselves out there in an online environment where anonymity is possible amongst strangers. We all have something to gain choosing to be here but we all have different things to lose also. It is important to protect our own interests here as elsewhere. We must be selective in the information we provide others and use discretion. Questions about income, assets or net worth are not necessary to share an intimate encounter. I usually like to determine job status, housing status and transportation status just so I know the person I am with is self sufficient and less apt to be looking for others to provide them for them. If US Citizenship is at all a question I usually determine this also, more on this later. What should you protect others might be interested in taking from you if given the opportunity? You don’t have to be paranoid to take a few precautions to avoid tempting fate, providing others with an opportunity to take advantage of you and put your mind at ease.

1. Scams

Mutual and consensual meetings should nothing more than the of any activities are mutually agreed on, ie drinks, meals, hotel or transportation. There are people out there who will use sex as an opportunity exploit others to their advantage. I know of men who spent thousands on end dinners, shopping trips and in general who never got anything in return in the way of intimacy. Everyone has bills to , some people have , debt or drug habits. Make sure you know the people you are dealing with are self sufficient to avoid exploitation in this way.

Housing Opportunists

Because AdultFriendFinder is free there are few filters in who can join here. This includes homeless people living on the streets or in shelters, prisoners on furlough for various offenses, severely mentally ill people living and n homes or halfway houses or people looking for an exit to their current living environment. Some people may offer sex in exchange for housing. This option might appeal to some people but for others ensuring people have a home they are happy in and are materially self sufficient can go a long way to ensure dates remain just for .


Most people old enough to be on AdultFriendFinder have acquired some valuables. Choosing to lock them up out of view when having company over is prudent. I usually wear costume jewelry and casual clothing, shoes and handbags on my dates with some exception. Don’t flash or brag about your assets. Your looks, personality and basic provisions should suffice to attract the right partner. I have never had anyone on AdultFriendFinder steal from me but i also take reasonable precautions, don’t host often and leave , finances and assets off the table and out of site in general. It’s not necessary and puts you at .

Citizenship Scams

US Citizenship is desirable to many foreigners and is difficult to achieve under the current administration. An easy to the US for foreigners here seeking residency and of life here is through marriage or pregnancy. If and where US Citizenship is in question I usually verify to avoid being used opportunistically in this way. In having sex with those with no US citizenship provide your own condoms, spermicide, etc...and ensure it is used properly. A night of fun can have a very in the long run especially if it is unwelcome and unexpected. This is especially the case since many foreigners have family seek to move to the US also. Do not allow yourself to be used for these means unless you are aware of what is happening and are in agreement with the process. Hindsight is 20/20 and taking reasonable precautions at the outset allows everyone to avoid a case of too little too late.

Bait and Switch Schemes

How often do we find people over promise and under deliver. It seems sometimes people will say anything and everything to meet. When a person promises you a specific experience or remuneration take it with a grain of salt. Verify before committing. Sometimes people may come on strong and offer sex then bolt after the restaurant is . Others will promise no strings fun then slowly strings start seeping into the equation. Others will promise a night of extended pleasure, show up for a quick bj then leave. Verify your contacts and trust your instincts. Never promise anything you cannot or might not want to deliver. Have few expectations just be open. And if an offer seems too good to be true is probably the case.

Eternity vs a One Night Stand

Generally AdultFriendFinder is for casual sex and hookups but people do find love here. When happens and everyone is happy can be a beautiful thing. Some people develop feelings more quickly or have greater needs to be together than others. Often unrequited love can follow. Always be honest with yourself and others about what you do and do not seek here. Set firm boundaries. I focus on one night stands to avoid developing feelings and relationships and to keep things interesting. Never let someone make you feel guilty about the intimate time you spend together no strings consensual. Not everyone wants a relationship here or elsewhere and a relationship is not owed to anyone just because one party might desire it or intimacy has been shared. Women are more programmed to seek relationships and bond emotionally through sexual experience. It is important to be aware of this. People of either sex might start out embracing the swinger lifestyle only to find they are not emotionally well suited to it. People might feel neglected or become jealous, possessive or too clingy, needy and demanding. Acknowledge this is a lifestyle not everyone is cut out for. We all learn more about ourselves through experience. If it seems like your player might be turning into a stayer and is not a welcome development it is important to discuss boundaries and with expectations quickly. The longer you put off doing something about it the harder it gets. Stringing along a partner for sex when you know they have feelings for you are unrequited is not fair to any party. When we meet with common objectives and interests we can achieve mutual satisfaction. If there is confusion, expectation, miscommunication or one sided feelings situations can easily turn to stress.

Have you been victim of an online or romance scam? Tell us about it here...
Scheduling for Success
Posted:Jul 28, 2019 6:19 pm
Last Updated:Aug 13, 2019 7:40 pm

Meeting with someone on AdultFriendFinder is different from dating in that the process of knowing someone and the path intimacy is usually much more rapid. This can vary from person person. For me the ideal time frame is chat here on AdultFriendFinder for about minutes, arrange to meet via im or dm, meet up for drinks in a convenient location and if things go well enjoy hours or a morning, afternoon or whole night of sex. This is the ideal that I aim for and have attained on many occasions the pleasure of all involved. Everyone has their own schedules agendas and expectations in coming here and it is important to be upfront and honest about them so that nobody is disappointed and everyone is on the page with the arrangements.
In general I schedule three hours minimum for every meeting. This includes an hour to meet and the rest to pursue pleasure. Dates have been longer or shorter but three hours as a minimum has worked well for me to have a rewarding and satisfying experience. Most people here have busy lives. Before you make an effort to arrange to meet with someone it is important to be honest with yourself about your priorities and obligations to determine whether or not you have free time sufficient to offer a quality experience to another person. Ideally experiences here are mutually satisfying and everyone involved has their expectations satisfied and their needs met. This is not always the case. Here are some obligations it is important to be upfront about with prospective partners:

1. If you are working from home or on during a date or have other obligations that may compete for your attention.

2. If you have work or an appointment soon after that you must be present for.

3. If you have family obligations that could cut into intimacy.

4. If you live with others and expect to host.

5. If you are traveling and have to make a flight, etc...

Any other thing that could interrupt or cut into exclusive shared quality time together be upfront about it. It may be possible to arrange to meet at a time that is more convenient for all parties or come up with a workaround that works for everyone. Nobody wants to be disappointed or feel that their time has been wasted. Being willing to be honest about what works and what doesn’t in terms of your schedule rather than trying to squeeze in a quickie maintains positive and respectful experiences with others thus keeping doors open. A quickie can be great as long as everyone is on the page about it and has the expectations. Taking the time to be generous, thoughtful and above board in scheduling your dates with others ensures that everything stays win-win.
Setting the Scene and your Bag of Tricks
Posted:Jul 25, 2019 10:24 am
Last Updated:Aug 13, 2019 7:41 pm

One of the great things about the AdultFriendFinder lifestyle is the freedom to experiment.
Sometimes a road side hookup can be fun provided everyone is game and protection is provided. To hook a longer term playmate here is how to prepare for an A Plus experience:

1. Provide a playspace is clean, tidy, comfortable and welcoming.

Blankets and pillows can be used for positioning

Scented oils and battery operated candles can be used to set the mood for

A standing oscillating fan is bonus because sex can be hot and sweaty and also noisy. Some people like white noise and a fan is especially helpful if housemates are a concern.

Light rhythmic music is enjoyable and arousing for some people

A tv or computer to watch movies or pornography can help people to relax and get in the mood

2. Provide refreshments

Great sex makes you thirsty and sometimes hungry. Keeping an assortment of non alcoholic beverages on hand to offer as refreshments keeps the party going longer

Alcohol can be provided at home on a case case basis. it can be great to lessen anxiety in first time meetings and to loosen some people up

Because sex can be sweaty I usually enjoy salty snacks like chips, pretzels and peanuts between rounds.


Obviously sex can be messy. Providing a clean bathroom to shower and clean up in is stocked with fresh soap, shampoo, clean towels and linens and an extra toothbrush and toothpaste with some mouthwash is always nice


Many partners will bring their choice protection with them however in case they don’t being prepared with an assortment of protections can allow for spontaneity. Condoms and spermicide here are plus.

The Toy Box

This is always optional but allows people to experiment. Dildos, vibrators, strap one, anal plugs, lube, whips, equipment for light bondage, blindfolds, nipple clamps, cock rings are always fun optional extras. Many of us are here to experiment so offer what you want to explore.

Taxi or bus vouchers

If a partner does not have their own transportation after a night of it is courtesy to provide them with a means of getting home.

What kind of environment do you seek out in your playing?
What accessories or necessities have you found add to the most pleasurable experiences possible along the way?
Low Cost, Low Commitment Places to Meet
Posted:Jul 18, 2019 5:49 am
Last Updated:Jul 24, 2019 10:45 pm

I usually like to meet in person as soon as possible. This is because it is easier to get a whole and accurate assessment of a prospective playmate face to face than in endless hours of chatting online. I try to keep the meeting as low commitment and low cost as possible so nobody becomes too invested, nobody feels like anyone owes the other person anything and there is always a quick and easy out. Meeting at a bar for drinks is best whenever there is a question as to whether you will hit it off or not because it’s a highly public area and if things don’t work out with your choice person you can always stay and chat up other peeps. Here are some other low cost, low commitment public areas I have met fellow AdultFriendFinder users in. Some offer more or less discretion so keep this in mind when perusing these suggestions:

1. A City Park

Going for a walk in a park together is a great way to get to know someone.

2. Going out for ice cream

Meeting at an ice cream parlor or takeout window keeps commitment low and costs down.

3. Attending a flea market

Flea markets are fun because you both can learn about each other’s interests, usually there is no admission fee and everyone enjoys plenty of space.

4. Visiting a Museum

Many museums offer free admission on certain days of the week

5. Attending a free concert

Free concerts are fun places to meet up with prospective partners and many cities offer them during summer months

6. Visit a local swimming hole

Here in Vermont there are many local swimming holes that are free and open to the public. The benefit of meeting here of course is you get to see your person with very little clothing.

7. At a mall

The food court at a mall can be a fun, low cost and very safe place to meet AdultFriendFinder users.

8. Take a walk around town

Most towns are interesting and accessible some offer free parking.

9. Visit an art gallery together

Some art galleries have free openings that are catered and open to the public.

10. Coffeeshops

Many people love coffee and usually there are ample places in most any community where you can get it for cheap.

What are some of your favorite places to meet?
The Age Game
Posted:Jul 15, 2019 8:33 am
Last Updated:Jul 19, 2019 5:15 pm

Being honest about your age here and on social media is important because different people seek different experiences here on AdultFriendFinder. Some women seek out younger men for their virility and enthusiasm. Others find older men attractive because they have more years of experience and are often skilled lovers. Being truthful about who you are allows others to see and appreciate your unique attributes. I tend to steer clear of partners under thirty in general because they typically lack experience with women and can demonstrate behavior that leads to instability and drama. There are always exceptions of course. I try to be as open as possible and take things on a case by case basis. My experience has been that men that are older are more financially established and are more likely to be well mannered, treat women respectfully and be able to provide a space for hosting. Some younger men have this too but sometimes lack experience with a woman’s body and arent always the most respectful. My experience in these areas is of course limited and for many it might be the opposite: everyone’s experience is different from mine. Drinks or dinner out with someone of the opposite sex my age are older have benefited me through shared cultural experiences, their sense of humor, shared interests, the stories they tell and years of experience. Dates with younger guys have been fun for me but less meaningful. If you have not had luck finding the experiences that you seek within the age groups you typically search in you might consider broadening your search criteria. Something positive can be gleaned from every meeting. Older women are often more appreciative more stable and skilled partners. We can learn something from everyone we come across in our life if we choose to. It might surprise you what you gain from meetings with people who fall outside your typical age range, looks range or general socio economic level. Variety is the spice of life here as elsewhere so it benefits everyone to be as open minded as possible and step outside of your comfort zone at least just a little. Who knows if you try it you just might end up with a brand new type!
Authenticity on AdultFriendFinder
Posted:Jul 14, 2019 7:37 pm
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2019 5:07 am

The basis of any good relationship is truth, honesty and good communication.
All of this begins with self knowledge. Everyone has good and bad qualities and we all have something to offer. Self knowledge is important as is self expression because when we are being true self our inner lives our thoughts, desires and actions are expressed truthfully. This leads to greater fulfillment which is what many of us search for here. It is true that being yourself is the best aphrodisiac. If you had a bad day being honest attracts sympathetic companions. If you are down on your luck financially others might spot you for drinks. People like spending time in the company of other people who are relatable them. On social media sites it can be tempting stretch the truth, lie or embellish to portray ourselves in a way that we think might be more appealing to others. By doing this we fail to give others the opportunity to be into us for who and what we are at any given moment. For example I find bald guys attractive. I also find overweight men attractive and think beer bellies are sexy. I am not put off by age or race. Everyone has different qualities they look for in a partner. One of the benefits of a site like this is having the opportunity to experience intimacy with many different kinds of people. Let your freak flag fly a little. Be yourself. Post pics and provide information about yourself that is flattering and honest. If you do you are likely to attract more compatible mates this way. You never know where any connection will lead. It always surprises me what individuals look for or find attractive in other people. If you are unsure of what makes you an attractive companion to others just ask family and friends. Think about your best and most unique attributes and showcase them here. Don’t hesitate to brag a little. Your profile may receive just a glance because here on AdultFriendFinder there are so many profiles to sort through. Construct your profile in a way that commands attention and draws prospective partners in with your best features, your interests, provides a taste of your personality, your desires what you seek here and what you offer in return. Different people seek different things here so it is important to ask and never make assumptions. I have been a member here for years and my interests, desires and reasons for being a member here have changed over time. Putting your best foot forward in honesty impresses others with what makes you unique and special as a person and is most likely attract the company of people you would enjoy spending time with. Have fun putting yourself out there and getting meet new people. Though I have had many pleasurable experiences in real life in the past years here some of the best conversations that were most memorable were with people that I never even met.
What Makes Women Want to Meet
Posted:Jul 11, 2019 8:35 am
Last Updated:Jul 19, 2019 5:15 pm

Most women have lives with many responsibilities: jobs, family, friends, community and volunteering takes up a lot of our time. Some women enjoy more support from friends, family and partners in their lives than others. The average woman does not have a sex drive that is as strong as men. We dont need sex as often or crave it as frequently just by biology. Biologically men are programmed to spread their seed. Women are programmed to try and tie a mate down over the long term to protect and defend her while she raises . This is the basic and general genetic situation we are working with here. As a woman I tend to focus on one night stands here on AdultFriendFinder instead of Friends with Benefits because I don’t want to develop feelings after sex with a partner on AdultFriendFinder as women often do. I have a busy and active life and have limited time dating. I am out of a relationship that was difficult and painful so I am only interested in low stress, no strings situations that focus on pleasure where people don’t get hurt. I am generally happy and self sufficient in my life in many areas. Sex is fun but I don’t feel that I need it. There are many ways a woman can achieve sexual satisfaction entirely on her own. What I seek here is a value added situation. Low cost ways to impress a woman include simply making her feel special. Provide her with compliments, time and attention. Hold the door open her. Pull out a chair her. Be clean, dress well, smell nice. Uplift her with humor or clever anecdotes. How can you make another persons life better here? Could you take her out to drinks, pick her up, buy her dinner, take her to a concert? What kinds of experiences do you enjoy that would be more fun in the company of another person? What incentives can you create that a woman might be interested in leaving the house ? You are asking a woman to take time away from family, friends, work, her interests or limited and valuable alone time to spend time in your company and possibly enjoying safe and pleasurable intimacy together? What small or larger scale things can you do to ensure that she feels safe, valued, respected, engaged and entertained throughout the process? It is less about than it is about effort. Get creative. The effort you put into every meeting rewards you many times over with a better chance for a hookup on the first meeting, possible positive testimonials and the potential promise of future hookups. The more you practice the better you get. Take chances. Listen to feedback. Are you providing prospective partners with an experience that is sufficiently positive to ensure your desired outcome? Even ask a woman what she would like to do together. What would you and she be up for? It is all about mutual reciprocity so whatever you do decide to invest your time and efforts in should always be win-win.
How to Chat up Women in IM
Posted:Jul 8, 2019 3:28 pm
Last Updated:Jul 19, 2019 5:16 pm

Many men seem a loss as how approach women on Instant Messenger efficiently and effectively. In order accomplish your goals in chatting you first must determine what they are. Some folks are looking meet right away. Others have a future date in mind. Some just enjoy chatting. I generally use Instant Messenger and get know members and also too meet prospective playmates. Much time is wasted in endless conversation that seems to go nowhere. I am happy to initiate conversation but as a woman I the man take the lead. The most effective conversations I have had here have lasted fifteen minutes tops. In this time it is possible to assess areas of common interest, what people seek here and to arrange a time to meet in person to see where things lead. This is a format for chatting I have found to be most effective:

1. Open with a polite compliment

“I love your pics”

“Your profile really grabbed my attention”

“I love what you wrote on your profile page.”

2. Ask if the interested party would like to chat

“Care to chat?”

“Would you like to chat a bit and see where things lead?”

3. Ask about fun topics

There are many ways to get to know a person. Because the site is about fun and recreation I usually steer clear of questions about work.

“How long have you been a member here?”

“Had any good dates here lately?”

“What do you like to do for fun?”

In general I steer clear of talk about sexual matters here as much as possible.
This is because my goal here is to meet. I have found that some guys like to get women here to talk about sex with them and then not meet up later. My time is limited and precious and my objective is to meet.

4. Determine Subject’s Goals in Being Here

“What are you looking for here?”

“What brings you to AdultFriendFinder?”

5. Arrange to Meet in Real Life

“I’d love to get to know you better would you like to meet?”

“I’d love to take you out for drinks or coffee if you’re game.”

“Would you like to get together this weekend?”


6. Determine Arrangements for Intimacy

Never assume that anyone can host or is up for hosting.
Ask thoughtful questions to determine how to plan for best possible outcomes after meeting.

“If things go well this weekend are you able to host?”

“After we meet for drinks my place is cozy.”

“I’m up for springing for a hotel if things go that way.”



Sex is still an act of intimacy even casually. You don’t always know if you will want to hook up with someone unless and until you have the chance to meet them. Aim to promise and over deliver so you don’t disappoint your prospective mate.

BRING PROTECTION. I always bring my preferred method of protection on a first date just in case. Men should be responsible and courteous and provide a selection of protection for their prospective partners choose from. Be prepared and think for best possible outcomes. You never know where things will lead.
How to Find Friends Here
Posted:Jul 8, 2019 3:24 am
Last Updated:Jul 8, 2019 5:41 pm

There are many ways to find new friends to chat and play with here on AdultFriendFinder. I search for new friends daily. Here are some of the places here that I have found work best for me:

1. Search and Instant Messaging

Search is great because it allows you to search for friends in your area or in other regions if you are traveling. You can find people who are currently online or most active and strike up a conversation in real time.

2. Flirting and Hotlisting Members

Gold and Standard Members can Flirt or Hotlist most members here. Flirting or Hotlisting indicates interest. Who has flirted or hotlisted you lately?
When you flirt or hotlist others do they follow up?

3. Photos and Videos

Liking and commenting on photos and videos draws attention to yourself.
Leave a comment on the photos and videos of people of interest with a stated and express desire to meet or get in touch.

4. Gifts, Bling and Points

For very popular members you are interested in sending them bling points or gifts helps you stand out above the rest.

5. Blogs

You can learn more about other members through their blogging and interact with them by leaving a comment.

7. Status Page

Each member here has a status page that you can use to keep up with their ongoing activities.

8. Chatrooms

Chatrooms are a great way to get to know a group of people regional to your area or other places you might like to visit. I spend a lot of time in the New England chatroom visiting with others and in the BBW chatroom too. Sometimes I visit the Spanish chat room to practice my Spanish. There are many nice people there. Explore your interests here, learn about the interests of others and make new friends!
Standard vs Gold Membership
Posted:Jul 6, 2019 2:01 pm
Last Updated:Jul 26, 2019 7:35 pm

In general I prefer engage with gold rather than standard members here on AdultFriendFinder. People genuinely interested in meeting people here and the lifestyle are willing make an investment in the services offered here which are substantial. I post pics here and believe that all people who seek intimacy here should be upfront about their appearance. Attraction starts with appearance and how you present yourself potential partners in intimacy here matters just as much as anyplace else. Why join a hook up site if you are not able view the pictures of prospective partners? I do not have time send along individual pictures people who are not interested in paying for a membership. If a person is too cheap to obtain full membership here they do not have sufficient stake in the game, come across as people who want something for nothing and would not likely be a suitable date. I do provide pics after chatting a bit if they are offered and provided by my interested party. I am shocked and dismayed by how many people contact demanding pics of particular body parts or pics without providing their own pics. Few things feel more presumptuous and exploitive. In order enjoy the full experience here on AdultFriendFinder consider becoming a Gold Member. If you prefer keep your identity private be prepared provide some pictures of yourself interested parties. Never ask for or demand that another user provide pictures you aside from the ones they have already provided. If you would like a pic from a user the appropriate way ask politely is, “would you like exchange pics?”
Whats it Worth?
Posted:Jul 5, 2019 3:58 pm
Last Updated:Jul 13, 2020 11:7 am

For a good part of recent human history and still in many places sex was forbidden outside of wedlock. Still today most people it seems pursue sexual expression within the confines of a committed relationship of some sort in which substantial investment of a material, physical, emotional and legal value must be ma de. Casual sex is a low , low commitment to the former. Given that sex is not available outside of commitment in many places it is a luxury. Think of the time, and emotional duress that one is spared by forgoing a lengthy courtship and instead meeting for dinner a show or drinks before proceeding to help each other get their needs met. AdultFriendFinder can seem like a view but most people I know here like myself have jobs outside of AdultFriendFinder with friends family and responsibilities. We all join AdultFriendFinder to find something that can enhance our quality of life. What is commitment free sex worth to you? How can you make someone else’s life better if they are to provide you with what you seek here? Relationships in general should be mutual, reciprocal and win win. What takes place here should not be simply construed as an opportunity to get your rocks off. Meeting someone new should be a positive experience. We all have limited time that is precious. What incentives can you provide to make spending time with more desirable instead of a multitude of other choices? What system of rewards can you dream up that expresses your gratitude for someone making themselves physically available to your desires? There are many ways to be generous in your dealings here to make experiences more pleasurable for everyone. Offer to take an interested party out for drinks or dinner. Take them for a ride in the country. Get a nice bottle of wine or champagne or spring for tickets to something fun or special. Pick up the tab on a nice room somewhere. It’s not of necessity but I would consider it best practice to offer special treatment to a person who is willing to take time out of their busy life to provide you with an opportunity for intimacy outside of relationships. You might enjoy yourself more in the process so if you are able why not?
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On Sexual Liberation
Posted:Jul 4, 2019 4:50 am
Last Updated:Jul 4, 2019 5:09 am

Sex is a valuable and healthy part of life and living. Ultimately the sex drive moves us forward in many of our life choices. Much of what we do in our lives is merely a distraction: we are here to reproduce and die. Many other countries embrace a more liberal view of sex and sexuality than here in the United States. There is a very broad range of sexual expression that is available to us but we experience only very little. Many are taught that sex is dirty, shameful and naughty. I view sex and sexuality as celebrating life and living. Sex can be pleasurable and healing. Emotions can be cleansed through intimacy release and climax. We help others here by choosing to partner in this shared experience. This being the case it is important to choose partners with shared desires, intentions and understanding. I embrace a sensual, erotic and intimate form of sexuality. I personally dislike abuse, hate, blood, feces urine or other more negative expressions of sexuality simply because I am a positivist and do not derive positive feelings from those types of encounters although I know that others do. I believe that we are all healthier, happier and more relaxed people to the extent that we embrace our sexuality fully and allow ourselves to experience a full and broad range of sexual experiences. Because sex with each person is different it benefits everyone to have sex with multiple partners. This is part of living a rich life of shared and mutual sexual experience. I think the world would be far better off if everyone embraced a swinger lifestyle. Everyone here on AdultFriendFinder brings unique skills, backgrounds and experiences to meeting. We can benefit in this way through openness in experiences with many different kinds of partners. Like everything else in life we learn as we grow.
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