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Ex wife first DAP...  

Digaatx1 35M/102F
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1/25/2021 3:19 pm
Ex wife first DAP...

I was when I had my first threesome experience and this is how happened.
My cousin and I decided attend a music festival out of town for weekend. I have always been a curious person that enjoys trying new things and open new experiences, which would lead an exhausting but unforgettable encounter.
second night, after drinking entire weekend, we found ourselves at a bar socializing with complete strangers.
Across bar, I noticed this redhead guy checking out, wouldn't miss a move but was reserved enough approach .
He was tall, athletic and good looking in general but what really caught my attention was his reddish goatie and piercing blue eyes looking at with desire.
I was an average looking except that my curves were pretty defined for my age. Big, round breasts and a rounded ass (long gone by way).
After a couple of rounds, my cousin took off with a couple of<b> chicks </font></b>and I was left alone at bar. With no other plans for the night, i decided head back our hotel room.
As i am finishing my beer, Irish guy approached and asked have one last drink with him. Flattered, I agreed stay and have another round with him.
We talked for a while about his dreams become a famous rock musician, I could think of was how hot he was.
After a couple more beers, we decided go his room, drink some more and see where things went from there.
I was wearing a low cut shirt, plaid skirt and thigh-high stockings, very few was left to imagination.
On our way to his place, trying to walk through the crowd, he would grab my ass tight and squeeze , at times he'd get his hand under my skirt, between my legs reach my pussy and rub top of my undies.
When crowd was so bad we couldn't walk, he'd hug hard from behind and rub his hard cock my ass. He had so wet.
By time we made his room we were invaded by desire, we started making , kissing, caressing, gently touching, squeezing hard but we were ready for more.
He instantly bent over and put in doggy style. I bent my arms and leaned my head pillow. His hand reaching my breast while slowly fingering my asshole, getting ready for what was come.
Once my asshole was dilated, he grabbed my ass with both hands, spread my butt cheeks and aimed his dick and shoved in at once.
As he was pumping my ass, I felt another pair of hands touching my body, one hand rubbing my clit while the other one ran over my back, my side, my breats.
A feeling of fear ran through my spine, I wanted stop but adrenaline and my lust for 2 men didn't let me move.
was new but seemed like they had planned out cause there was never a moment of hesitation, they knew exactly what do.
Guy number 2 laid his back and had "ride him" with his cock in my ass and lean backwards so I could lay his chest.
Once I was in this position, Irish guy kneeled on top of number 2's legs, lifted my legs his shoulder and penetrated my pussy. This was first time I had two dicks inside me.
As pumping got more and more intense, and my pussy got wetter and wetter, his cock came out of my pussy and slided down my already occupied asshole but that didn't stop from trying.
was very tight, my asshole had never been double penetrated before, he put some lubricant his dick and pushed way in, in one move.
was biggest pain I've ever felt but at time, I felt so much pleasure that I reached an orgasm just by having both cocks inside me. I could feel their cocks rubbing each other, I could feel the friction inside me.
Irish guy was rubbing and squeezing my clit while fingering my pussy I was soaking in my own juices.
Number 2 had my breasts, pinching my nipples, fingering my pussy make lick his fingers afterwards and taste my pussy. I could hear of us moaning.
wasn't long before number 2 finished inside my ass and his cum started leaking out of my ass and running through my butt cheeks.
He left clean himself while Irish guy kept fucking my ass every time faster.
They dragged me edge of bed so I could suck number 2's dick. He stuffed in my mouth as deep as he could, I could barely breath in, sometimes I gagged cause was so deep down my throat.
Irish guy then sat down edge of bed, once again I was riding him but this time his dick was in my pussy and I was facing him. Number 2 pushed me forward so he could get his cock in my pussy as well.
Vaginal double penetration wasn't as painful as anal but just as pleasant. position and pressure promoted stimulation of my g spot.
My clit was so hard, my pussy so numb but I was loving it. It was a mixture of fast and deep and slow and just tip of their cocks.
I couldn't hold anymore, I had this weird sensation, different from any orgasm I have had before. My pussy was contracting so hard, my clitoris so sensitive, it was so strong that I squirted for first time in my life.
After that I felt like passing out, my energy was gone, my heart was beating fast, my body was shaking, I was weak but they were not done quite yet.
Number 2 pulled out of my pussy, and started stroking his cock until he finished on my face and my breast. Irish guy finished inside so hard that I i could feel was him pumping his cum inside .

After that, I honestly dont remember much but waking with cum over my body.

Definitely, a night a will never forget.

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