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My Wendy Tattoo / Author unknown  

Dimplelover28 68M  
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6/8/2020 2:54 pm
My Wendy Tattoo / Author unknown

After a long courtship with Wendy, I decided it was time to show my future bride just how much I was dedicating myself to only her, and her alone.To do this I thought, What could I do to show my life love Wendy How serious I was about this? And my vow should be shown in ink. To show her I was hers forever I had her name tatooed on my penus. so when i was erect her name showed in bold big letters WENDY!! well all was good and when I was not erect, you could see the letters spelling WY. lol.
After our<b> wedding </font></b>and reception, we had plans to honeymoon on a nude Beach in the Caribbean Isles .On our second day of our honeymoon, we were soaking in the sun, and our coctails were running low. I ask Wendy what her wish was and jogged up to an outdoor TiKi bar to refresh our drinks. as I was standing there waiting for the bartender to aknowledge me I noticed a man standing next to the bar that also had the letters WY showing on his penus as well.
I had to ask the obvious Question "so do you have a special lady named Wendy? I noticed the letters shown like mine WY, and mine when erect says Wendy.
The man only grins at me and replies NOPE my tattoo reads when errect
Some guys are just plain showoffs I say.

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