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A Better Rain  

Directexpression 59F
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10/8/2020 12:22 pm
A Better Rain

Making Memories.
In life, we are always making a memory. The amazing brain was designed to do that automatically. The more
knowledge gained and adventures took the more memories that are made. Some remembered, some
forgotten, some cherished, some are regretted, some
are celebrated, some we don’t give our attention to.

Falling out of the clear blue sky like ‘Chicken Little’ came
the memory I will never leave behind stopped at my soul.
In the beginning, I didn't even have this heart-stopping
vision in my thoughts but, time can change anything.
The simple time of day, your mood, you’re private
Thoughts, no matter the circumstances you will get
a piece of life that forever changes you.
Life, I think should resemble a graph flow chart.
Hills and valleys are the truth of life. ’s
Fairytale books started out as horror stories to
capture the unpleasantness of day to day existence.
Changed over time to imply unicorns and fairy dust
is all around us. Gold slippers will get you a dream life.
Bears are inferior, Wolves can talk with pigs plus a woman
who lived in a shoe because she fucked too much.

I am a ‘left-brain’ type of an amazing person. I am proud of my age, my floppy boobs, stretch marks because they are a road map of my memories. Even the ones I would rather take a digital delete button to. The Skeletons, we all have them.

We all have or had a special dream. I never gave my greatest bucket list item the attention it needed.
It is apparent to me now just how much my desire to live on my own was the one thing that was able to break down the held hostage emotions I was burdened with. Complete freedom from the world others wanted me to accept. No, I needed my pasture of completeness. The day I put the key in the door lock was incredible; frozen in place, speechless and so in love with my dream maker. Rapidly running through my emotional arsenal I became toxic on grateful bliss with-out any lingering suspects. I realized that I have been blessed for no other reason than honest love. A petal in the wind.

I had a new life experience too. Someone was near-by to cheer me on. Each of us enjoyed the big move and getting my home in the order I wanted. Surprise drop-in visits to help me was just so romantic, kindness is sexy, he is very sexy too. I have that thought often, I always smile. A multitude of positive events or heartfelt actions were packed by the Bushel for me.

The morning we first were alone was a happy and special time for us both. We imagined the idea of us being totally alone one day. Now, that time was here and we made our own kind of celebration. The start of inhibitions being left at the door while we became free to express our own unique ways. No one shared our intimate times, it was ours only. We got as close to each other as physically possible. Emotionally connected like ‘Twin Flames’.

Personality traits: A multitude of differences between him and me. We interlocked at almost record pace. No reservations were anticipated or expected. Sunday kind of love.

I am very proud of the ‘persons’ we have created and nurtured. We built our own castle with the draw-bridge up and stuck. We have a playful side, a supportive side, a protective side, a confidant side, a flirty side, a sentimental side, concern, respect, trust, southern style, sexy beyond any descriptive words plus most importantly we had honest, true love from our souls for one another. You could feel it. Most people in today’s society never feel the comfort of unabridged, unfiltered, unconditional pure love as we do. Compare it to a priceless jewel and you are still off the mark. Nothing could ever compare! I am a lucky woman no doubt. He hung the moon!

Prior to August 2018 life was existing but with my sense of humor. I renewed my former account with AdultFriendFinder, the world’s biggest hookup site. Finding the obvious rude males, I needed to be a pain for them so it was soon called cutting bait. I had always made good cyber friends in the past on that social site. I made three chat buddies I was fond of; we were in touch often. The Fireman, good conversation, considerate, respectful too. He had me interested in him as possible Cougar bites. The Banker, very hot, very young, very responsible, a good sense of humor and was not shy or timid to express his wishes that we fuck. Elvis, he was the most silent. Fantastic to converse with when he would chat or text. He was the only one out of three to get my cell number. I had to at least meet this Elvis dude. We got more acquainted over weeks and shared many laughs and I was glad to<b> tease </font></b>him with my photos. After all, it is just a mating game of thrones. Imagine that, I would beat the record, have good & ready spider senses. I invented the record we are attempting to break plus I am free to make my own decisions. FWB… plus LOVE.

Miss "T"

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