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A forbidden love.  

Directexpression 59F
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10/11/2020 2:06 am
A forbidden love.

It was one of those balmy evenings with nothing do with my interest, not TV. I was not in the mood the online “fuck” site, that was where I had fun testing the limits of many
men just for fun. I had made some elite friends over the years.

I had an interest in men hoping continue chatting with them. Armed with my sarcasm. I continued those chats. I had given two of these men my cell phone number. August 8th, 2018;
I received a text. An upside-down emoji, at an odd time too. I answered with humor. We
spoke on the phone for hours. His unique charm, wonderful sense of humor, explained his only free time. I agreed and gave him my address.

The morning I had been anxiously waiting for finally arrived. I answered the door.
Inviting him in and expressing I was glad to meet him. I shared a house with other
women. It was a good arrangement, we are family. I had the back two rooms but only
One chair. The solution, invite him my bedroom.

I got the best hug and a friendly kiss. I liked it, I liked it a lot! His voice was a song
my ears, he was Southern! Tall and obviously strong. My type of man exactly.
We got better acquainted; after all, we had planned be intimate. I was not disappointed
or left wanting anything. The humor in our first rendezvous was I forgot his name!
I remember he sat beside me and whispered ‘Bubba’. I knew what happened that
early morning; what I did not know was how my life was about be forever changed.

Time went by, our inhibitions disappeared. For reasons only known by the cowboy and
the frog, we went our separate ways. I missed his company, friendship, humor, sex, and
our conversations.
I joined the local gym keep my mind busy since he was always my first thought of the
day and my last too. We had no bad feelings between us, I was just being greedy.
The hope of him returning back to my life never left my thoughts. We kept in touch
In a casual way. He had told at one point in time, he had feelings for me and I
acknowledged I did as well.

At last! We had a conversation and we had included the option I wanted. I would see him soon.
Twice a week evolved into more mornings. Like our magic, soon it was every day.
Amazingly we both were discovering first time actions. The morning he reached for my hand to hold while he was making love to me is the memory I savor still
to this day. We just shut the world we were trying to escape out.

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months. We had found love that felt right.
We found the treasure we both were seeking. We were so happy and I knew
beyond any doubt I had found MY PERSON. He claimed me as his person too.
Freely we said “I love you” often. Showing how much we did love one another
came easy. We ask nothing from each other but honest love. No promises were
ever broken. We respected the small, kind things that were done for each other.
It is the small gestures that mean more than all the world's silver or gold.

Happy New Year! 2019 was here. I was faced with two very important
decisions that I had no choice but to choose. Our living arrangement was
ending. I was sadly looking for housing. I also had received a call
advising me to return to South Carolina. My beloved uncle needed me.
I am independent. I got moved and made arrangements to care for my dear
Uncle Daddy. I felt as if my new found happiness was being stripped away.
I did the right thing, as a family comes first. I wrote plus told the cowboy the frog said see- ya. I don’t like to say goodbye. I had no idea how long I
would be gone or if I even could return. He understood. The last night shared; we shared as if tomorrow would never come. I felt as if I left part
of my soul, my reason, my spirit, my happiness, my person behind.
I wanted a garden that burst into life; instead, I was a blackbird flying into
dark of the dead night.

We remained in touch. He wanted to see me as much as I wanted to see him.
I prayed each day for God to find me a way to make a long-distance relationship
work. I was selfish to ask for my wants in prayer. REMEMBER THIS: You can
never do anything that will make God not love you, not a single thing.
With uncertainty and mighty faith, I gave all my concerns to God. I patiently
listened for His instructions. If it is meant to be God will clear a path in His time.

The days and nights went by at a snail's pace. I had left Florida & cowboy long
days ago. Just as I was the fact, I would be a lonely frog with no escape.
Greyson, my cousin walked in the back door. I was so glad see him; it had been
a year ago since we saw one another. Two days earlier I phoned him let him
know and get his advice, Uncle Daddy did not recognize ! I saw it happen right before my eyes. I saw his struggle. It was the longest two minutes of my life
since my dad had walked Heaven. I felt numb. I forced myself be positive.

Later that evening Greyson and I had a chance talk. No ALS centers, no treating
him any different, give him every chance be self-sufficient, find the best Doctor
and treatment if needed, decisions are his after he assures us he understands
exactly what is being explained him should that become necessary, he was
always be at his home, Greyson and I would keep open lines of communication.
We discussed options and business matters. We each had our -do list.
We watched the sun come over the pond.

It was music my soul and I smiled when Greyson said after we complete our list, I
should return Florida make sure is fine. He did have return back school for 3 more weeks. I was a NASCAR driver, an Olympic track runner, stubborn enough
not take no for an answer, a 5 star chief of making frozen suppers, checked my list, and
checked it again. I could go Florida! I did not tell the cowboy, not that I lacked
trust, not surprise him. I needed see and check my and g-babies
first. I’d call when my family visit was complete. It would be like waiting open a
Christmas present. I had a strong craving for his body! With missing him so
much; it was poison in my veins. Cowboy made the frog young again.

I text him that I was home in Florida…….Are you serious? the cowboy replied.
I could hear him smile. I LOVE THAT MAN. Very soon I was looking at his
eyes or getting one of those absolutely perfect hugs. Calmness was rushing in
every part of my body. Cowboy had a very happy expression on his handsome
face. So did I. I had been missing my person tremendously. I will make a bold and
honest statement of fact now! Cowboy is the anomaly of men and he lets you
know what is on his mind. So, if in any way he was not happy see and be
with again, he would have already called “bull-shit”. That is a pure man.
Yet, he agreed with afternoon and made his princess. Double dare
you disagree! The proof is in our photos.

The early hours of the morning are our times. He would be back soon. I wanted, I craved,
I needed to make love with him! My person felt so right in a million-plus 3 ways.
Soon we would be wrapped in each other's body. I will beg for his release but,
not before we both are drowning in each other’s passion and words expressed in
truth. Cowboy is the first man whom I made real love with and . Regret that fact
is impossible for do nor do I want . Many women and men don’t get
experience this emotion purely. Twin Flames.

Time went so fast. I had return S.C. My smile was upside down. Now
at least I could expect relief. I would be back. I will be patient. Just when?
I would always feel empty, like a part of was missing when I was not able
reach out the cowboy. It went back and forth, sex was the magic force between
us. We formed art and no one shared it but us. Damn, is almost the first word
I said, short version; life was dreams come true. Still, if you believe we were having
the continued first, explore? No boundaries! It is a special time in my life.
I knew what was going happen each morning at 4 and so did he. Cowboy
left a note the calendar every day, each word was gold . The Frog was experiencing this absolute new freedom. The cowboy was right there too.

July 1st, 2019. I was having a large-super-sized craving for his strength. He never
guessed wrong until this night. Monday morning; anxious to see each other. As usual, he was a jokester. He let his guard down when I whispered to him I want to
tie you up***********rapidly he wore red bandanas. I had a feast with
his body. Teased his self-control without mercy. I had never felt so much like a
woman, ever. I told him. I told him everything, the cowboy was my person.
Frog. We had a language of our own. of our words made us smile. Lips and hands- every part of his body. Then Frog put her wet pussy in front of his face and he
watched as the frog pleasured herself. He asked let him eat my pussy many times. Yes, he was more eager than ever. So was I. I needed this cowboy inside of me. With my legs straddling each of his shoulders; I gave my cowboy a face full of what he does .
As I looked into his eyes it was apparent he needed his dominance back. I let him
go as I ask him to use my body for his perfect pleasure. No words but, I did get the
most fantasizing kiss. Both arms he easily spread my legs and pulled my ass onto
his knees. Cowboy liked to look at my wet pussy while doing that sexy thang. He asks
if I was ready? Yes, I said, anything. I can take you! A little<b> tease </font></b>before he enters
. YES, I savored the moment. Every ounce of man he is, I felt. I really wanted it too.
Feeling drops of his sweat I ask him to give me a taste of us? I kept my ass high and
where he could see. I took all of him at once and got that cowboy rock hard. I reached
around my hip and started fingering my pussy. His aroma and voice assure me he needs
to cum! Behind me and deep. I did not have to say more he was in me again. I loved
his talk and sound. I begged him for his cum, I squirted. He stopped and began to
finger my pussy. I could tell he was jacking off, so sexy! I moved my ass so I could
grind on his hand. When he moved my hand, I made my pussy ready for him. I told
him to fuck me, he asks if I was ready? I pleaded with the cowboy to make me warm.
In an instant, his cock exploded inside my pussy. The next few minutes are ours.
Magical bliss in the purest form.

The next weeks were double the magic.
Also the hardest. I was tired, the cowboy was too.
In an instant, worlds change.
Mine will never be the same.

Wait! The Sequel. 3

Miss "T"

Directexpression 59F
12 posts
10/14/2020 3:57 pm

The bling is beautiful in my eyes! THANK YOU for a boatload! Miss T.

Miss "T"

ahrnycumtoy 46M
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10/13/2020 10:48 pm

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