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I had waited decades,  

Directexpression 59F
14 posts
10/5/2020 11:34 am
I had waited decades,

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Miss "T"

Directexpression 59F
12 posts
10/18/2020 8:16 pm

Thank you to each person who took the time to post these very nice comments.

Miss T.


Miss "T"

Directexpression 59F
12 posts
10/8/2020 7:40 am

You should submit your vote. I appreciate all who respond. 3

Miss "T"

Realgator35 43M  
1 post
10/6/2020 11:39 am

This is a great read for something that may have happened not to long ago.

easy_going2014 54M
14323 posts
10/5/2020 7:17 pm

thanks for the read

anything is possible if you put your mind 2 it


be safe

Elijah Blond - "Silk"

Silk on your dress
Fingerprints on your neck
I'm a prince, I'm a king
I'm the fall, I'm the spring
I'm your
Favourite thing
(I'll be your favourite thing)
It's a
Dangerous thing
(I'll be your dangerous thing)

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Good luck!!!

marthoc444 52M  
39 posts
10/5/2020 3:29 pm

I wish for you that it becomes a reality!

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