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My View!  

Directexpression 59F
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10/15/2020 1:04 am
My View!

“I walk air when he crosses my mind therefore I’m never grounded”.

It was absolutely worth the wait, yet my craving is at an -time high. My
senses heightened with a sharpness of lust and love that felt priceless
the woman he helped become. Yes, he also understood with no reservations
the man he truly was.

We never would let the ideas that had once been placed like a mind-altering cult in our thoughts. Never live to doubt our self-worth another second,
redemption, and the justification of the truths we vowed plus honored only lead us to the
knowledge of guilty acts first done by others. Harsh words, hammering away at our self-esteem in every way imaginable so their own drama, lies, and deceit would not surface to expose
the hurt from the low road they traveled.
Only a blind fool will never witness the first stone thrown. Sad, yet true in some form we
are blame for not giving the attention a covenant deserves. A misfortune that occurs
75% of the time in today's society.
I finally realized that I was a pure woman just as he would never question himself as a truly
honest man. Grievously the conquest for the sincere artless downright genuine emotions
we were seeking lead us all to the lives of others that wasn’t planned. There are several
nouns, adjectives, verbs that are used to describe what I believe is the most predominant
description of the evident blame game that will happen with certainty.
The bad comes with the good and the good comes with the bad. For every action, a reaction
will follow. So, listen to all; when we practice deceiving a tangled web we weave.

I have been on both sides of the court and it made my feelings numb to the emotions
of others, yet it also made the entire situation more visible with clarity unfortunately it
was oblivious of understanding or to concede. The same can be said for both sides of
the aisle, leading to the destruction that time never forgets.

I do not know where to search first in the massive library of Mr. Webster’s vocabulary
to describe how fortunate we are to of stumbled onto what we feel is so valuable and nothing short of perfect… except the morning’s secret. We are more than content in this
one in a million discovery.
I dare not explain the components or inner workings, no pray tells the longer the mystery
remains the longer our unfiltered passion will be intact. In a complete relationship, there
are many factors that must knit together in absolute unabridged harmony. Like a 3-D
puzzle, all pieces must fit in unison, with complete trust in where they are placed. That my friends takes hard work and the ability to accept all the reactions that may or I should
say will eventually happen. The popular television series Grey’s Anatomy is synonymous
In coining the term ‘My Person’ please feel free to seek out Google for the most accurate
description for this new age term, I’ll wait. Such beautiful terminology that applies to any
two individuals with such a strong bond. Psychic’s today use the term ‘Twin Flame’. I prefer
the first term myself. Each individual on the planet deserves to feel the extraordinary bond
we all grow dreaming of. It may not be with your first choice of a new name and it may
not happen with the name you offer. Edification is a learned talent, empathy must be a
value instilled. Integrity, honesty, selflessness, self-esteem, self-respect, compassion, good
stewardship, soberness, unentitled, education, leadership, and more begin at home.
I must add one parent is strong enough for both roles, but two parents complete an anomaly.

This very special man in my life completes me. I love him, I’m in love with his soul. the other exquisite times we share in life is an added bonus. We escaped emotional hell
together with no intention of hurting anyone; only to find what we knew was missing in
life in which we both needed so much, not for pure fantasy, just to complete what was absent
and longed for. I will have pure love, unconditionally for him until I take my last breath. There
Is no doubt he loves me the same. It makes for a marvelous world.

Perfection can never be achieved, but there is no reason to short change yourself or settle for
less than desired. Yes, we do have the ability to love more than two or people at once,
LOVE is infinity. Smile more often, share a conversation, say thank you & please, it forward
and never forget words are a double-edged sword and once said can never be unheard the
soul. Don’t waste time regretting or over-thinking life. KISS IT: Keep it Simple Silly!!

My life is HAPPY, and I hope yours is too.

Miss T.

Miss "T"

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