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The Book of Alice the Red, ch 6. The Economy of Flesh
Posted:Sep 9, 2018 8:21 pm
Last Updated:Sep 28, 2020 7:57 am
The Economy
of Flesh
Once you are complete, a Hellion who has given correct tithe is retrieved by The Black Mother and carried onward into the void beyond sight of The Witness. No known records of this journey exist. Only that it occurs, as it is a memory all Hellions cherish.

From Flesh, into the Hellscape you are born. Our French Noblewoman remembers this moment clearly when questioned.

“It was like having a beautiful woman split apart and place Herself over me like a blanket, and so i rode within Her. I do not know how far, but when we reached our point of rest She embraced me fully, and took from my body Her pleasures.

Suffocated then, I later woke emerging from the chest of Flesh, in my case a slave, captive from elsewhere and used as a coin purse. The coinpurse survived after being rebuilt, but the scars remain where i pierced her body. Such is my birth where I was branded by Gods.”

-Alice the Red,
Transient Hellion.
37th Heatdeath,
Age of Treason

Alice had devoted such a large Tithe, 25 victims. Meat, Flesh and Spirit whole. The vast generosity gave Alice a package of Flesh for her own economic use.
This gift was bestowed once Alice found her Resting Place, the land which Alice would root her future into. A tree sprouted overnight and upon it were seven Damned. Whole units of Flesh, Meat, and Spirit that were bound to the tree by their burning sinew, hanging for Alice to collect.

Alice was first in a panic. She was not acclimated to this generosity and assumed it was a curse. Alice was tired from her Pilgrimage and could not bare to walk on the exposed bone beneath her feet any longer.
Alice had no choice but to retire beneath the tree where her new home was decided. Once regenerated, she stood confidently and retched deeply into the cracked clay beneath her. The Flesh on her tree griefed her constantly with tortured wailing and pitied cries of redemption. A passing Succubi looked upon Alice’s stake of land, with the great wealth of Flesh found on the tree included, and pledged her self to become servitor under Alice. Unlike a Harpy, the Succubus will break their loyalty for stronger breeding partners, as was the case here.
Being a mere , Alice questioned the Succubus about her reasoning, and so the Succubus explained The Economy of Flesh.

The Damned upon her tree are vessels of guilt, manifest of all wrongdoing. Chosen at death by “The Black Mother” according to their sins and laid to rest as undying immortals beyond. They are ripped from their homes and wait in the void. Once made Flesh again, it is the Hellion’s duty to ensure their punishment is fully realized before their spirit continues on its journey.
To ensure full capacity of regret, their Flesh is flayed 1/6th of an inch and used as Currency, their Meat below that is used as sustenance for those below the Hellions which are classified by what is required to tame them;
E.g. The Harpy is tamed with Meat, the Succubus is tamed with Flesh. Both are intelligent beings with capacity for speech which is not the case for all beings.

With enough Flesh, a Hellion can renew their bodies, or change them entirely. You can craft anything from Flesh, and it is a very durable material. Meat is likewise useful, much of it is used to repair, sustain, and feed a Sick or Injured Hellion.

Such is the Reality Beyond, Citizens live in a world where the strongest battle each other for land and submit each other as tithe to Her. The weak submit themselves to serve beneath those they fear the most, as to avoid death under The Rites. Civilization has, by the time of Alice’s Arrival, escaped The Age of Barbarism, and The Nomadic Scourge had been almost fully quenched by now. Alice was by all accounts the most wealthy newborn Transient Hellion in many seasons.

The Succubus was convinced that Alice was a fine specimen in this world and would attempt to court her daily for offspring. As a succubus, her goal was to mate and be seeded by greater lords - many have to settle for lower hellions, as Alice was. Formalities aside, the Succubus listed many reasons for courting Alice.
Such as Clean, fine hair that “is the colour of the void with stars unseen and all;” and the bright red skin of higher devils with a small head upon many axis. A head that is such an advantage from arrows, that also somehow contained unique, creative eyes, and sharp white rows of somewhat serrated teeth.
The Succubus also noted Alice’s Long, and muscular legs and a high posture that measured six fingers, and one ell, making her a strong opponent against the hostile centaurs should they target her young; and finally what the Succubus called “A bountiful garden of breeding organs.”

Alice was mostly flattered, but denied her requests while also finding value in the knowledge she was able to tap by interrogating a creature of the Reality Beyond.

So the Succubus remained by Alice indefinitely, trading attention for knowledge and information about the world Alice was unacquainted with. Alice and the Succubus learned much together.

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