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Useless Wanker  

Dolly_Do_Good 53F
494 posts
6/21/2013 4:37 am
Useless Wanker

Being a woman not a man,
when it comes to wanking
A finger is needed not a hand!

At least for this lass, above is true
Yet a calamity has happened
What did occur, what to do?

My wank finger, crushed tween wall
and flung open car door.
Both sides, finger nail & tip, it all.

Hurt like a fatherfucker, the bloody smite
Yet the stab of pain that sticks
No wanking for this wee chick tonight.


oldbstrd55 63M
3111 posts
6/21/2013 4:55 am

Do as I do when things don't go as planed
Get something strange and use the other hand

kiwifella22 70M
219 posts
6/21/2013 5:17 am

you poor thing a crushed finger is soooo painful. until the pain subsides wanking wont be on your mind . there are some good painkillers out there nowdays so see your chemist .such a shame i cant give you a cuddle and kiss it better . I would if I could

1SexyGoodguy 55M

6/21/2013 8:56 am

Oh my. What a plight.
That accident is such a fright.
A temporary halt of pleasure,
for your beloved treasure.

I am no boy,
but there is always a toy.
To take your mind astray,
On a trip so far far away.
When you find bliss,
You are never amiss.
This is all I wish.

Stay Sexy My Friend

veryfunnycple64 56M/57F
21781 posts
6/21/2013 1:38 pm

I am sorry for your finger...will it affect your self photography?

“Life is available only in the present moment.” Thich Nhat Hanh

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