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Leave NOT So Private Messages here.I
Posted:Aug 8, 2021 12:22 pm
Last Updated:Sep 14, 2021 10:39 am

I will respond via YOUR Blog. I never Kiss and Tell.
Missing K*****, anal cum queen
Posted:Aug 16, 2021 6:12 am
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 12:51 am

While living in Western &&&&&& and for almost 6 years I had an ongoing relationship with K craved anal. She had an incredibly delicious mouth and pussy but K craved anal.

I would get her into a continuous anal orgasm for hours. She would go blind, unable to see anything. Her moans were so loud at times that I was sure there would be a knock on the motel door from the manager.

After those years of Anal I was able to fit all but my thumb into her anus.

Now that I have moved away I find that I miss
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Biker VP's Little Sister
Posted:Aug 14, 2021 9:58 am
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 12:51 am

We lived in a beach community. Lots of partying on the beach, same clique with weekenders and summer vacationers added. And in our town we had the ****** Bike Gang. The VP worked at the Dealership, D**** worked on my bike. D**** lived down at the beach.

His little sister, Diana, was quite a handful. She and my across the street way too young to be that hot neighbor ran the beach. I ran into Diana one afternoon at my pal's house. She was there with some crazy gal that ended up fucking my pal's brother. Diana ended up sitting in my lap.

Diana was soon invited to the crib. She was the crib's gal, as only biker chicks understand. Diana once told me that she really dug fucking gals and proofed it. One weekend Diana brought along S&&&&&. Both my roomie and I were working different shifts. Diana and S&&&& partied MFF on afternoon shift with my roomie and MFF on Night Shift with me.

This was the Diana that I invited to join Renee and I for that first Ménage a Trois.
Brian and the Beginning
Posted:Aug 11, 2021 6:38 am
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 12:51 am

Now the Prequel. What happened before that Spring Training Game? I really have to go back to the night I met Renee.

It was my 22nd Birthday Bash. A Biker Blast. A kegger, too much crazy things in my body. A quart of Jack to it off. Lots of crazy chicks. Renee had attended with her clear intention of fucking the birthday boy, me. I was semi yo babe with a jail bait with D cups and turned to find my self tongue deep in Renee's mouth. To my room....

As I was way wired, I was hard but unable to cum for hours, Renee enjoyed. About 2 am or so her gals pals knocked on my bedroom door. They had fucked and sucked their "dates" as they refer to guys they fuck and were ready to head home. I was still stroking Renee and no where near done. I whispered to Renee that I would take her home in the morning and asked her to stay.

After the sun had risen and I had finally blown a large hot load of cum into Renee she had fallen asleep, exhausted from me fucking her all night. I went into the bathroom, stepping over folks. I pissed and then looking in the mirror I realized that Renee had given me Red Wings. My face, beard, fingers, hands, crotch, pubic hairs, cock and balls were covered in crusted blood. Later I discovered that my bedding was completely soaked in dried blood and cum.

Soon I had my cock in Renee's ass upon occasion, it would take decades before Renee really loved anal. The journey from her virgin ass to DP was fun, her ass was incredible.

A MFF with a Biker Chick, the little sister of the VP of a local Biker Gang. Diana was tiny with AA but nipples like my thumb. Later, Renee asked how I knew that she craved fucking another women. Sometimes you just luck out. Renee set up a MFF with one of her long time Gal Pals a few days later.

It was years later that I met Brian. Renee and I had half heartedly flirted with other couples for a 4 some but nothing had come of it. We played fantasy games, then I met Brian. Brian and I became fast friends at work, car pooling from my house to wor Eventually I told Brian about Renee and the MFFs.

One evening after work Brian and I stopped off at a club that was on the way home. He had driven that day. A couple of drinks and I was on the phone inviting Renee to join us at the club, the band was OK and we were having fun. Renee arrived about an hour later. She had had to get ready and then drop off our at all night day care.

I still remember what Renee was wearing that evening, I jack off a lot and think about Renee. A turquoise blouse, cream colored skirt, bare legs. We three sat, laughed, drank Tequila Sunrises, Brian danced with Renee. Now Renee worked at this club and soon one of her gal pals, Brenda, stopped by our table with our drink order. Brenda and Renee briefly chatted.

Brenda got off of her shift a bit later and joined us at our table in her hot waitress outfit. I loved it when Renee dressed in hers. More drinks, dancing. Today I still wish I knew what Brian and Renee talked about on the dance floor. Brian was a good dancer and it was clear that Renee was charmed. The band slowed down for a brea It was quiet enough now to hold a normal conversation. Brenda excused herself for the ladies room.

Chatting, laughing, Brian asks what we think of a foursome? I looked into Renee's eyes, it was clear that she wanted me to say Yes. Just then Brenda sat back down. I said, hell yes and Renee chimed in an enthusiastic fucking A. Brenda asked what we were talking about. We told her, she said she was all in. We paid our tab and walked to the parking lot together.

Brian told me that he wanted Renee to ride with him to our house. Renee hoped in. Brenda asked if she could leave her car at the club and ride with me. Brian and Renee were ahead of us, my headlights lit up enough that we could see them. Soon it was clear that Renee had taken the wheel. Later she shared that she had been stroking Brian's hard cock through his pants. She had taken the wheel so that Brian could un do his pants allowing his hard cock to stand free. I guessed right and told Brenda when she asked what what Renee was doing. Soon I had my right hand on Brenda's tit and nipple as I drove.

Within moments of walking in the door, as I kissed Brenda and worked on her huge tits, I heard Brian say "Oh that feels good". I looked over to see Renee on her knees in that cream colored skirt sucking Brian's coc She soon stood up, taking Brian by his hand and led him upstairs to our bed. I heard her say that she had not done anything like this since she was 19. Half way up the stairs I heard her tell Brian that they were going to have fun.

The highlights that I jack off to even these 38 years later:
Brenda and I watching from the doorway, Renee's legs pulled back as Brian slow stroked her.
Renee standing up and bent over, her tits swaying to Brian's cock strokes
Renee and I sucking Brian's cock together
Renee on her back as I watched Brian's cock stroking Renee's pussy and her pussy clinging to his cock shaft on his out strokes.
Renee sucking on Brenda's tits

After Brian and Brenda had left Renee was riding me cowgirl, rubbing her clit hard as we talked about our 4 some that evening. As Renee came, she moaned loudly that she liked 2 cocks but really wanted to find a hot woman to fuc

Brian partied with Renee and I a few more times before Renee and I moved to the West Coast. It wasn't until that Spring Training Game......
Renee's mid 40s, she was a sexual powder keg smoldering
Posted:Aug 10, 2021 5:06 am
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 12:51 am

Brian had returned home.  Renee wanted more DP with Chris and I, she talked about as she masturbated.  We found ourselves inviting Chris over.  Renee was pretty slutty for sure when Chris arrived.
She was skinny dipping in our pool, in a floating lounger with a big vodka.  I answered the door in a towel.  I asked Chris what he was drinking and told him to jump into the pool with Renee.  
I farted around making the drinks for an xtra long time.  Renee had the party going when I arrived with Chris' and Renee's drinks.  Chris was sitting on the edge of the pool, Renee in the water was sucking his cock.  We soon moved into our bedroom
This time I had Chris put his cock into Renee's ass first.  Then I fucklicked her before DP with me in her pussy.  We played games with Chris until the wee hours.
We invited Chris over many a Saturday evening that spring into summer.
Now when I had met Renee she was a month shy of 19.  Within 6 months I had her masturbating with my cock in her ass, fucking my gal pal Diana, she invited me over for a threesome with her gal pal.  We sort of played it cool, although I hinted more than once with another couple or two.  then there was the blast from nowhere and Brian joined us for several Bi MMF times in the early 80's,
Other than porn and fun anal sex with lots of fantasy it wasn't until that Spring Training Game.  Now Renee was a wild 40s MILF.   She made my cock hard just to watch her walk.   But I still wasn't getting that chance to see her fuck a woman.
Months passed, I was always fantasizing about Renee fucking Brian, fucking Chris
Posted:Aug 9, 2021 6:39 am
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 12:51 am

I kept up the idea of Renee fucking a woman.  We talked about it a lot especially when watching FFFF porn. 
I kept hoping that Renee would talk one of her two best nursing gal pals into a threesome, or at least a Bi FF.
Angela had been Renee's mentor since Renee's graduation from nursing school.  They worked nights together at a tough downtown hospital at the time.  Many jobs later they were still besties.  Angela (never Ang or Angie) was 6' tall as well.  The two of them standing together were a sight.  Sexy, beautiful, tall.  Angela was an Italian American from Boston.  With all of the attitude. 
Angela was pretty eclectic and open minded, so I thought she would be the one.  Partying, drinking and my leading on did not go anywhere.  Many times Renee and Angela would go away for a long weekend.  I would jack over and over imagining Angela and Renee's 6' tall bodies interlocked in a titty sucking 69 and a pussy sucking, fingering, fisting.
I hinted with Renee to see if she might Kiss and Tell, no beans.
Kim was a late 40s MILF that worked with Renee on nights at an ICU.  On their nights off they frequently sat up until dawn drinking strong chick drinks.    Kim was everything you might expect for a 40s MILF Porn Star.  Hot tight bod, beautiful face.  Only down thing that I actually got hot and jacked over, was her mouth.  Kim smoked and she had smokers lines around her mouth at times.  I liked that as I was sure that if she enjoyed smoking she would enjoy cock sucking, too.
No Joy, Kim was strictly a monogamous gal seeking a special guy.

Weeks faded to months and soon Spring Training was upon us.  We were pleased when Brian called to let us know his vacation plans and that he would be staying at the same resort (down the street from our house) for two weeks of baseball games and golf.  After he called we both were pretty jazzed and soon were in bed fucking and talking about a BiMMF with Brian.
When the evening rolled around to meet Brian at his resort Renee outdid herself in dressing like a CFM cock hungry slut.  CFM Heels, Hose, Garter without Panties, No Bra all over a simple dress that wrapped around.  And she wore that same "Let's Fuck" perfume.  Makeup with lipstick that cried "let her put her lips around a cock" and over the top slutty eye makeup.
On the short drive to the resort I ran my fingers along her thigh to cop a feel, Renee was soaked to her knees.  We met on the same terrace at the same dark corner table.  We got there first, we were anxious.  I ordered my tonic and a double Tequila Sunrise for Renee.  She had actually done two shots of Anejo at the house to steady her nerves.  I wish pot had been legal back then, as a nice joint or three would have made the party all the better.
Renee had almost drained her second round when we spotted Brian.  He was not alone!  Chris was with Brian!!  Chris and Brian joined us for another round (keep counting, this would be Renee's 8th shot of Tequila).  Renee was pretty loose and let it slip that she had called both Chris and Brian and suggested this MMMF party herself.
Chris must have shared the idea with Brian about having porn playing on all TVs when we got to his suite.  It was only a matter of moments before Renee unwrapped her dress, in only her sexy garter belt and hose Renee was on her knees sucking Chris's 9" coc
Party on!  I imagined DP, Air tight... I sat down and stroked my cock as I watched Chris and Brian have their way with Renee's pussy, mouth and anus.  Still too big for both cocks to DP her, but I watched as they tried.  I watched as Chris and Brian both took turns ass fucking her.  All throughout this, Renee fucked back hard.
Oh my!
I fucklicked her, mouth fucked her as her pussy and or ass was being well stroked.
This time we stayed the night.  Over and over throughout the night I could see and or hear Renee and Chris or Brian fucking and cumming.
What had I created?  As hot as this was, I wanted to see Renee really wound up and fuck a woman.
I had reaped what I had sown.
Posted:Aug 8, 2021 7:33 am
Last Updated:Aug 9, 2021 5:22 pm

Often we had argued about how Renee was going to fuck somebody as a revenge fuck after my escapade with my Japanese Gal Pal. During those arguments I was torn between jealousy and being turned on at the thought. I wanted Renee have some guy fuck her like a cum slut and for Renee to tell me all about it as we fucked.

Years went my after my Japanese/Harley play party, Renee clearly had not forgotten. She had not just revenge fucked a guy, she was gone a week being fucked in her ass and playing Ménage a Trois with Brian and a stranger. Even trying DP, one of my major turn ons.

My arousal won out over my jealousy. I found my self with a hard boner thinking about Renee's week of pleasure. Almost every night Renee and I would fuck as I asked her about her fucking Brian and her Threesome. Renee told me that she really enjoyed all of my hard cock fucking that wee

I had been fantasizing and jacking off thinking about Renee's sexuality and her fucking Brian for decades since our first Bi MMF with Brian years before. Now all of those fantasies were coming true, I had to figure out how to NOT fuck this up with Renee.

I took the plunge; one evening, after Renee's few too many White Russians, Renee and I were watching FFFF porn. As our play intensified, I started fantasizing out loud about another MMF this time with the Golf Guy. Renee's response was immediate, she continued rubbing her clit as I fingered her ass and thumbed her pussy, within moments she was mumbling about sucking the golfer's coc Her orgasm was intense.

A day or three later, in bed the subject came up as we lay there whispering together. I told her that it was clear that I was hot for the idea of a Ménage a Trois with Mr. Golfer, reminding Renee how many times I had talked about her party as we had fucked since her week long party.

The next day I telephoned Brian, he had returned home. At first Brian was a bit apprehensive on the phone. I assured Brian that Renee and I both had a great time and were looking forward to his visiting again. He gave me the golfer dude's name and number.

After talking it over a few more times, Renee called the Golfer one evening. She sat out at the pool and I stayed inside to NOT make this any more awkward or strange. Renee and the Gofer talked for about 45 minutes. I could see and hear her laughter. After she hung up she motioned for me to join her by the pool.

As she sipped her Tequila Sunrise Renee told me that we were going to meet Mr. Golfer (his name turned out to be Chris) at the same resort this upcoming weekend. Immediately, I got on the phone and booked a nice room at that resort. The few days until the weekend "date" with Chris were a mixture of way too slow as we both were hot and horny thinking about it and way too fast as I was pretty nervous. Beside Brian, this was the only other guy to have fucked my Renee since I met her when she was a month short of 19; I had been only the second guy Renee had fucked back then. I clearly and fondly recall that her cherry was torn but still evident the first time I ate her pussy. So, despite my debauchery, I was nervous.

Saturday came, we checked into the resort. As the time to meet Chris approached, Renee dressed in full CFM. From her CFM heels, to her garter/hose without panties, to her skirt that drew attention to her long, sexy calves, no bra, loose blouse with top 3 buttons undone, lipstick that shouted cock sucker, to a scent/perfume that made me want to bend her over there and then.

Anxiously and nervously, we arrived at the Resort's Lounge early. Asking for a secluded table for three where we might enjoy the view and talk in private, we found ourselves outside on the terrace. Renee enjoyed a Margarita and I a Tonic Water as we watched the lights over the Valley. Renee's third Margarita had just arrived when she told me that she had spotted Chris inside at the bar.

We got up and walked over to greet Chris, I introduced my self. I asked the waitress to bring Chris's drink out to our table as I invited Chris to join us at our table. The third Margarita turned the trick, there is a point of alcohol that sees Renee's inhibitions drop off and tonight it was three stiff drinks.

We three sat, laughing and chatting. Our chatting grew sexual and ribald and our laughter louder. Renee sat between us in our secluded table in the darkness with only a candle on the table for light. Renee was fondling Chris through his pants as she rubbed her braless hard nipple against his arm.

I was hard watching Renee. I invited Chris to order another round. When a fourth Margarita arrived along with what ever Chris was drinking and a Tonic for me, I said let's move this party to our suite. I had intentionally left the Hotel Porn Channel playing on the TV in both the bedroom and in the sitting room before we had left the suite earlies. Renee had picked out the movies. MMF !

It didn't take more than 30 seconds before Renee was on her knees sucking Chris's coc Renee had been right when she told me that Brian and Chris's cocks were too big for DP. I was smaller, just right for Renee's anus if Chris's 9" would slide into her cunt at the same time. Oh, how I had wanted to DP Renee for years. Up until her confession about her attempt with Brian and Chris, her response had always been NO.

Chris was not Bi, I had asked Renee if her Ménage with Brian and Chris had included any Bi Cock sucking. We focused on Renee. Spit Roasting, Fucklicking (no tongue/cock contact), Renee standing and bending over (recall Renee was 6'1") with her long legs, her tits swaying to Chris's cock strokes. Renee on her back with her legs pulled way back as Chris slow stroked her.

Renee finally telling Chris in mid cock stroke that he could fuck her ass if he wanted. Chris grinning as he worked his cock head into Renee's anus. His cock sliding into her ass as Renee fucked bac With my cock in her mouth I asked if Chris was open to DPing Renee.

Hell yes was his answer. We figured out how to position ourselves. Chris on his back with Renee riding his 9" cock in her soaking wet pussy. I first used my finger in her ass, feeling Chris's cock strokes as I did. I used my fingerS to lube Renee's anus with vaseline. As I had her well lubed and worked 3 fingers into her anus as I continued to enjoy feeling Chris's cock stroking Renee, it was time for my 6" in Renee's ass.

Oh how tight, much tighter than without Chris's coc At first I just had my cock balls deep in Renee's ass as I felt Chris's cock stroking Renee's cum flowing cunt against my coc I soon began to stroke Renee's ass along with Chris's cunt strokes. Renee's loud moans of orgasm were almost primitive. Renee was so loud that I was glad the we had two doors shut between us and the hallway. I felt Chris pumping faster and I guessed correctly as he came in Renee's pussy. This found me pounding Renee harder and faster. It took a few more minutes for my to cum as I watched Renee sucking and licking Chris's cock, cleaning her own cunt cum from his coc

Chris stayed a few more hours. Highlights included me fucking Renee in her ass while she mouth fucked and sucked Chris's cock, swallowing his cum more than once that evening.

After Chris left we found ourselves fucking hard. Renee rubbing her clit hard almost shouted as she came that she still wanted to fuck a woman.

Mmmmm, might one of her two nursing gal pals be the one??
Brian was in town for a week
Posted:Aug 7, 2021 8:45 am
Last Updated:Aug 7, 2021 2:27 pm

An important aspect of these events is that several years before hand I had spent 6 days and nights off on my Harley with a Japanese gal pal. Renee had forgiven but clearly not forgotten.

When Renee and I had left Brian's suite at his resort we were looking forward to another party before Brian left town . He was staying over after his dad had flown home to play golf.

The second day after our party I arrived home to find a note that Renee had gone over to Brian's for a dinner date and to not expect her home.

That night I came hard as I jacked off thinking about Renee fucking Brian all that night long. Thinking about all of the hot things they were doing as I stroked by hard boner. I awoke in the middle of the night with another raging boner having been dreaming about Renee and Brian fucking and sucking. Again I came a hot load as I jacked off.

That next day at work I had to focus on my job as I kept thinking about Renee and Brian. I was looking forward to fucking her, eating her, having her masturbate as I probed her anus all the while telling me all about her and Brian's night of fucking. When I got home I was surprised to not find Renee. Checking my voice mail, there was a from Renee.

The Voice Mail was that Renee had decided to party with Brian for a few more days.

Again my cock was rock hard; I called her phone, no answer, I left a asking Renee to call me back

All night long I was torn between jealousy, a hard cock to stroke. I said to myself that I had this coming after my skinny dipping, Japanese joy on my Harley. Jacking Off won out over jealousy and again I spent the night Jacking Off many times.

When I next checked my Voice Mail that next day at lunch there was a short from Renee. "I have not forgotten".

Four night later the phone rang. It was Renee and Brian laughing together as Renee called to tell me she and Brian were having a blast and to not expect her home soon. Short call.

By now my cock was sore from jacking and I frankly wondered if Renee's pussy was sore from her fucking Brian for almost a week

It was Monday after work, Renee had been gone for a wee I came home from work to find Renee all made up in her let's watch FFFF porn and play anal sex play date outfit. After more than several gut wrenching orgasms while I fingered her ass and thumbed her all as the FFFF porn played I was fucking Renee's ass.

Slow strokes I asked about Renee and Brian, telling Renee how I jacked off almost ever night sometimes many times in one night thinking about her and Brian.

Renee told me everything
Renee had let Brian fuck her in her ass on the first night and Brian had been fucking her ass all week, sometimes cumming so much in her ass that his cum dripped out of her all the next morning, she would rub this anal cum drip with her finger around her still tender but aching for more anus.

Then her bomb shell of a pay bac

Renee shared that one evening Brian had invited a guy he had met playing golf over. Dinner, drinks and soon Renee was sucking and fucking Brian and his golf pal. She had let both Brian and this stranger fuck her in the ass. She tried Double Penetration but the guys both had cocks too big.

I pounded her ass as she rubbed her clit hard and fast, cumming deep in her ass

but was it as deep as Brian and the Golfer?

Payback is a bitch and I had it coming..
Decades had flown by before we ran into Brian
Posted:Aug 6, 2021 10:09 am
Last Updated:Aug 6, 2021 11:17 am

Oh how the decades had flown by. On bone of contention between Renee and I that kept popping up was that I went bed earlier than she as I had get up at 0430 for work. Laying I would often jack off. Renee wanted know I was thinking about I always responded with a half truth, "I always think of you when I jack off".

Finally as Renee's cravings for anal orgasms grew and we found ourselves watching FFFF porn combined with anal orgasms up me always cumming deep in Renee's ass. As you might expect, we often talked quite intimately about our fantasies, desires as I was stroking Renee's ass while she came over and over.

Emboldened by Renee's clear demonstration of her Bi Sexual desires as we watched these FFFF porn movies quite a lot as foreplay that usually ended with me cumming in Renee's ass. As I was stroking Renee's ass I told her that I had been jacking off for years thinking about she and I fucking Brian. Her ass immediately responded letting me know to continue this conversation.

I told her how I loved to jack off and think about our Bi fun with Brian and how I wanted to play with Brian again.

Some time later, Renee and I were at Spring Training game. Sitting in the stands enjoying the hoopla the loud speaker announced, "Will Brian xxxx meet his father at Ramp 7". I was astounded. After thinking it over for about seconds, I told Renee that I had to run to bathroom. I rushed to Ramp 7. was a dapper gentleman standing alone.

I introduced myself. Asking if he was Mr. XXX waiting for his , Brian? Yes, he was Brian's father. We chatted about my time working with Brian. Soon I heard Brian's voice, "Dad"?

We three chatted for a bit; I asked Brian how long he was in town and where he was staying. He and his dad were in town for some Spring Training games. He was staying at a nice resort that happened to be about a mile from Renee and my house. Brian invited Renee and I over to the resort on the next evening. I replied that I would let Renee know about running into Brian and would him in the morning let him know what Renee said.

On the way back my seat I thought about a BI MMF with Renee and Brian, the Bi MMF that I had been thinking about, fantasizing about and wishing for as I jacked off for years.

That evening we watched a favorite FFFF porn movie together, with Renee's multiple orgasms as I fingered her ass as she masturbated while watching the FFFFFs. Soon I was slow stroking Renee's ass while she watched the FFFFFs and rubbed her clit. After many orgasms with her anus cumming hard against my cock I held back the clear urge to start ass pounding Renee.

Slowly stroking Renee's ass I began talking about my years of jacking off thinking about her fucking Brian and about how much I wanted Renee to help me suck Brian's cock with her. Renee responded by rubbing her clit and talking about her fantasy Bi MMF with Brian. After she came hard I dropped the bomb.

With each cock stroke into Renee's Ass I said:
I ran into Brian at the ball game today
Brian invited you and I over to his resort tomorrow for drinks
I want to go, I hope you do, too.
I want us to fuck Brian
I want to lick your clit while Brian fucks you
I want to suck Brian's cock

The next evening found Renee getting ready. Showered, shaved, douched and I knew the party was on that night, an enema. Just slightly slutty make up, wearing the skirt that she wore the night she sucked Brian's cock for the first time. No panties, party on... No bra and a loose blouse with top 3 buttons undone. Bare legs and CFM heels (at 5'13" in her bare feet these CFMs made her taller than most anyone we might encounter that evening).

Although I am no longer drinking, we both admitted to the nervous jitters. As I was sober and driving that evening, Renee had two or three very stiff Vodkas. When she was ready she asked me for my opinion.

This and that and soon I told her that she smelled just too good. That led me to telling her that she should smell like a soaking wet pussy craving Brian to her. That led me eating her pussy and sucking her clit and then a good finger in her ass and thumb in her pussy as Renee rubbed her clit into a hard cum. Smelling my thumb and then tasting her cunt cum I assured Renee that she now smelled very much like pussy.

We arrived at the resort and met Brian at the bar overlooking the lights below. Vodka for Renee and Tonic Water for me (I had timed my ED pills, one last night and a second on the way over this evening). Soon we were on the second round and our laughter was getting louder and the talk much more ribald. Brian suggested that we order a third round, doubles again, before taking our drinks to his room.

On the way, I hung back and let Brian flirt with and grab ass with Renee. We sat in the living room. I sat alone in chair as Renee sat next Brian rubbing her thigh against his. After more than flirting and downing Renee's 6th or so drink of the evening I knew was Party time and just needed the off. I asked if this high end resort had so good porn. Soon we had a porn playing. We watched for about 3 or 4 minutes when I excused my self. Heading bathroom, I pee'd and washed me hands. Upon my return Renee was sucking Brian's cock.

I joined in. Renee and I took turns sucking Brian. Kissing, interlocking our fingers as we held Brian's cock in our mouths. From , the highlights remain, the highlights that I jack off almost every night.

Renee and I 69 while Brian fucked her. Me licking her clit and sucking the pussy juice from his cock

Renee doggy style with her tits swaying, her hard nipples giving her away

Spit roasting Renee on her back. Her head over the edge of the bed as I mouth fucked her Brian's slow cock strokes in her pussy.

Brian and I Bi 69 cock sucking

That night at home as I stroked Renee's ass and she slowly rubbed her clit we recounted that evening's Bi fun. After a couple of hard orgasms as we talked and she rubbed, Renee came hard and said that she really wanted another woman.
Oh for a sweet (or evil) subbie F
Posted:Aug 5, 2021 2:04 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 12:51 am

You are out there. Are you a subbie that needs a firm Dom?
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Special and Unique Happy New Year
Posted:Aug 5, 2021 10:55 am
Last Updated:Aug 7, 2021 5:54 am

I had met and chatted with (let's her Alexi) on line and we finally met at a Starbucks in the neighborhood. happened that Alexi lived about a mile from me... We chatted and I sort of left that.

New Years eve came without a date. I called Alexi and invited myself over with her hearty concurrence as she, too, was without a date and was sitting home alone with a bottle of bubbly.

Upon my arrival we sat close together on her couch, lightly brushing and touching as we watched the count down to New Years. Upon the moment we stood up for a New Years kiss. After all, Alexi had not really been flirtatious throughout the evening. I was warmly greeted by her open mouth and tongue.

As Auld Lang Syne still rang on the TV Alexi led me to her bed. We locked in a 69, with me working on her pussy and clit with my mouth and fingers. Soon I was furiously mouth fucking Alexi as I worked her cunt and clit into a continuous orgasm that had Alexi bucking with me holding on as I sucked her clit deep into my lips.

As my cock head began to swell and my pre cum oozed from my cock, Alexi's mouth and throat became my cock's fuck hole. I pump her mouth and worked her cunt and clit. With Alexi writhing in orgasm I came in her throat. As the waves of my post cum exhaustion left me laying an odor me.

In Alexi's orgasm she had shit herself. A large sized tootsie roll of a turn lay . make matters worse, Alexi was unaware of this Carl and in a passionate post orgasm female energy fit she rolled all over that turd!

Happy fucking New Year .
Lost in a Sea of Tranquility
Posted:Aug 3, 2021 10:29 am
Last Updated:Aug 11, 2021 9:21 am

After living in the Valley of the Sun for decades and enjoying fun and adventures with folks that I had met here on AdultFriendFinder and even on the old AOL I moved to Western WA in the remote forest. Even there I found occasional adventure.

Up here at 6400' outside of Show Low one might say it is a challenge to find adventure.
A whole new level of fantasy driven Orgasms
Posted:Apr 13, 2021 8:34 am
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 12:51 am

After our Bi Foursome with Debbie and Brian and a third round of BiMMF with Brian, Renee and I could not stop our minds. We would fuck late into the night almost every night; trying to NOT wake up our as Renee and I got to hard fucking at times.

We would always talk about how hot it was when: I sucked Brian, Renee and I shared Brian's cock in our mouths, how I loved watching Renee's tits sway to Brian's cock strokes, I had to be careful in discussing how hot I found Debbie so I let Renee lead that part of our sex review.

Then we would fantasize about how we wanted to fuck Brian and Debbie again.

But I always kept my DP Dream alive by always ensuring Renee's ass was well lubed and well used as she came. The best was watching FFFF Bi Porn and I would have my middle finger in Renee's ass, my thumb in her pussy and her hard left nipple in my mouth. Renee would rub her clit with her right middle finger (the one with the trimmed nail). A second rub off was often in play, too.

I would always try to fuck Renee in her ass as she rubbed off into an incredible orgasm. Feeling her anus cum with my cock inside was oh so specially hot. Then I would take her ass as if I owned it. Renee with her long legs pulled back as I stroked her ass, cumming deep inside her.

I knew that soon she would be begging me for anal and anal orgasms. Part of my long term DP Plan. I had mentioned DP to Renee a time or two. She always replied that it sounded hot but she couldn't imagine fitting two cocks into her at once.

Dildos were the answer. I really wanted to DP Renee.

I did have Renee all set for a porn movie position when we next played with Brian.

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