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Given Away  

Dos_Rogues 55M/54F  
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4/20/2016 7:47 am
Given Away

My cock and ass are sore this morning. Still caged and still no relief in sight. Last night my Lady Magdalena gave me away to a D/s couple for Mistress Alison's amusement. I was told to submit to her in everyway, and not to disappoint. Mistress Alison's amusement started with a<b> caning. </font></b>It was a new toy that my Lady M gave to her to play with. She started by having myself and her sub donni kneel naked in front of her, before she started experimenting with the cane. Still locked in the cage, she caned my ass until it was red, amusing herself with how hard I could take it until she got to "10" (scale of 1 -10 in pain). I got very hard from the<b> caning.... </font></b>Mistress Alison then instructed donni to fuck my ass with a mouth dildo, which was smaller than the large black dildo he was wearing over his cock to allow my ass to get ready for the larger cock to come. Mistress A then instructed donni to use his dildo wrapped cock on my ass, penetrating slowly... It was huge, and stretched my ass as I struggled to take it all. Once in, she made him take it out quickly, which brought a new sensation of both pain and relief, before the cock slide into me again. Mistress Alison then had donni continue to fuck me, while she made me tongue fuck her dripping pussy until she came. I submitted with pleasure, tasting her sweet pussy and feeling the hard shaft in my ass. Another round of<b> caning </font></b>followed this for both donni and I, as a reward for pleasing her. At last, Mistress Alison let me out of my cage, and I was free! Turning and presenting her self to me, she instructed me to fuck her... asking if I would like to cum in her pussy so donni and I could then clean up the mixed cum. I was overjoyed... the prospect of being able to feel anything besides the confines of my cage was intoxicating, and I eagerly looked forward to feeling her soft, tight warm pussy around my cock. She had me fuck her until she came, then again. I was to tell her when I was about to cum, and I thought this was to ensure donni was there to catch my cum dripping out of her pussy. Just as I was about to cum, Mistress Alison pulled herself off my cock! I was then instructed to put the cage back on.... She was sending me home to my Lady Magdalena still full of cum and completely frustrated.
I returned home to a waiting Lady M, hard, in my cage and full of cum, with a red ass from the<b> caning </font></b>that was so tender. Ordering me to strip, Lady M rubbed vinegar on my ass, making it sting a bit more before taking me to the bedroom. There, she proceeded to use her favourite flogger on my ass, showing no mercy as she bruised my already tender, inflamed ass. Lady M then had me lick her dripping pussy, smearing her cum all over my face. A surprise! She opened my cage and let me out, instructing me to pleasure her but not to cum, and I happily took up my duty, secretly believing that now I might get the release I so desperately needed but have been denied for so long. No... Lady M had other plans for me. After I brought her to orgasm, she made me put the cage back on... but she wasn't done with me yet. Once in the cage and locked up again, she made me put on her strap-on, and, still in the cage, I was forced to fuck her with the strap-on until she came several more times. I was so hard in the cage, fucking her but not having any pleasure myself except for the knowledge of the pleasure I was giving her, my caged cock kept slapping against her pussy and ass as I fucked her with the strap-on. Once sated, Lady Magdalena had me lick the juices from her pussy, coating my face with her cum.
Thank you Lady Magdalena and Mistress Alison for allowing me to pleasure you. It felt so good to be used for your pleasure, the abuse of my body and the use of my manhood for your own pleasure while denying me mine was very rewarding and I look forward to the time you use me again if you so desire.
So, I'm still in my cage. Last night I barely slept as my aroused cock kept the cage tight and painful around my cock, the pain keeping me up for most the night. I would just fall asleep only to wake up with another hard on, the pain cutting through my erotic dreams of serving my Lady M and whomever she gives me to and bring me awake, reminding me relief was not to be had...

sika41 59M
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4/20/2016 8:00 am

Hmmmm interesting !

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