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Four Gentlemen Assistants  

DrCunninglus88 50M/60F  
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1/18/2020 11:08 am
Four Gentlemen Assistants

As we pulled up to the restaurant, we are both excited about the potential to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh with a other like minded people. This was going to be new experience for us, since there was another couple and four additional gentlemen. Everyone was open minded and respectful of others limits. In the past we have experienced other couples, and open minded single males and females. This could be our first full on experience.

As we sat down we were the last to arrive. Appetizers had arrived and everyone was involved in casual conversation. The energy level was one of nervousness and excitement. My wife always the conversationalist began talking with several of the males. It did not take long to realize that the energy was positive and these were people we could thoroughly sensually enjoy. As the end of the meal ended the conversation shifted to the evenings entertainment, which was centered around the ladies. A large suite had been reserved at the hotel and everyone was eager to go and begin exploring.

The single males had agreed to arrive first in the room and they all had stripped down to bare ass essentials. The all stood in a line lightly stroking their cocks and each others cocks awaiting the arrival of the ladies. As the two couples arrived and opened the door, you could feel the intense sexual energy growing in the room. Both of the ladies dropped there overcoats to reveal some sexy lingerie and hose, which caused the heat to rise in the room. Both ladies are curvy with very large breasts, and they are both what you would call insatiable. The husbands stripped down and joined the line with the other four hard cocks.

Them continued to slowly tease each others cocks with light strokes as the more dominant lady took control of the room. She placed a chair in the center of the room and had the other lady sit in the chair and then secured her to the seat with some ropes. She then took some more rope and bound her breasts which restricted caused her already sensitive nipples to become ultra sensitive. The dominant one then ordered the gentlemen to come closer to the bound sexy lady. She made the husbands kneel back to back and had the other four present there cocks to the kneeling husbands. Ordering them to use their mouths the prepare the cocks . Several of the cocks were already producing precum which was quickly licked up and savored, precum is so intoxicating. The bound lady began to squirm as her pussy began to drip in anticipation as the dom began using a feather on her nipples teasing them in their heightened state. Both of the ladies love to watch the men orally pleasuring each other, teasing each other building the heat in their cocks. But no one is allowed to cum until she tells them too.

The temperature continued to rise and the smell of excitement was getting stronger; which was intensifying for everyone. The dom then ordered the four very aroused cocks to surround the bound lady. Her eyes filled with lust as she say not only one but four of her favorite treats. She is an oral fanatic and the opportunity to pleasure four at once had her pussy purring in overdrive. The juices from her excitement dripped off of the seat and there was a long thin strand of it now reaching the floor. The dom ordered her husband to kneel down and devour the bound woman's pussy. Lapping up all the juices and burying his face in her pussy. All as the four gentlemen presented their cocks for her attention. The feel of that hot tongue teasing and suckling her clit pushed her over the edge as she had her first orgasm. Which made it hard for her to even suck the cocks before her. The gentlemen would<b> stroke </font></b>themselves teasing her with them. The dom then had the remaining husband, who was rock hard from watching all that was happening, and insert his very large cock in her pussy from behind. Due to the size of his cock he was able to do this standing.

As the bound lady recovered her senses from her orgasm, she looked over and could see her husband pleasuring the dom with his massive cock. The made her lust rise even more, as she greedily began taking turns pleasuring the four cocks in from of her. The moaning in the room, the heat of all those bodies rising, the smell of the lust had overtaken the room. Words cannot describe the intense passion being experienced. The dom then had her husband rise up and untie the bound woman, then lift her up and carry her to the big king sized bed. She then had the four gentlemen surround her on the bed. She instructed them to tease her nipples and<b> stroke </font></b>their cocks, while the doms husband inserted his healthy cock into her. All the while the dom was getting her pussy pounded that massive cock. Her juices where dripping down the shaft landing on the floor.

The previously bound lady began to thrash about as an enormous orgasm took her . Sensing this the dom ordered the four mean to unleash their all over the orgasming. The anticipation and visual stimuli had built up substantial pressure in the balls of the gentlemen. It was amazing seeing their cocks erupt rope after rope of hot stick which virtual covered the woman. This caused my cock which was buried in her to swell and explode deep inside her, I was amazed the of I was able to flood her with.

Then the cock pounding the Dom's pussy tensed and pulsed, releasing a torrent of lust deep into her pussy. A smile came across her face as the last of the cocks spilled its lust in the room. Giving her that feeling of content. The formally bound women was motionless, simply smiling with that afterglow of an incredible experience.

The Dom then announced that it was break time and offered up some hydration, and advised that round two will even be better.

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1/18/2020 11:43 am

Hey, Doc.

*Hellava First Post*

Welcome To Blogtown!!


RPBmwm 64M
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1/18/2020 11:50 am

very hot

sexual692012 66M
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1/18/2020 12:28 pm

Freaking incredible is all I can say , very well done to everyone, can't wait for second act after intermission!! Wow

CleavageFan4U 63M  
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1/18/2020 2:37 pm

WHEW hot stuff!

Welcum to blogland neighbor!

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