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Quick cam chat 11-3  

Dressmeup2017 60T
2 posts
11/3/2019 8:25 pm
Quick cam chat 11-3

pptonight 52M: sweetie
pptonight 52M: lets see that sweet ass
pptonight 52M: mmmm nice
pptonight 52M: i'm on cam to baby
pptonight 52M: yes open that nice ass
with what?
pptonight 52M: yo like to suck cock baby
pptonight 52M: nice like to fuck your ass baby
GrownFolksBiz3 To You 56M:
GrownFolksBiz3 You 56M: 69
GrownFolksBiz3 You 56M: im stroking too
pptonight 52M: you have toys to with sweetie?
GrownFolksBiz3 You 56M: love sucking white cock when cloudy
never had a black cock
grownfolksbiz3 (privately)
pptonight 52M: like to see cock i'm on cam
GrownFolksBiz3 You 56M: just be discrete and you can jave black cock and ass
nothing but discreet
grownfolksbiz3 (privately)
GrownFolksBiz3 You 56M: pnp?
pptonight 52M: like to see your nipples baby
makes nasty
grownfolksbiz3 (privately)
grownfolksbiz3 (privately)
GrownFolksBiz3 You 56M: troo
GrownFolksBiz3 You 56M: ,like getting sucked?
yes i guess
grownfolksbiz3 (privately)
GrownFolksBiz3 You 56M: wish i was there
your close
grownfolksbiz3 (privately)
GrownFolksBiz3 You 56M: i cant tonight but this week
GrownFolksBiz3 To You 56M: loce to eat your pussy ass too
pptonight 52M: you like your nipples suck on baby
thx 4 watching
To slow69ish (privately)
GrownFolksBiz3 To You 56M: .you host?3
b 2 nervous
To grownfolksbiz3 (privately)
smoke break
hmak1982 36M: hello
pickle21 54M: hi
pickle21 54M: where are u
anyone here?
pptonight 52M: were that nice ass go
kingluv777 To You 23M: HELLO
kingluv777 To You 23M: BABEE
pptonight 52M: ok
kingluv777 To You 23M: LETS SEE THAT ASS BABE
pptonight 52M: show that nice ass
kingluv777 To You 23M: TAKE PANTYS OFF
kingluv777 To You 23M: U LET YOUNGER MAN FUCK U BABE
kingluv777 To You 23M: AM NOT TOO FAR
pptonight 52M: you like your nipples suck on baby
kingluv777 To You 23M: U SUCK COCK??
right now i kinda like it all
kingluv777 To You 23M: LETS SEE THAT TONGUE
you will embarras
kingluv777 You 23M: SEXY
kingluv777 You 23M: WHY?
pptonight 52M: like to with nipplers and a nice ass\
kingluv777 You 23M: TAKE PANTYS OFF
tropiclw 66M: very nice
kingluv777 You 23M: AM SOOO HARD
kingluv777 You 23M: U HAVE SMOOTH LITTLE HOLE 4
hmak1982 36M:
hmak1982 36M: you great
kingluv777 You 23M: I WANT 2 SEE U ON ALL4S
so much
hmak1982 36M: nice bulge
pptonight 52M: take them off sweetie
hmak1982 36M: Real cute
kingluv777 To You 23M: U A MOANER
hmak1982 36M: How little.
hmak1982 36M: Clit size
hmak1982 36M: yes
hmak1982 36M: Let take a peek
kingluv777 You 23M: LET STUFF YOUR KURKEY
hmak1982 36M: Clit
hmak1982 36M: come on
hmak1982 36M: its cute
kingluv777 You 23M: TAKE EM OFFF BABEE
hmak1982 36M: i do
kingluv777 You 23M: LETS SEE THAT PUSSY
hmak1982 36M: Help hard on
hmak1982 36M: Just do it now
kingluv777 You 23M: U RIDE ON LAP
pptonight 52M: yes lets see baby
kingluv777 To You 23M: SPREAD THEM CHEEKS
kingluv777 To You 23M: U HAVE CUTE LIKE FUCK U
pptonight 52M: come see cock on cam baby
pptonight 52M: what you smoking?
kingluv777 To You 23M: LETS SEE THAT ASS
flflirtguy 47M: Sexy!
kingluv777 To You 23M: MOVE PANTYS 2 SIDE
kingluv777 To You 23M: AM FUCK U
flflirtguy 47M: I’m rubbing myself through my panties watching you.
kingluv777 To You 23M: OPEN WIDE
tropiclw 66M: lovely pussy
pptonight 52M: show use that sweet ass
pickle21 54M: suck u
pickle21 54M: i jacking
pickle21 54M: give u ibn my mouth
pickle21 54M: lay down
pickle21 54M: take ur top off
pickle21 54M: ur cock in my mouth
pickle21 54M: lixk ur alls
ty 4 watching
To slow69ish (privately)
smoke break
pptonight 52M: yes with that ass
pptonight 52M: hell ya
pptonight 52M: what you smoking?
funcouple37419 59M/60F: hello
funcouple37419 59M/60F: where u at
pptonight 52M: she having a smoke
pptonight 52M: you back
pptonight 52M: nice
pptonight 52M: you going to with that sweet as
pptonight 52M: so
pptonight 52M:
pptonight 52M: cock would fill you up.
pptonight 52M: you need cock in that ass

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