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Quick cam chat 2/21/20  

Dressmeup2017 60T
2 posts
2/21/2020 10:19 pm
Quick cam chat 2/21/20

hommevoyeur2 60M:
Imhere4ut 39M: Hi sexy
Imhere4ut 39M: Looking nice
should i wear panties?
Imhere4ut 39M: Yes
much better
Imhere4ut 39M: Yes very sexy
TinaDaveswing 55M/54F: hello Tina and Dave here 54 yr young cpl on vacation hoping to find open minded sexy ts to cam
TinaDaveswing 55M/54F: we are both on cam
if i had enough points i would watch\
hockey9858 To You 55M: Hello u cloudy sexy bitch in lingerie. I'd have u in stockings and garters too
Mmmdaddy2019 To You 50M: Can you show your thong from behind?
hockey9858 To You 55M: And me too of course, love my lingerie , clouds and cock
Mmmdaddy2019 To You 50M: Oh yes!
Mmmdaddy2019 To You 50M: Pull it aside
hockey9858 To You 55M: Gor another cd or tgurl fo join us one day and night and day
hockey9858 To You 55M: Got
Mmmdaddy2019 To You 50M: There you go...more
hockey9858 To You 55M: Blow me kinky clouds on ur hard cock that I'm going to suck thru ur panties
hockey9858 To You 55M: Smoke jn front of me, u did before
hockey9858 To You 55M: Got a kinky dresser as a third to join us
Mmmdaddy2019 To You 50M: Got a lacy thong?
hockey9858 To You 55M: I'm trying
cage6952000 44M: very nice
hockey9858 To You 55M: Fuck I need cock ass AmD mouth
Mmmdaddy2019 To You 50M: Nylons?
hockey9858 To You 55M: In lingerie
Mmmdaddy2019 To You 50M: Thigh highs
hockey9858 To You 55M: Brb
Cuminminkfurs 70M: Hi babe , you are amazing . I adore yourbshort skirt , the buldge in your panties and your boots . Mmmmmm !!!!
thank u so much
Cuminminkfurs 70M: Such sexy perfect beautiful legs !!!
cage6952000 44M: thats the one!
Cuminminkfurs 70M: Beautiful action when youbstrokebyour lovely cock through your panties
cage6952000 44M: black lace
hockey9858 To You 55M: High
hockey9858 To You 55M: U need ur cock sucked
cage6952000 44M: yes!
cage6952000 44M: damy youre sexy
Cuminminkfurs 70M: Wish youbwore my g/f best softest pure silk panties and made a right mess of them darling !! You so much sexier than her !!!
cage6952000 44M: yum
cage6952000 44M: a cock in silk panties is hot
cage6952000 44M: very nice
Cuminminkfurs 70M: Lovely darling !!!
cage6952000 44M:
cage6952000 44M:
hockey9858 To You 55M: Can u host, and play for for 24 hours in lingerie clouding kinking in LingerIe,makeup and All
Cuminminkfurs 70M: Any msn would love being on his knees with your boots resting on his shoulders , licking your balls and sucking your cock x
easy hockey
hockey9858 To You 55M: Wanna watch u smoke clouDs
i like my pussy licked too
hockey9858 To You 55M: I 'll blow u goOd
Cuminminkfurs 70M: You need my g/f beautiful ten grandsvwhite mink fur coat between your thighs to wank your cock into her softbsilkybfursbandvwreck them with cum all over x
Cuminminkfurs 70M:
greg2020buttman To You 57M: love that bulge
greg2020buttman To You 57M: yummy
greg2020buttman 57M: tipped 25 pts
hockey9858 To You 55M: Just beIng real, Not a newbie
ty 4 the points
greg2020buttman To You 57M: i love sucking tranny cock. love to swallow your sperm load
Cuminminkfurs 70M: Use her best furs as your personal cum dump . Mmmm !!!!
greg2020buttman To You 57M: and love to eat your butthole too
greg2020buttman 57M: tipped 25 pts
ty greg
greg2020buttman To You 57M: do you like your cock sucked? and do you like your butthole eaten out?
hockey9858 To You 55M: IF interested just teXt Me
greg2020buttman To You 57M: do you like to get fucked bareback?
hasnt happened yet
cybercplau To You 59M/56F: Gday from Australia. You look dressed up great. I would luv to slowly undress you
is there fire by you?
greg2020buttman To You 57M: no
greg2020buttman To You 57M: i dont think so i'm in Oakland
cybercplau To You 59M/56F: no but you are starting one x
greg2020buttman To You 57M: i'm going to the bath house tonight and suck some cocks
hockey9858 To You 55M: Wanna cum in my lipstick mouth
Cuminminkfurs 70M: Your ass should rule the entire world baby . Heaven is you sitting on my face for hours wanking your cock while ii lick your ass !!
hockey come over
tatooed360 50M: Hello
greg2020buttman To You 57M: i love sucking gloryhole cocks
tatooed360 50M: Nice panties
hockey9858 To You 55M: Text mE
greg2020buttman To You 57M: i out of prison a while ago, i'm now use to cock, balls and butthole
i dont have cell phone
Cuminminkfurs 70M: You look just too good !! You are perfect in every possible ways
you got that in prison?
Cuminminkfurs 70M: You'd create a riot in sny prison baby
greg2020buttman To You 57M: yes i was a prison punk, i started to love it. now all i want is cock meat and sperm
greg2020buttman To You 57M: i love getting buttfucked
greg2020buttman To You 57M: i'm looking for a tranny to fuck me
Cuminminkfurs 70M: Men would kill each others for the pleasure to rim your ass and suck your cock
hockey9858 To You 55M: I need cock in panties , stockings and bra
hockey9858 To You 55M: Got stockings
hi ten
To tankhousegirl (privately)
greg2020buttman 57M: tipped 25 pts
greg2020buttman To You 57M: show me your butthole
ChristinaLynnCD To You 46T: Hello sexy, we love your outfit and nice legs
ChristinaLynnCD To You 46T: very nice ass baby
greg2020buttman To You 57M: thats some good butthole
Cuminminkfurs 70M: I'd swap you with my g/f any minute without a second thought . I 'd shower you with beautiful clothes and rxpensive mink furs forbyou tonavuse and soil carelessly x
wow furs
luv2licku91040 : Let me see your clitty sweatheart !!!
luv2licku91040 : What do U like sweatheart ???
turns me on that your watching
To tankhousegirl (privately)
luv2licku91040 : Do U want to shoot your clitty off ???
yes and no
smoke break
srry gotta have smoke
To tankhousegirl (privately)
alljinxedup4160 35M: Oh super dark
u waited?
To tankhousegirl (privately)
SouthOC11 To You 57M: are u a nasty dirty little slut

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