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Quick cam chat 4 /12/20  

Dressmeup2017 60T
2 posts
4/12/2020 6:06 am
Quick cam chat 4 /12/20

who wants ploay we asre hosting
Icantwait4us 40M: Hi girls
Icantwait4us 40M: Cute stuff
\wherre are youkyup you might just get luc players we insan pedro hit us
pantykinks 35T: hi!
come over?
elusivelam (privately)
come over?
elusivelam (privately)
Glen6936 You 37M: mmmmmm
Glen6936 You 37M:
come over
kellylb (privately)
Assman5801 64M: Hi
Pussylips1 58M/57F: hi
lexpeters You : can i fuck both of you?
Pussylips1 58M/57F:
lexpeters You : mmmm
ed69kc2000 You 61M: hi baby
lexpeters You : i can go back n forth in you or ine at a time
lexpeters You : one at a time
lexpeters You : santa monica
lexpeters You : i like her big legs
lexpeters You : can she bend over?
lexpeters You : 7 1/2
lexpeters You : you guys need bigger?
lexpeters You : mmm hot
lexpeters You : she sounds mad
lexpeters You : doesnt sound too fun over there. i can come over when you are alone.
lexpeters To You : do you like cum inside you?
lexpeters To You : can i bring laptop so i can fuck you on cam?
up to you
before the sun comes up
lexpeters To You : my wife wants to come and video us. is that ok?
sure is
lexpeters To You :
lexpeters To You :
lexpeters To You : us
lexpeters To You : yes
lexpeters To You : she wants to suck your cock while i fuck you from behind. r u ok with that?
lexpeters To You : and are you clean?
lexpeters To You : her questions
lexpeters To You : yes
lexpeters To You : ok we r gonna shoer
lexpeters To You : shower
lexpeters To You : yes
lexpeters To You : be back to get address
anyone up for some fun?
lexperters u here?
Kylehofer To You 30M: Hi
u here?
To pornateho (privately)
SuckyService 52M: Hi, how r you
SuckyService 52M: Haha
SuckyService 52M: Hi to your pal too. Was about to say don't mind if you don't tal
SuckyService 52M: I'll be bac All the best
novatos1768 : hola
cruisingthrew201 47M: hello
pantydropper661 51M: No
pantydropper661 51M: That sucks. I think we are getting more
\u in maine
To ddecameter2007 (privately)
ddecameter2007 To You 66M: good morning, yes I am
RockeyBK 60M: Hello good morning
RockeyBK 60M: cool
RockeyBK 60M: palmdale blvd
RockeyBK 60M: and 5th west
RockeyBK 60M: SR71
RockeyBK 60M: ?
MeandMycdslut 59M/51F:
MeandMycdslut 59M/51F: yes
MeandMycdslut 59M/51F: Santa Rosa, CA for a bit
MeandMycdslut 59M/51F: no
MeandMycdslut 59M/51F: Yes...arson sucks
MeandMycdslut 59M/51F: Why are you awake at this hour?
MeandMycdslut 59M/51F: ok
MeandMycdslut 59M/51F: Seems to always be the issue
MeandMycdslut 59M/51F: Do you live alone?
MeandMycdslut 59M/51F: She dresses me
MeandMycdslut 59M/51F: No, she buys what she wants me to wear
MeandMycdslut 59M/51F: work
MeandMycdslut 59M/51F: yes
MeandMycdslut 59M/51F: Can't say what she does
MeandMycdslut 59M/51F: no, small town
MeandMycdslut 59M/51F: Honey, I'm off to walk the . back in 20 minutes.
MeandMycdslut 59M/51F:
MeandMycdslut 59M/51F:
MeandMycdslut 59M/51F: Doberman
MeandMycdslut 59M/51F: biab
elusivelam (privately)
u like cock?
elusivelam (privately)
wegendes 42M: mmm
wegendes 42M: good
midsmale2000 You 45M: mm c2c
MrSyrNY2 68M: mmm - Cam Cam?...
MeandMycdslut 59M/51F: back
dreamim269 : love doing 69
Perpetualhard8 63M: cum down his throat
LarryNoob 51M: Oh my! So very sexy.
Drank760 27M: Sexy
Abheywood171 55M: Fuck his pussy
lisavp 61T: fuck that mouth
Carrie007 40T: Happy Easter xx
Carrie007 40T: Do we think she bend him over xxx
lisavp 61T: wish I had mouth on my cock
Carrie007 40T: Like that
lisavp 61T: Carrie I be doing 69
Carrie007 40T: Definitely xxxx
puddinluvs2 59M:
Carrie007 40T: Think we about see something here xxx
lisavp 61T: yes
lisavp 61T: love anal
Carrie007 40T: Yes u in uk or usa
subforlife2 You 58M/57F: wow...hes the luckiest on the planet
puddinluvs2 59M: looks like some good ass ...
lisavp 61T: usa
lisavp 61T: dam she has nice ass
Carrie007 40T: Oh yes need get bk on top xx
lisavp 61T: have a 3 some I be in the center
Carrie007 40T: Mmm
lisavp 61T:
Carrie007 40T: Wow your sexy xx
lisavp 61T: ty
Carrie007 40T: Let him do sucking
Carrie007 40T: Get bk on top hun xxx
puddinluvs2 59M:
hottcd 53T: very nice lisa
2BlaccBear 31M: tipped 15 pts
MeandMycdslut You 59M/51F: Go buzz mode
lisavp 61T: ty love
hottcd 53T: tipped 15 pts
Carrie007 40T: tipped pts
Carrie007 40T: Hehe she playing behind u xxx
funcouple37419 60M/60F: hello Darryl here
funcouple37419 60M/60F: 2 t gurls there
funcouple37419 60M/60F: show his cock too
Carrie007 40T: Plz can get bk on top xxxx
MeandMycdslut 59M/51F: tipped 60 pts
funcouple37419 60M/60F: show her cock too
Carrie007 40T: Do she have heels too ???
funcouple37419 60M/60F: why can u not get it hard ???
funcouple37419 60M/60F: go fuck her
Carrie007 40T: If give 20 points will she put some on xxx
puddinluvs2 59M: Will u throw the rod her hunn?
Carrie007 40T: Yes
Carrie007 40T: U drive hard bargain lol
Carrie007 40T: 40 points
Carrie007 40T: Ok deal
Carrie007 40T: tipped 50 pts
Carrie007 40T: Sexy thank u xxxxxxx
hockey9858 You 56M: Cloudy
Carrie007 40T: Looking good ladies xxxxx
snoopwest54 60M: What did i miss
Carrie007 40T: Can u kiss
Carrie007 40T: Will suck her off xxx
OhSallie You 30F: love some dirty old men
cplforplaymate2 62M/61F:
cplforplaymate2 62M/61F: mmm sexy

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