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Hard Done  

DySir 39M
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6/25/2013 7:04 am
Hard Done

Hands bound behind her back and all fours, her face was pushed hard into the pillows, as he thrust forward with the full weight of his ample frame.

"Ohhhhhh!", came a moan borne of both pleasure and pain combined

Unable to resist or move in any way, she had no option but to take him as he pleased. Tonight, it was clear that he definitely wanted her to feel his pain

Her only relief was the fact that he'd prepared her properly for this activity by the careful use of a butt plug during her<b> caning </font></b>earlier.

It still hurt though, and he knew it.

Anal sex was in fact something she absolutely adored; she found it both painful and in a way demeaning. And as a result, she also found it extremely pleasurable; it never failed to give her multiple orgasms.

All the more confusing then as to why he had chosen to include it in her punishment session that night. This totally bemused her and for some reason amused him.

After a few minutes though, she realised exactly why.....

An insatiable desire to reach between her legs was greeted by a realisation that she couldn't; she was of course bound.

Denial was in fact to be her punishment that night, not the<b> caning </font></b>as she first thought.

Her frustration began to build, driving her absolutely crazy. She started to twist and writhe as she fought hopelessly against her bonds.

'This isn't fair', she thought to herself. 'He knows I need to cum when he fucks me like that! Arrrgh, he's been working me, and I just know he's going to use this to his advantage, damn that man!'

And sure enough, he did....

Pulling out, he got up and just stood there; looking down at his extremely frustrated sub

"Perhaps you'll think twice about answering back in future", he said in a stern voice

And without showing any further emotion, he turned and left the room.....

This musing is not 'to be continued', there is no part 2. His sub had been a very naughty girl that day, and she deserved every bit of her punishment; as do you for reading this and having naughty thoughts

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