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It Is Enough To Drive You Crazy  

EarWarmersNeeded 51M
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7/23/2021 12:26 am
It Is Enough To Drive You Crazy

Is it just me or does it seem that the number of actual members looking to connect compared to the number of fakes only wanting your CC numbers is simple staggering?

I am by no means a miser with my money. I still expect to pay for dinner and a movie. Or whatever we may decide on doing on a date.

Call me old fashioned cause I do not feel by doing so it implies anything is owed to me at the end of the evening. Hell, I even hold doors for you and pull out your chair at dinner. It's called manners first of all and if I asked you out, why wouldn't I come fully prepared to pay for the events of the evening.
Now, I know this is 2021 and women want to be independent, and that is perfectly fine as well. I have no issues allowing you to pay for yourself if that is your desire. But I would never expect you to do so nor would it imply that I am owed anything in return.

But sadly, I can't even get to that point on any of these so called dating sites! Seems that the only ones that respond or initiate conversations will be asking for gift cards of airlines tickets within 24 hours of contact. Or better yet want to leave the site you current are talking on to join yet another site they pick. One of which simply wants your credit card information only to ensure you are actually of age. Bit wait, what's this? Hundreds of dollars in charges for sites you never signed up for and never cancelled. ALWAYS READ THE FINE PRINT FOLKS!
Bottom line is I do not think it is a real thing! I do not think any of these sites are a medium that you will ever connect with an actual person like we had hoped! There are too many dishonest people in this world that simply want everything for nothing! And they swarm these sites and make it impossible for actual people with the same end results in mind from ever connecting.
There has got to be an answer to this issue. I am too old to hit the nite<b> clubs. </font></b>Note really the type to hit on random women in public settings, like the grocery stores and so on. Online has proven to be a huge failure. So where does one go to meet the freak they desire without having to worry your bank account gets cleaned out or the person in the picture IS NOT who shows up for your date? I am about to concede to the idea of being alone from here on out. And for me that would mean going without sex as well. Can't do escort's, just not something I could really get onboard with. Personal decision, and no judgement on those who do or the ones who are in that line of work. Those are your choices and just like every other one of your choices, they are none of my business or my concerns. It is not my place to judge anyone.
So all in all I'm trying to come up with an idea that would enable the people like myself, desire to connect with others, for whatever level of connections you seek, are able to make those connections. Without the games we have all been running into, and after days or even weeks of communicating you find out it was all BS. Whether it be a place we all meet every couple weeks as a group, or an actual online medium that eliminates the fakes and catfishing at the first hint they are not being genuine. I don't know what the answer is yet. Hell it may just be me, but I doubt it.
Any thoughts or ideas will greatly be appreciated. I mean fuck I just want to meet some actual people that have some similar interests without an innate desire to dive head first into your next failed relationship. Fun seekers I guess. I am a firm believer that there is a huge difference between making love and fucking. And that both are as important to a healthy lifestyle. And right now, where I am in my life I am only looking for the latter. I had my share of the former and it never ended well for me in the long run. Which I'm ok with, I do not need a live in partner tp feel complete. But I do know what I do need to feel complete and it just seems impossible to locate online....

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