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Why is a conversation About Sex So Hard?  

English0Man69 58M
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8/19/2020 2:34 pm
Why is a conversation About Sex So Hard?

The Internet is full of message board threads and chat rooms with topics where people talk about sex, but it seems like it’s another story when it comes to talking about sex in person, even to the person you’re having sex with! There are ample reasons why having conversations about sex might be difficult for you, and I wish to talk about some of those in brief.

• Prior abuse can absolutely make it hard to talk about sex. You may have trust issues or even experienced PTSD, even if the abuse occurred when you were a . Get professional advice for dealing with sexual assault.

• Being taught guilt or shame about sex is common, especially from parents and other authority figures, and it can close the channels of communication with your sexual partners if you can’t get beyond it.

• Religion may have influenced the way you see sex, making it taboo to talk about or even to enjoy if it’s not in the “right” way.

• Negative experiences in the past, such as a partner who wouldn’t listen to you or who made fun of your preferences, can cause you to shy away from expressing yourself now.

• Worrying about your sexual desires and fetishes is a common reason many women – and men – are reticent about describing what they want in the bedroom.

• Gender roles teach us that women should be subservient and bow down to your man, which may result in your reticence to let your partner know if he’s doing something wrong or if there’s something else you’d like.

• The media depicts sex as happening spontaneously and perfectly, without showing any of the awkward parts or preparation and communication that are necessary to make your sex life awesome.

• Lack of sex<b> education </font></b>and poor guidance about relationships in many parts of the world makes it more difficult to talk to partners about tricky issues like sex.

• Society has an unhealthy obsession with sexuality while making it a taboo subject.

• Sensitivity on your part, or of that of your lover can make you reluctant to talk about sex.

• Embarrassment about lack of experience or understanding your own body’s sexual response can be counterproductive when it comes to sexual communication.

• Difficulty communicating, in general, won’t make it any easier to talk about sex, which is such a personal and intimate subject.

Any more suggestions please I welcome them, trying to talk about each subject in my new Book.

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