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Adult Store Back Rooms  

EroticMusings2 57F  
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7/3/2021 1:27 am
Adult Store Back Rooms

So I pondered tonight on what to write about. See I am trying to become a better me all the way around. One of the things I think I need is a more positive outlook. With that being sad, I thought I would tell you about one of my favorite times.

No this was probably about 15 years ago, and I was going to University of New Mexico in Las Cruces . I had transferred from a community college in Wyoming to further my education in Fine Art. So anyway, I had met a man and began a relationship with him. We went to dinner, and then stopped by a Adult Store near the hotel I lived at temporally until housing on<b> campus </font></b>opened up.

We browsed a few videos, and the toy section. All the sudden he grabs my hand and we head into the back. Now I had never been in the back of a adult store. This one had all kinds of very small viewing rooms where you pumped a bunch of quarters in and for a brief time a XXX video would play. Well we found one that was open and it just happened to have a leather couch in the room.

I shut the door, and threw the latch. I was very excited, and we fished out some coinage. Feeding the machine I slid my pants off and spread my legs wide with one of my legs on the back of the couch. My partner set to work on eating my pussy. Now y'all know I love me some porn now. So this is right there and you can here other people moaning and groaning in the other rooms and at the glory hole. That in itself was such a turn-on for this girl. I kept feeding the coins in and telling him to not stop. Soon he had two fingers curving very nicely into my g spot. I was so wet you could hear it each time he slide his fingers in and out. I grabbed hold of his head and pulled his face in tighter demanding that he not stop. I do not ever just lay anywhere, so I was already gyrating and telling him that I was going to cum all over his face. Of course there was no answer because he was very busy sucking on my clit and trying to hang on for dear life. It did not take long before I exploded, and came all over his face with such a rush.

He took off his shirt so he could wipe off his face. I told him that it was his turn. He found some more change and started getting ready to feed the machine. "Not so fast hot stuff", as I pointed to his pants. "You know what I want now", and with that he unsnapped his jeans, and I watched as he unzipped them. I pushed him onto the sofa, and decided that he was taking entirely too long. I wanted his cock and I wanted it now. My lips were pursed and ready, and my mouth eagerly awaiting. I pulled his semi-rigid cock out and smiled. There was already a pretty large bead of precum. I licked it off and then crawled between his legs. With that he fed the machine while I slowly slide his cock into my mouth. I love the feeling of a man getting hard in my mouth, feeling a cock grow is such a delight. I started swirling my tongue as I took him in against the back of my throat. I didn't have to worry about him gagging me, but it is how you use the equipment that matter.

I stopped and started to take each ball and gently swirl it around in my mouth before gingerly letting it back out. Licking right where the prostate is, and pressing my fingers on the outside. h girl, I dont think I can stand this much longer", he said in that out of control breathing. He arched his back and said "Please!"
I took him fully back into my mouth and felt him wrap his hands in my long hair. He started fucking my mouth much harder now, and I just held on for dear life. I knew soon he would explode in my mouth and I would swallow every drop with happiness. His stroked are slowing a bit but all the way in and, that meant he was very near. "You ready? You want this?" I nodded my head because I had a mouthful of cock. With that he thrust fully back into my mouth and just held my head there. I could feel his cum hitting the back of my throat in thick ribbons.

We tried to clean up a bit, and then ran back thru the store hand in hand. That is one of a few encounters that I really enjoyed so much. I would do that again in a heartbeat.

Would you?


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Needsomekisses60 61M
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7/3/2021 5:12 am


69ereatwetpussy 59M
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7/3/2021 5:21 am

Good morning sunshine hope your day is as beautiful as you.
Your the first blog of the day
Old have to say old eat that way and wait for you to cummmmm
All over my face. To her your moans then feel you push into my mouth.
As you explode
Your heard clit seeing suck licked by my mouth and tongue
Then one finger in slowly all wet the second finger in and out and in
As I still eat you.
You bring out the best in people you know what you like
You share it with us have a wonderful day hope you get eaten very soon.xoxoxoxo Thomas

Massass1963 58M

7/3/2021 7:41 am

First, I think it is GREAT that you are working on a positive outlook. I have read your profile previously and know it wasn't always easy for you. Still, if you project positivity (in spite what you internally feel) it attracts people, which hopefully leads to true happiness
Now, about that playtime in the adult store ... hell yeah, I would LOVE that. I am adventurous and love sex or even just fondling in public places just as long as there is a low chance of getting caught!! LOL I've done things in changing rooms of stores that aren't too busy at the time. I've also played in bathrooms and showers of campgrounds. It can be thrilling! Want to shower with me?

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