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Don't Text and Fuck  

EroticMusings2 57F  
1216 posts
10/14/2021 11:28 pm
Don't Text and Fuck

I waa thinking about this lover I used to have. He came all the way to New Mexico to see me from Wyoming. He was a little smitten with me. And I tried like hell to make it work though I had no idea what i was getting into.

But we had some good times and I really adored his mother. I ended up taking his dachshund that was very old and having him live out the rest of his life with me. We had sex quite a few times up in the mountains, after riding 4 wheelers all over the place. I even wrecked on one and really messed up my leg for awhile.

But this one time we were in a motel room, going at it. And his phone keeps chiming with text<b> messages. </font></b>Honest to God he grabs his phone and tries to reply while fucking me. Then he starts answering his phone with a very pissed off wife ont he other end. After about the 4th time, I had had enough. I sent him, and his phone out the door and told him to go back to his wife.

We laughed about it years later, it was a crazy time. I really cared for him, but he was just too messed up and couldnt stop lying to everyone about everythings.

Sadly he passed away a few years ago from complications for diabetes.


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spunkycumfun 61M/66F  
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10/15/2021 3:37 am

That was one bizarre situation. I too would have been pissed off with that!

Paulxx001 64M  
21952 posts
10/15/2021 5:08 am

Sad, but at least you had a moment. 😔

WyoCowboy7751 68M
2346 posts
10/15/2021 6:15 am

In situations such as you describe; I have a setting on my phone that I can set for calls to go straight too voice mail and a message can be left !! My message simply states, " Unable to answer your call at the moment. Leave a message and I will call you back as soon as possible !! 🤠

positively4you 72F  
4521 posts
10/15/2021 7:36 am

Unless you are on the transplant list, no reason to have the phone on at all during that time. Inconsiderate. I had a first meet texting under the table. I was done with him before it even started.

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