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My First MFM with 2 Bi-Men ~ Yum!  

EroticMusings2 57F  
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1/26/2021 12:07 am
My First MFM with 2 Bi-Men ~ Yum!

So bare with me on this story of my very first threesome which was a MFM with two good friends of mine.

This was probably about 15 years ago but I remember it well. There are just some things that never fade in ones memory and this is one of them. I had been with each of these men before individually. Over a matter of years, we became pretty good friends. They did not know each other, but I found out each of them was bi-sexual.

So I wanted to have my first threesome, which of course most women want to be MFM. We set up a play date, and one of the men secured the motel room. I met Mr. L early because he wanted some time with me alone, we made out, started getting freakier. He had just really started to eat my pussy when finally Mr. J showed up. I let him in and I could tell he was nervous and I think he wasn't too sure about having to share me either. So I motioned him over and we started to kiss. Now both of these men were excellent kisser, as well as excellent at eating my pussy. Mr. J before had even gotten me to squirt by eating my pussy.

So J and I are laying on the bed kissing, and he goes down on me. Then he climbs back up and we go at it missionary. He came real fast which is normal. I like to get the first fuck out of the way, that way we can take our time and really play for the second one. He climbs off and L is right there lapping up all that cum cascading and oozing out of my pussy. I loved that, it was so hot. Then he flips me over and we go at it doggy. They keep trading places with me, making me cum and them L cleaning it up.

Finally I suggest to J that he let L suck his cock. Well L really got into it, that was his fantasy, to be with a guy. He did a great job sucking cock and I was cheering him on. Now I am sitting in a chair with my legs spread, one over the arm masturbating while I tell him what to do. After a bit I ask J if he would fuck L. So doggie style J lubes up and slowly takes his ass. Now I knew his ass was very ready for it. I had even fisted him at his begging many times before and this boy was very kinky. So I tell J tell fuck him like he really wants too. Wasn't too long after that that they both came.

So we sat around for a bit then J left. L was eager for us to play alone again. For me to play with his ass, and him to eat my pussy. We fucked, sucked, depleted ourselves but good that day. I think we were there for over 6 hours. But what a afternoon. One I hope to repeat sometime down the road after my pet (my sub male) has been trained by me in many ways. After that I will be using him well and with others too.

Life is too short to not orgasm often.


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justme51 70M
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1/27/2021 4:04 am

What a beautiful time

One can never have enough fun-private mail on my blog.

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