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Savor Each Orgasm  

EroticMusings2 57F  
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1/31/2021 11:23 pm
Savor Each Orgasm

I think every woman enjoy the same thing about a man, his taking his time and not being in a rush. We want those lingering deep<b> kisses. </font></b>We want see the passion, feel the passion, be the passion.

Men please slow it down some. Please cup our face, kiss slowly, with passion. None of this pointy tongue kind of darty bit. Relax your tongue and lips. A nice deep kiss with lots of tongue. Just like you are for your woman. Think about when you used fantasize about making out. You would take your time. Soft little<b> kisses </font></b>on her neck, for me especially the nape of my nec

Treat us like you are so happy be near us, enjoy our bodies. Don't go and just touch our hot zones. Build that fire within us, we dont have off and on buttons. trail your fingers all along the body, between the breasts, all of the chest. Make her feel like she is the most beautiful woman there is. You can tell her too, that never hurts.

Let her lay back, tell her to relax, make love to her. All of us ladies like that for sure. Kiss all around our erogenous zone. Soft little<b> kisses </font></b>and licks, like working your way to the center. Men, now for the love of God, please learn to eat pussy really well. Do not act like you are afraid to do a full out lic Again none of this pointy darty shit please. Relax your tongue. Lick her pussy, just lick you would a very juicy peach that is dripping with juices. Gently suck on the clic Do not be afraid slowly add a finger or into both holes.

A man who really knows how to eat pussy well and loves it, is worth his weight in gold ten times over. You will have her saying yes to anything. I know I would.

Now when it comes to have intercourse, again men, slow it down. There isnt a race. If you are having trouble getting it in, think of different positions, because there are all kinds and there is bound to be one that will wor If you are missionary, rubbing her clit really helps too. Nice slow strokes to begin with, she will tell you when to speed up.

Have fun, talk about what is working and what doesnt. Keep the lines of communication open. Everyone has time to stop for a few minutes and say a couple of words.


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