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Beth 2  

Eviloutlaw1 60M
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10/9/2021 8:41 am

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Beth 2

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Eviloutlaw1 60M
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10/9/2021 8:42 am

Well June had arrived, and Beth would be coming from Pittsburgh by car ( flying into town from Tampa Florida was cost prohibitive ) A friend ( former co-worker, another nurse ) would be picking her up in Pittsburgh and driving her up to Erie. Beth said she'd call as soon as they hit town and we could chat and make plans to meet that Friday night. All day long at work my mind was elsewhere.. knowing that I'd soon get to meet her in person as I anxiously awaited her call. She rang a little after I got home that night. I was in heaven knowing that she'd made it safely to town, and hearing her voice ( we'd talked a few times on long distance of course ) but knowing she was so near had me walking on a cloud. Our conversation was brief, tired from her flight and the drive up to Erie she wanted to jump into a shower and take a nap at her friends place ( she'd be staying with her for her first night in town ) Saying we could meet up at a bar that was close by. Telling me the name, asking if I knew where the place was, I did and told her so, along with saying that I'd never been there before, but had driven a by it a few times.

Fantastic she said, we'll meet you there around eight o'clock then okay? We'll? I questioned. Yeah Mary ( her friend and old co-worker ) would be there as well.. sort of had to be as she was Beth's ride not having rented a car to get around in while she was in town. Oh, I see. I assumed that I'd be meeting her alone.. but in retrospect even though we'd been talking together for months now that Beth would want to have someone she knew with her to act as a buffer just in case we didn't hit it off at our first meeting. Then Beth asked if maybe we could make it a foursome ? She knew I had a buddy from work who had just broken up with his long time lover, we'd ( Beth and I ) had chatted about what he was going through in some of our chats together and she suggested that I invite him to come with me, figuring that Mary wouldn't feel so much like a fifth wheel if he came along.
Well I told her that I'd ask Damain if he'd wanted to tag along, I don't know if he'd be up for it but I could ask. Well, that's all I can ask is you ask. She chided me. and we said our good byes and rang off.

I knew Damian got off work later than I did. Working in another building at a different school. So I called the soon to be ex first. And informed her that I needed her to come get the minions for the evening. Of course the Ex didn't want to...her words exactly "it isn't her weekend when she she saw them" Guilt trip time...yeah I never liked pulling that shit on her ..but I hadn't been out in forever it seemed. No way was I going to miss the chance to meet Beth, something I'd been dreaming about for too long... I pointed out to the Ex that she didn't exactly see them on the weekends she was suppose to either, or sometimes called the house at the last minute saying she wasn't able to come that weekend to pick them up for some lame reason. ( most of the time the real reason was so she could spend time with the ass she left me/us for. Jailed for non payment of support to his own minion, only allowed for work he'd sometimes get passes on weekends and be allowed to do personal things, I'm sure non of those were ever the real reasons he used the passes for, just an excuse to hook up with my ex really ) In the end after arguing about it the guilt trip worked. Though it was a moot point with the boys. Our oldest had had it with her half assed parenting and said he had plans that evening himself working on college essays and applications and wouldn't be going with her. The middle son had asked if he could spend the night at a friends house, back yard camping. So that only left our youngest or daughter. When the ex found out it was just going to be our daughter, she relented and said she'd be over to pick her up. ( found out later that the ex dropped our daughter off at the mother in laws place and went out with her boyfriend any how spending just the car ride with her over to there. )

Well with the call to the ex done with ( thank the fates ) and the minions seen to safely. I called Damain. What's up...yeah he said it just like they did in those old TV ads and movies. So I explained the situation to him...Did I know what Mary looked like? Was she hot? he asked. No, and having never met her I had no idea if she was or wasn't? And it all really depended on his definition of hot, I mean not every one I would think to be hot could be what he also though as hot, right?? He agreed that was right, and he also agreed to tag along as well. Saying just before we rang off "who knows I might get lucky ?" At that point I didn't care if he did or didn't I was just glad he agreed to coming along.

I took a shower....shaved... put on my best pair of Levi's and a t-shirt that I thought looked good on me ( Highlighting my now skinnier and tone body, stress in my case makes me thin out big time. Feuding with the ex had me almost back to my high school weight and waist size of twenty nine inches. Okay, I said almost...but having a thirty one in waistline at thirty five years old was good in my book ) The ex picked up our daughter around six, didn't come to the door to get her just pulled up front in her Mom's car and honked the horn, so I had to go out to speak to her. ( Bollix ) I walked the daughter out to the car and told the Ex that I didn't know how long I'd be out that night, so if it was cool (?) if our daughter could perhaps spend the night with her "Mom" that would be best. Where you going? I couldn't resist the dig, and I told her I had a date. With who? She asked. Not wanting to give her any info I just said someone you don't know, and left it at that. Well, just don't be bringing you "friends" home after wards with the boys still here. Like she still had a say in who I could or couldn't bring home to share my bed. I told her that I'd never do that, not that it was her concern any more. Her parting line was, what ever. Then she said that she had to get her Mom's car back and drove off in a huff. What her problem was who knew. Not like she wasn't seeing someone, my having a date shouldn't have phased her one bit. Probably because her BF. was in lock up most of the time I suppose? That and the fact she was living with my Mother in law under Mommy's rules of the house once again like a minion herself. In at certain times..no over night guests ( no play time at home with the BF ) which reduced their "quality ' time to screwing in parked cars, or cheep motel meets. It was after all her choice to leave..she made the bed she was now sleeping in, so she'd better get use to it.

That nasty business of chatting with the ex over with I set my mind on the night ahead, jumped into my van to go pick up Damain. Still early to meet the ladies at the bar we hung out at his place, me watching TV and him surfing the net. I watched the local news report, and a couple of sit-coms and it was time to leave. We got to the bar at a quarter to eight, the place was already packed. Sanding room only, hell the dance floor looked like a mosh pit there were so many people up dancing ( well just jostling about as you really couldn't move because so many people were up there ) . When I spied Beth sitting at a table close to the dance floor. Looking exactly like her photo's. My heart skipped a beat. Not knowing if the person matched the photo's I was delighted to know that they had been real and recently taken. Like her photo's she was stunning! I think I must have been grinning ear to ear when I walked over and said "Hello Baby doll!" Calling each other by our screen names was a thing with us during our chats. The minute she heard me, she got out of her chair and gave me the biggest hug ever! Kissing my cheek, then hard on the lips as well. I didn't know if you'd really show up or not. she said. As we sat down together. I replied that wild horses couldn't have keep me away, then reached over to take hold of her hand...pulling her closer to give her a kiss. You ever meet someone like that? You just knew that the two of you were meant to meet. Meant to be together? So at ease right from the start it felt like you'd know each other all your lives? That is how it was with Beth and I, both of us felt so comfortable with the other right from the start. Damian had taken a seat as well, and suddenly my mind was brought back to the surroundings I was in, I made introductions to Beth and when finished Beth introduced Mary ( who had just appeared at the table carrying drinks for the both of them ) to Damain and myself.

Well, not every blind "date" goes well. I could see that Mary wasn't taken with Damain...and when she asked him what he did for a living got a rather unpleasant look on her face. I'd seen the like before, when I told people what I did for a living, and Damain and I both did the same job just at different buildings in our district. The look is hard to describe really, it's a look that not only dismisses the work that you do but one that also conveys contempt they feel about people who do it. Like "oh...they know the job needs done, but they don't care to associate with those who do it. Thinking the person is beneath them somehow. Well, if it wasn't for the music playing at the bar that night, you could have cut the silence with a dull butter knife. I think Damain saw the look too. Getting up asked if anyone needed another drink? Beth piped up that by the time he got back she'd need one, and asked if he get her one, I asked for my usual rum and coke and told him I'd get the next round. He turned to Mary awaiting a response...but she said she was fine and she was able to buy her own drinks. ( yeah the ice dripping off her words was clearly evident . ) Good natured and trying to make peace he said he'd buy her another anyhow, save her a trip to the crowed bar and having to wait in line to do so and was off.

Beth tried drawing Mary out after Damain left the table... Asking her what she thought of Damain? Mary just shrugged her shoulders and took a sip of her drink, saying the bar was too crowed tonight, and perhaps we should think of going someplace else? Maybe we should? was Beth's reply. But I want a dance with my man first...standing up and pulling me out of my chair as the band started playing a slow song. I couldn't help think that when Mary had answered Beth's question that she meant that maybe they should ditch us and find some other guys to hang with? I think Beth had gotten that as her meaning as well? Reasoning why she added the "my man" to her reply. The thought passed, as we entered the dance floor and I took her into my arms. Less crowed and most of the dancers had walked off towards the bar to wet their whistles we didn't exactly have the place to ourselves, but moving about the dance floor with her, the scent of her perfume the closeness of our bodies we were in a world of our own, oblivious of others around us.
I don't know what it is about dancing that gets me so worked up, well I do... as it's almost like you and your partner are having sex. Holding Beth close my hands resting on the small of her back her head on my chest as we slow danced. I could feel her breast rise and fall with each breath she took, I could feel her nipples hard as rocks rubbing against me as we moved about trying not to bump into other couples. I felt my cock start to harden and I tried moving slightly away from her as no to come off as some sex starved idiot getting a boner while dancing but didn't quite move in time before she felt it. Lifting her head from my chest he hugged me tighter pulling our bodies back together, letting me know that if I was getting a boner she had no problems with it rubbing up against her as we sashayed across the floor. I dropped my hands to her pert soft ass and gave both cheeks a squeeze, to my delight she turned her head up a soft moan escaping her lips as kissed me softly.. causing me to reach full wood. After that I think I got lost in her kissing her back and nuzzling her neck, the next thing I knew the song had ended and a fast one started and the floor got really crowed again. Beth walked ahead of me off the dance floor weaving our way through the crowed bar I got stopped by a woman selling roses, letting go Of Beth's hand she continued back to our table as I as the woman how much for the roses? Ten bucks per was the woman's reply, two for fifteen. I bought six of them... and headed back to the table... In the dim lighting of the bar I swear I could see Beth blush a bit when I handed the roses to her. She thanked me and said I shouldn't have gotten them.... Ah well what could I say.. only that she deserved them. The woman selling the roses passed by the table on her way out the door. Smiled at us both, and said she was glad the "lady " loved the flowers.. Yes....and the man who gave them to me. Was Beth's reply....

Eviloutlaw1 60M
4963 posts
10/9/2021 8:43 am

Our first dance. I hope you enjoyed? Next time after the bar... Till then Have a good one people!

author51 59F  
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10/9/2021 9:56 am

I will have to read it when I get home and online Monday morning my sexy friend. Have a wonderful weekend Hun.xoxo

You can never have enough JOY in your life..xoxo


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