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Cat on the mat...  

Eviloutlaw1 60M
5328 posts
8/31/2021 1:52 am

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9/1/2021 1:51 am

Cat on the mat...

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Eviloutlaw1 60M
4736 posts
8/31/2021 1:55 am

I suppose I cold have titled this blog post "Pussy on the Porch" as well, but cat on the mat sounded better.

Mondays are always different at work. I never know what I'll find waiting for me when I go into work for the day. Yesterday was not your typical Monday.

Now most Mondays are easy cleaning days office wise, it's the gym and laundry area that are always trashed. Liquid and powdered soap all over the floors, that lone sock left in the washing machine or dryer. Gym equipment not cleaned off or put away right after someone had worked out on it. Pretty much the areas are a big mess. Doing the work in there took a bit more time than usual yesterday. It being a dark and stormy morning ( thunder clouds and lighting over the lake ) I didn't mind the extra time I had to put in to do the work.

Well, after I'd finished the gym and laundry, I went back into the office to put my cleaning stuff away and you guessed it ... when I walked up onto the covered porch to go open the door, there laying on the large oversized welcome mat were two of the neighborhood cats acting like they owned the place. Usually the pair are off hunting the grounds in phase one, or sunning themselves with the early morning rays in the grassy area next to the office parking lot. When I stepped onto the porch, the one cat took off, it being the more skittish of the pair running under the railing and hiding under the near neighbors car in the drive way , the other didn't move an inch. In fact gave me a look that said...hey this is my spot now...and I'm not moving for you or anybody. Taking refuge on the porch to keep themselves dry I suppose? Funny but I always assumed that pussy's liked it when they were wet?

Any who figuring out that it was going to get pushed out of the way when I opened the door it finally got up and joined it's buddy under the neighbors car. By the time I left the office the sun had come out and pushed the clouds away, the pair of cats were back across the street heading for home and breakfast.

Eviloutlaw1 60M
4736 posts
8/31/2021 1:56 am

Have a good one people....

author51 58F  
125873 posts
8/31/2021 2:24 am

Cool cats they were my friend...lol. Have a good one Hun...xoxo

You can never have enough JOY in your life...xoxo


PonyGirl1965 55F
19972 posts
9/1/2021 12:19 am

Pussy perched on the porch is cute

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