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New Years concluded....  

Eviloutlaw1 60M
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11/22/2020 3:04 am

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11/22/2020 5:41 am

New Years concluded....

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Eviloutlaw1 60M
4784 posts
11/22/2020 3:05 am

After Chris said she was ready to watch me fuck Mike I looked over at him, just to see his reaction to the suggestion. He stood there in all his nude glory, that thick, harry cock of his dripping pre cum like someone left the tap on. I'm not afraid to admit it, some guys are , but before I bent him over I wanted to see just how much of that thick prick of his I could stuff in my mouth. In case anyone was wondering, I sort of have an oral fixation... with both sexes. I guess it all stems from my first blow job. I was hooked from the start I guess you could say. It's hard to describe just how fantastic that first time getting head was for me. I just knew that I wanted to bring the same type of pleasure to others like that. Any who, I motioned with my head for Mike to come over, all ready sitting on my haunches when he stepped up to me his cock was perfectly aligned where all I needed to do was open my mouth. I grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him into my mouth, and much to the astonishment of both him, and Chris he was balls deep on that first plunge. Hey, as I said before I have a fixation. Thing was he wasn't that big length wise, just so damn thick is all. With his pubes tickling my nose and my mouth full of meat I went to work, well not work. With work it's a chore, sucking his prick was going to be fun. As my tongue danced across the head, and I bobbed up and down sucking and moaning with that mouth full of meat I felt his balls tighten and his cock growing thicker... and knew what was about to come.. his first shot of cum landed in the back of my mouth, and like some guys the rest of his juice just sort of seeped out. I'm sure making my cheeks bulge. I could feel his knees start to buckle, and as I pulled off scraping his thick cream off with my lips as I went, careful not to swallow as I had a plan for it.

With Mike now on his knees I got up walked behind him and leaned him over. his ass in the air and face on the carpet. In position I spread his butt cheeks and spit his load on his puckering hole. Lubing his ass for the fucking I was going to give him.....walked over to grab my pants and got the condom out of my pocket. I opened the package, and slipped it on, noting that Chris had been watching me intently the entire time.. I bent down to her on my way back and kissed her, plunging my tongue into her mouth feeding her the rest of Mike's issue in a french kiss. After the kiss, grabbed her by the hand stood her up and brought her over next to Mike so she'd get a close up view as I slid my cock into him.

Mike was like a rag doll, almost limp in his afterglow. Breathing heavy as if he'd just finished a hundred yard dash. I knelt down behind him getting into position pulled his butt cheeks apart, then leaned over kissed Chris on the lips and whispered into her hear to line my cock up with his hole for the plunge....

Doing so, I pushed in slowly, one so Mike would get used to my cock, and two ,so Chris would see every inch of me sliding in. A primal grunt escaped Mike's lips as I hit bottom, and I waited a moment or two for his ass to adjust then slowly pull part way out, plunging in faster with the next push. I don't think I'll need to go in to all the play by play here, hell we've all fucked, or been fucked. We know the drill. ( no pun intended ) Suffice to say that after a bit I was banging him like a loose screen door in a wind storm. With every thrust, Mike grunting with lust, and passion. Talking dirty to him as I pounded his hole, telling him how much he liked me fucking him, calling him my bitch, listening to Chris chime in as well telling him to take my cock,and telling me to fuck him hard.... In the process of our copulation Chris had become more involved Kissing me playing with Mike's cock, then it happened. What usually happens in situations like this, my balls tightened, and I filled the condom.. so much that when I pulled out after recovering it was hanging off the end of my cock. I took it off and walked out to the kitchen to toss it in the trash.....

When I walked back into the living room the two of them were all ready at it, Chris down on all fours, Mike behind her his turn now to be top and fuck her. I sat down in he recliner to watch them fuck Of course offering dirty comments as they did so, to both of them Their session didn't last too long, I think they were both too worked up, and because so got off quickly. As I watched Mike get up to dispose of his condom I asked Chris if that itch she had earlier was scratched now? If her first three some was all she fantasized it could be? For an answer she got up and walked over to me as I was sitting in the chair, leaned down and kissed me on the lips.. with a big smile on her face said yes, thanks.....Then walked off towards the bathroom down the hall.

I was bushed, sated, happy... and nodded off after that. I do remember seeing Mike standing in the dining room putting his clothing back on, then someone kissing me on the lips ( I think that might have been Mike as I felt beard stubble, or thought I did) Any who I didn't wake up again till after noon on New Years Day. I could smell the pork cooking, and the coffee. I got up and looked the living room for my pants, they were no ware to be found. Thought to myself, fuck it. Not like Jeff or Tammy haven't seen me nude before. Walked down to the bathroom to take a piss, and walked back afterwards when I was done. I walked back through the kitchen on my way back, grabbed a cup out of the cabinet and poured myself a cup of coffee, took a sip and asked Tammy who was there if she'd seen my pants?

Did you Fuck her? She replied. Who"? I asked innocently. Chris, my daughter you ass. Who'd you think I was talking about ?!? Okay I could see she was pissed, and I chose my words carefully when I answered her. Both Jeff and Chris were sitting at the dining room table, neither were saying a word. Both looking like they'd been called to the head office at work for a chewing out over some infraction they'd done. I went and sat down with them. Looked over at Tammy and said no,... not really. Did I eat her out? Let her watch as I fucked Mike in the ass? Yes, I said. Then went on to explain to her calmly, the events that transpired the night before. When Tammy found out about Chris catching me and Jeff together, as well as her seeing her, Jeff and Mike playing in the family room ..it sort of took the wind out of Tammy's sails. Oh she was still irate mind you but really didn't have a leg to stand on.

I got my pants back eventually..my under shorts were no where to be found however. Quite frankly I think Mike might have walked away with them, sort of like a trophy, in fact the night shirt Chris had been wearing was missing too. Which sort of led to the brew-ha-ha that morning if you follow? Tammy being the first one up that day, coming into the living room seeing me nude asleep in the chair and Chris, nude... asleep on the couch jumped to the conclusion she had. Any who... I finished my coffee, wished them all a Happy New Year, got dressed and drove home.

I didn't hear from either Jeff or Tammy again till mid March of that year. In the aftermath of that night Chris had broken off her engagement with her Beau. Her rationale was that she just wasn't really ready to settle down with one man and the new world that had opened up to her showed her they was more fun out there if she wanted it, she did. Because the wedding had been called off, that left Jeff and Tammy in dutch. They had taken out a second loan on the house to pay for the wedding. The loan was due and they had been working non stop at their jobs even getting second jobs but they couldn't meet the payments and the bank was foreclosing on the house. Jeff called a to ask if I could help them find a new place, and move out. We toured countless places, in the end found them a nice two bedroom place to move to. Chris moved out on her own, to an apartment in the same complex.

We ( Tammy, Jeff and I ) still got together once and a while after that, but the contact between us got less and less. I started dating a woman on my bowling team and eventually our visits stopped becoming nothing more than Face place friends. I miss them sometimes we had been close...but all things come to an end I suppose?

What are you doing for New Years?

Off to shower now........

Eviloutlaw1 60M
4784 posts
11/22/2020 3:11 am

Have a good one people...

author51 58F  
126327 posts
11/22/2020 4:36 am

Holy smokes Birthday Boy..That was indeed an unforgettable New Year's Eve by the sounds of it Hun..xoxo

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend..Have a Good One Hun..xoxo

You can never have enough JOY in your life...xoxo


Eviloutlaw1 replies on 11/22/2020 5:41 am:
Yes, my friend that was one New Years Eve for the books. I still chat every now and again with Jeff and Tammy, but it's mostly just idle chit-chat. I ran in to Chris once out at Wally-world shopping, her with two rug rats in tow. We chatted a bit and parted ways. I haven't seen her since. I've never run into Mike, though if I did I'd ask him if he still had my undershorts laying around some place. Thanks for the B-Day wishes.. ( again ) You have a good one too! Oh, and If you need a "date" for New Years I'm available ...

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