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Parallel 2  

Eviloutlaw1 59M
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8/2/2020 7:50 am

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8/3/2020 12:51 am

Parallel 2

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Eviloutlaw1 59M
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8/2/2020 7:52 am

Have a good one people... I copied the text again here so the gremlins couldn't eat the words they so love to feast on.....

By the time my brother and I had walked back trough the woods to the picnic shelter, more of the extended family had arrived, My aunt Violet for one, and a couple of second or third cousins from the Ohio clan. Some kids, my age had come, but not knowing them from Adam, there wasn't much interaction between us. Well, the sun had come up and it was getting to be a warm day, the adults were busy chatting and setting things up, dull stuff in a kids world, so naturally we, the younger of us present asked if we could hit the beach? Well my sister was up for it as well as Cindy, the sister-in-laws sister but the girls needed to go and change into their bathing suites. My brother and I didn't have to, as we were wearing ours as shorts, in fact they were shorts, cut offs actually. All we needed were our towels and we were good to go...yeah, the adults put the Kibosh on that...if we were going we'd have to wait for the girls. Being older, they would be able to look after us etc... yeah, yeah, yeah.... Of course the girls took forever as my younger mind thought to get into their suits. As it was we started off on our way before they actually got back up the hill from the out houses where they had to go to change. My brother and I had gotten to the beach a good ten minutes before the girls arrived.. chatting about boys they knew and liked..typical girl stuff. After tossing his towel down on the beach, my brother waded in till he was far enough out and dove under the water, I waded in after him but like always only far enough to get my knees wet. I sat down and enjoyed the cool water splashing on my body carefully keeping my head above water.

When the girls finally got there they waded out as well, and as long as my sister was present I felt safe enough to follow them into deeper water. My brother playing the fool started splashing them Cindy most off all, I think he had some kind of crush on her, had ever since meeting her at the wedding. Then again he had a crush on every girl he saw when I think about it now....I of course couldn't care less, nor did I join in in his antics, yeah my sister was a big tattler, and any rough housing I took part in surely as god made little green apples would be related to my parents and I'd be in dutch, groundings or spankings were the norm at my house for getting into trouble. Being the youngest in the family I could get away with some trouble, but not all. Well, I was enjoying myself watching my brother annoy the girl's getting their hair wet etc. A no-no with girls. I can relate, long wet hair smelling of lake water is no picnic when your on a picnic. Having to let it dry and only being able to wash the smell away after you got home and were able to take a bath or shower, which would be hours away...

As I said, I was enjoying the horse play, and saw my brother dive under the water. The next thing I knew, Cindy was picked up and tossed ass over tea kettle, going under herself. My brother trying to impress her I'm sure, had performed what we use to call the under dunk on her. She came back up sputtering and laughing and in mock anger splashed my sister for laughing at her plight. My brother being no fool had quickly swam out of reach carefully staying away so she couldn't retaliate. Well, Cindy dove under, I think trying to do the same to my sister being unable to catch my brother and pay him back. Perhaps she did know what she was doing, and of course didn't know I couldn't swim... But I went from laughing to being hoisted up in to the air out of the water so deep that I had to stand on my tip-toes to keep the waves from washing over me to splashing down on my back, mouth full of lake water I sank like a stone.....

You know that "White Light" that you hear those tell you about that you see when your about to die? Yeah not true, all I could see was blackness.. The part about your life flashing before your eyes, yeah that shit is true....I watched mine go by, what little there was of it so far. But there was something more...some things flashing by I didn't remember happening to me. As if they hadn't happened yet? Scenes of things yet to come I think... some I understood, others not so much but what I think roused me from my fate was the one thing I saw that scared the crap out of me. The family surrounding the hospital bed of my sister, I caught the words from my mother as she touched her face and told my sister that she had been the best daughter ever and that we loved her, as the doctors shut the machines off that were keeping her alive....... I can't remember how I got out of the water that day. If my sister seeing my plight had reached down and grabbed me and pulled me up, or by some twist of faith I accomplished the act myself. All I know is I came to my senses holding on for dear life to her, crying like a baby. The funny part was I wasn't crying because of just what had happened to me, but rather the images that had just passed before my eyes. I was crying for her, knowing somehow, some day in the future we'd lose her. Long before her time on this world should be over.

I believe that the vale between worlds is paper thin, when we near our deaths it becomes thinner still. Having seen things when my life passed before me, things I wasn't meant to yet see. I've come to call these moments my "Oh Crap" moments. Those moments when something bad I know is going to happen, nothing I can do can prevent it from taking place, and as if I'm in a dream I watch those events unfold . Happening again in my case as I've seen it happen before when my life flashed in front of my eyes long ago in the the water of that beach on a second Sunday in July.

When My sister was twenty - five she suffered three heart attacks with in a span of twenty-four hours brought on because she was deprived of oxygen after falling and breaking her nose, that and having bitten her tongue to prevent from swallowing it when the ceasure from her epilepsy took hold.

Yes, the scene that flashed before my eyes long ago took place. Just as I saw it. Even the part where my mother touched her face and told her she was the best daughter in the world, and that we loved her... As the doctor turned off the machines keeping her alive...I fainted, I dropped like a ton of bricks....

I've never told anyone about what I saw that Sunday when my life flashed before my eyes... Who would believe me if I did? Just the rantings of a kid, one who'd had the shit scared out of him ..right? But I believe what I saw that day, has, or will come true at some point in my life. As other things seen that day have come true just as I saw then. Things that I'd forgotten about or put out of my mind. They usually come back while I'm dreaming, nightmares really that have come true or are about too. Things that didn't make such an impact when I saw them the first time . So my sub conscious pulls them back out of it's hat to terrify me, or possibly warn me while I'm trying to dream of better things. As I've said, the vale between worlds is thin, weather it be the vale between life and death, or that of parallel worlds that science say might be out there....All it took for me was a brush with my own demise to pull back the curtain for me..

author51 58F
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8/2/2020 10:22 pm

Wow my friend.What an incredible story to share.I am so sorry for the loss of your sister and that your visions came true....xoxoxo

You can never have enough JOY in your life..


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