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The Unicorn....  

Eviloutlaw1 61M
5893 posts
9/19/2021 6:26 am

Last Read:
9/20/2021 1:32 am

The Unicorn....

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Eviloutlaw1 61M
5180 posts
9/19/2021 6:27 am

I can't really remember how we ( the ex wife and I ) met the other couple. The last couple of years of our wedded bliss ( ) the ex and I did some exploring together in the world of swinging before divorcing and going our different ways. I do remember picking up one of those swinger mags. at the A.B.S. close to our home, the ones where they have personals in the back pages. Then the two of us scoping it out and sending off letters to P.O Boxes to get in touch with locals. So I assume that's how we met them?

Well, Ted and Lisa were like the ex and I, new to the lifestyle and looking to explore. All of us a bit shy on the subject, and a bit leery of meeting people you really don't know for sex. So we started off simply by going out to a bar and hanging out together. The first time we met them we had fun drinking and shooting pool of course the conversation hedged around the subject we were all thinking about, but nothing aside from a bit of flirting happened that night. Nor the next couple of times we went out with them, though the flirting and the grab ass got a bit more involved. Ted and I while dancing on the floor would be feeling the others wives up, snatching kisses when we thought the other wasn't looking, and if he was making sure that the stolen kiss or touch wasn't frowned upon. ( they usually weren't )

One weekend I was sitting at home when Lisa called, would my ex and I like to go out that night? Well, I said sure, told them we had to get a sitter for the minions and we'd meet them at the bar. During the drive over there, the Ex and I did some chatting...She asking me if perhaps Ted and Lisa might be the ones? I told her I had no problem with them being so.. and knowing from their ad Lisa was Bi, I told the ex that it had been my fantasy of seeing her with another woman, and wondered if she and Lisa might be inclined to give it a try? Well, that's when she let me know Lisa had already broached the subject with her in the ladies room last time we had been together. ( I always knew the woman talked when they went in the woman's together like they do but I never knew what they talked about. )

So I said to the Ex.. well, what did you say? She hemmed and hawed an answer to me, saying she told Lisa that maybe she could let her go down on her, but wasn't sure that she could do that to another woman. Well.. I urged.. what was Lisa's reply? At the question my ex actually blushed...then told me that Lisa said that she was cool with that and kissed my ex full on the lips while copping a feel of her pussy at the same time.

As we pulled into the bar parking lot visons of Lisa between my exes thighs licking her pussy filled my head... In fact I couldn't think of anything else during the night. So, while The EX and Ted were up shooting a game of pool and Lisa and I sat in the booth I brought up their conversation in the bathroom. "She told you about that huh?" she said. "yeah, I replied.. adding... that I was very interested in seeing a site like that, as It was one of my fantasies. Going on to say that I wouldn't mind joining the both of them during or after they had a bit of fun together. Then letting the cat out of the bag told her that I wouldn't mind giving Ted a blow job for her if she wanted to see something of the like, that is if you think he'd be cool with me going down on him? Well you'd think I had offered her the moon.. a wicked smile crossed her lips and said that she'd love to see that happen! But wasn't sure how Ted would feel about another guy sucking his cock...I told her no problem. Meg ( not my exes real name ) had no clue as to my liking cock as I wasn't sure about what she'd think either. I told her to run the idea past him during the week and we could see how the night went? Anything was possible....

By the time our spouses finished their game and came back to the table we had a plan of sorts worked out for next Saturday night. Meg and I would get a hotel room the two of them would meet us there after we called and gave them the room number. We'd split the costs of the room with them and the four of us would have some real fun together. When the spouses got back Lisa grabbed Megs attention and they headed off towards the woman's room. Ted sat down at the booth with me and I filled his glass from the pitcher on the table, then turned and asked point blank if he though Meg was sexy? Before he could answer asking him if he wanted to have sex with her? He took a minute to answer me.. well two minutes after taking a big gulp of his beer.. he asked.. you wouldn't mind if I did would you? Told him that I was fine with him and Meg having some fun together , and that I was also fine with Lisa and Meg getting it on as well. That's when he confided in me that he was interested in seeing something like that as well. That he knew Lisa was Bi when they got married but had never seen her with another woman. Well, I told him that next weekend he'd would if everyone agreed and proceeded to clue him in on what Lisa and I had been talking about while He and Meg had been shooting pool. After cluing Ted in on the plans I went to take a leak, on the way I passed the ladies.. both looking a bit flustered, noting that the ex wasn't wearing her bra With her big D's I could tell when she wasn't wearing one. Funny I could have sworn that she had it on when she and Lisa left the table to go to the restroom. I found out later from Meg that after Lisa told her of our plans, that she had made some moves on Meg in the restroom stall. Removing her Bra and sucking on her nipples . Pity that they were interrupted when another woman came in to use the facilities. As it was when Meg and I got home that night we both were so hot and bothered we spent the rest of the night going at it.

After getting back to the table we ordered another pitcher of beer, did a couple of round of shots and had a great time discussing what was to come about next Saturday. All of this in between hitting the dance floor shooting more pool ( this time as teams the four of us ) Generally feeling more at ease with each other not having to hide the fact that the four of us were about to step into a world of fun...

Eviloutlaw1 61M
5180 posts
9/19/2021 6:31 am

Next Sunday...The unicorn and the hotel.

Authors note: I had planned on doing a fantasy tale here as I do in my Sunday posts based on events in my life. But somehow the real story seemed a better one to tell than any fiction I could think of. Hope you all don't mind the change up? I do hope you enjoy the story as well.

Till next week...Have a good one people !

author51 60F  
129978 posts
9/19/2021 10:48 pm

I definitely enjoyed this one my friend and looking forward to reading more about your first time as a swinger with your ex.Have a good one Hun..xoxo

PonyGirl1965 57F
22090 posts
9/19/2021 10:49 pm

Oh my I have to wait a whole week ...
I'm VERY interested!

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