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Where were you when the lights went out 2  

Eviloutlaw1 60M
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9/11/2021 5:45 am

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9/12/2021 1:46 am

Where were you when the lights went out 2

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Eviloutlaw1 60M
4963 posts
9/11/2021 5:46 am

Well when we all got back from the bar we all were a bit tipsy. Now before going on our little trip to Jamestown, the four of us who made the trip up had decided between ourselves that one night we were there we'd each have a night in the spare bedroom so we could be alone and get our sex on with our partners, the other couple would take the pull out sofa bed in the living room. That idea went out the window when the guy we were there to help get the place ready for his wife and new son to arrive passed out on the sofa after finishing a night cap with the rest of us. No amount of shaking or prodding was getting him up either. Well the only thing left to do was to flip a coin to see who'd get to use his king sized bed for the night.

The ex wife and I won the toss. The other couple had to use the spare room, and bunk out on the floor sans bed. Well my first real night together with the ex went as you'd expect it to. Suffice to say that afterwards she confided in me that even though we'd been engaged for some time...had she known how good sex was ( Yes, she was a virgin before that night ) that she wouldn't have waited so long before trying it with me, and could we do it again? I was all for it...yep...young, dumb, and full of cum I was ready to go right away. But as you know sex is a messy business with the exchange of bodily fluids, and with her deflowering..it was a bit messier. Needless to say but when she went to clean up a bit I went in search of some new sheets. [ That reminds me we never did replace them as we said we'd would. No matter, the husband is on his third wife now, and the wife her second husband so I doubt they are still worried about getting a new set after so much time has passed. ]

Mean while the other couple had come out of their room, I guess with the ex and I mucking about making noise we woke ( ? ) them. The woman from the other couple took one look at me ( standing there in the nude looking for sheets in the hall closet ) and headed for the bathroom. { I'm assuming a lot of "Girl" talk happened after she went in as the ex and she were in there for some time } I did manage to find some new sheets, made the bed again and came out once more to see if my girlfriend was out of the bathroom yet. She was not....so I sat down at the dining room table with the other guy to wait the women out.

Funny at the time I didn't notice him staring at my nudeness, actually now that I remember the events it seemed like he couldn't keep his eyes off of my swollen cock. I mention the fact of his staring as later on after we'd both gotten divorces from the very women we were spending the weekend with he and I got together and had some male to male fun. Had I known at the time the night might have been a bit more interesting and I'd have a better tale to tell you all now.

Well the ladies finally came out of the bathroom. My girlfriend wearing towel and wet from showering ( no wonder they took so long ) Out and refreshed now the four of us practically nude ( aside from my girlfriend in the towel ) Well, we got to talking (we though quietly) but I guess not so, as we woke our host up. What a site that must have been for him? He got up and said what the frack? You guys having an orgy and didn't invite me? Then stumbled into his room flopped down on the bed and passed out again.

Well with the master bedroom occupied, and the other couple having gone back to the spare room once more the girlfriend and I pulled out the sofa bed and made love again. I can't say it was as good as the first time, that sofa bed had a metal bar across the middle of hit right in the middle of your back as you were laying on it that sort of took the fun out of things. The pain of that second coupling aside ( damn sofa beds ) it was nice being able to snuggle up afterwards with the woman I loved and would eventually marry. Just spending the night sleeping in each others arms.....

Eviloutlaw1 60M
4963 posts
9/11/2021 5:51 am

Next Saturday the conclusion and what happened when the lights went out our last night there.....Till then have a good one.

author51 59F  
128839 posts
9/11/2021 6:50 am

Loved the story of how you deflowered your ex than Hun.. Lucky woman she was.......xoxo Have a good one Hun..

You can never have enough JOY in your life..xoxo


Tranhoajoy 31F

9/22/2021 5:22 am

This is tran hoa

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