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Wouldn't you know it?  

Eviloutlaw1 60M
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9/13/2021 1:51 am

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9/15/2021 1:16 am

Wouldn't you know it?

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Eviloutlaw1 60M
4754 posts
9/13/2021 1:52 am

I did my grocery shopping on Saturday, and on Sunday the pharmacy texted telling me my prescription is ready for pick up. (well one of them ) Bugger.

I'm a two birds with one stone type of guy. Having to do something twice like going back to the same store to pick up something I could have picked up when I was there previously is irksome to me. I still have a five day supply of the meds I need to pick up so I'll wait till the end of the week before I do. More than likely the pharmacy will be texting again letting me know the other prescription I take is now ready for pick up as well. ( they both run out at the same time more or less ) My third script is a ninety day supply ( why they all can't be a ninety day supply is silly but that's how it is ) so two weeks from now I'll have to pick those up as well. At least with that script I can pick it up while I'm there doing the shopping.

Well, it's Monday and time to go back to work, not that I'm not ever not working. It seems like that's all I do. Friday last I broke down yet another growing trash pile of furniture by the dumpsters. Sure enough when I went out on Saturday to dump office/laundry/gym trash someone had dumped off more crap. It's a never ending battle, one I hope soon will end, as I told the boss that he should stick one of his trail cameras out there to catch some of these butt-holes who are doing it. As of late the carpet installer has been keeping his work van parked out there rather than driving back and forth to his house and here...told the boss it would be the perfect place to set up the camera. Out of site and harms way those things take a photo every time they sense movement. There also designed to take photos in the dark.. which could catch the idiots on film. We start turning some of them in to the cops for dumping where their not supposed to be dumping and them getting fined for doing so should put an end to the problem.

Aside from working it was a quiet weekend for me, I did get a message on here Sunday morning from a friend who wanted to "Hook Up" but I had to tell the guy I couldn't because of work. I hopped back on after getting home an hour later, but sure enough he'd already logged off. Sucks to be me I suppose? Funny I always get messages from guys who want to hook up at the spur of the moment, but none ever from women. Odd that. I guess you can chalk it up to the whole Men are from Mars, Women from Venus thing?

Any who, my shower is calling me time to get clean and head off to work once again. Frankly I'd love to sit home and masturbate thinking of sexy red heads.. but bills need to be paid and I need to work to pay them.

Eviloutlaw1 60M
4754 posts
9/13/2021 1:52 am

Have a good one people....

author51 58F  
125998 posts
9/13/2021 3:41 am

Yes we women as a rule do not do the quick and instant booty calls my friend. Have a good one Hun..xoxo

WyoCowboy7751 68M
2341 posts
9/13/2021 5:17 am

    Quoting author51:
    Yes we women as a rule do not do the quick and instant booty calls my friend. Have a good one Hun..xoxo
And those that do want it quick, usually want paid for it 😉🤠

mufdiver69er2 61M  
1804 posts
9/13/2021 4:29 pm

    Quoting WyoCowboy7751:
    And those that do want it quick, usually want paid for it 😉🤠
not always...grins

woop woop

PonyGirl1965 55F
20035 posts
9/14/2021 1:22 am

Men are more ready in the moment. We need time to prep

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