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EyeCtits 36F
157 posts
8/3/2018 4:44 pm

How fast do u cum?
5 minutes or less
15 minutes
30 minutes
60 minutes
takes me forever

RobK2006 52M
5551 posts
8/3/2018 5:03 pm

Masturbating - 5 minutes. Fucking - 15 minutes or longer. I like to get close to cumming and then try to ride it.

cyclingfool 58M  
6495 posts
8/3/2018 5:35 pm

It varies.. I try to last, but having sex so few times a month, or a quarter with my g/f it could be premature or long lasting..

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 59M
3754 posts
8/3/2018 6:03 pm

It all really depends on the gal, and if tis the 1st time ever, the 2nd time, or the 2nd or beyond in one nite.

69ereatwetpussy 57M
3075 posts
8/3/2018 6:15 pm

wish I was 18 / 19 years old age knowing what I know now...………………….....\8

Bigsxxxy64WV 55M

8/3/2018 6:27 pm

Usually over an hour

bluehazey1 63M  
83 posts
8/3/2018 6:30 pm

Live or Memorex? It all depends on the situation. Fucking or on cam stroking. Nice question though

92camaro66 53M  
1694 posts
8/3/2018 7:51 pm

yeah that one definitely varies for a guy. i can cum in a few minutes or go about 30-40 or so depending just how turned on i am

92camaro66 53M  
1694 posts
8/3/2018 7:53 pm

best for me is if i cum then get back hard i can fuck for quite a while

Barrington54321 42M
10 posts
8/3/2018 8:02 pm

I can fuck for almost an hour without coming

smoothguy522 68M  
37 posts
8/4/2018 3:49 am

Depends on who i'm with and what we're doing. Sometimes faster than others, sometimes longer

sikko69562 48M
4 posts
8/4/2018 4:37 am

It also for me anyway , it depends on the situation or whom I'm fucking.

howdydoodyXLII 49M
34 posts
8/4/2018 12:50 pm

I voted 15. When I flying solo and imagining some younger woman I'll never have a chance with, it can go quicker. Last time I was actually with a woman, it took a little longer. My little guy just didn't seem to be that into it.

Superman4695 35M
150 posts
8/4/2018 3:12 pm

Bj uncovered can blow in 4-5 minutes if she concentrates on mostly the tip. Fucking have gone 54 minutes with some head to start and finish with a lady that was willing to go the longest with me.

With a condom on have never popped off. All from head or hand job self or woman never inside while fucking.

Masturbating without lube has really desensitized me.

231spyder 42M
77 posts
8/4/2018 3:20 pm

all depends, sometimes 15 mins, sometimes a few hours, all on the mood we are in......

tjohnson46464 30M
4 posts
8/4/2018 3:39 pm

I can cum in a minute or an hour I bust my nut whenever I’m ready

Thatbluedream 29M
25 posts
8/4/2018 8:38 pm

Usually 15 or more, just depends on stress and all that.

brandini734 25M  
164 posts
8/4/2018 9:59 pm

It depends but I usually last between 5-15 min. sometimes longer either solo or with someone also depending on the position I'm in.

mynut1 54M

8/4/2018 11:00 pm

depends how hot she is sadley some times as soon as i slid in it fells so dam good i nut

HedonicHeathen 52M
203 posts
8/5/2018 1:38 am

Depends on whom I'm with.

If I'm heathen cum palmala handerson ... too long usually. Mostly boring.

With others I prefer to not be the first or last to arrive. Like most when younger faster and more often ... as time goes on ... longer and more involvement required.

How fast can you call me?

baldbuddah1959 61M
99 posts
8/5/2018 3:44 am

lets fuck and find out

Just4u3371 54M
244 posts
8/5/2018 6:51 am

I agree with everyone .. It varies.

BDChester 58M
60 posts
8/5/2018 7:18 am

Usually an hour or longer.

Cpllooking6671 53M/49F  
2576 posts
8/5/2018 8:24 am

When we play I spend 45-1hr on her first then it my time which can be at least 15 mins, usually longer 30 maybe 45 max. I am one of those guys that gets overheated then can't cum until I have cooled down...

SApostie 39M

8/5/2018 9:57 am

simply put, it depends.

mrstiffler469 56M

8/5/2018 10:12 am

There are variables not taken into account:
Frame of mind
Your partner/ partners
There are many things that effect your climaxing abilities...

beavershredder90 41M
26 posts
8/5/2018 10:27 am

I should cum by Tuesday.

michelsdaddy 70M
132 posts
8/5/2018 1:01 pm

It depends on who is urging me along. Is there a woman involved or am I al by myself?

DDreams524 67M  
1136 posts
8/5/2018 1:27 pm

Depending who I’m with and how much I’m into it.

Sooperguyy 52M  
46 posts
8/5/2018 2:02 pm

The first time with a new woman it can take forever or not at all...but making her cum is what really make me feel like a man. I’m too excited, turned on, a little nervous maybe. But after we rest and a little nap I’ll cum pretty damn hard. In a relationship, I’ll often go an hour before cumming.

niceguyniceunit2 49M
43 posts
8/5/2018 2:39 pm

Depends. If I'm on the V, I can literally go for hours without cumming.

1025mws 56M
677 posts
8/5/2018 6:22 pm

It depends on how I am fucking the woman. Plus it take about 5 mins when I masturbate. I have been known to last for 45 mins to a hour.

bushmastermc 52M
45 posts
8/5/2018 11:01 pm

Any ware from in a hurry 5 min to slow and easy for an hour. Overall would say average sake 30 min.

Milon2050 24M
78 posts
8/6/2018 2:33 am

usually 38 minutes to 42 minutes

dig76301 61M  
88 posts
8/6/2018 5:28 am

It depends on whether or not I have a condom on and how horned up I am, with about 40/45 minutes, without about 30 minutes.

AnalAddict1269 42M
24 posts
8/6/2018 7:39 am

I go one of two ways. I either last all not without cumming or I cum in a few minutes. No real in between for me

LordMandrakeJB 64M  
447 posts
8/6/2018 11:03 am

It really depends on the moment. I've blown it in under 5 and lasted over an hour, both in the same week! That's why I ALWAYS make sure the lady cums first! Unless she just wants to be fucked and doesn't care. LOL

uncutdevil 35M  
242 posts
8/6/2018 12:42 pm

it depends. I can rub on out in a few minutes if I need to, or I can edge for hours. fucking, 10-15 minutes if its been a while. longer if it hasn't

veronicanjack 58M/39F
67 posts
8/6/2018 3:41 pm

when my wife starts whispering certain things in my ear, it can make me cum instantly.....

hotchris76 44M
127 posts
8/6/2018 4:06 pm

when I am sucking cock, I will cum quick.


Attentive14Fun 46M
91 posts
8/6/2018 4:20 pm

Depends on how good she is.

dewycooterlicker 62M  
346 posts
8/6/2018 7:27 pm

I have to make sure She cums 2 or more times before I can even think of cumming.

Dewy"s Cooterlicking Corner

MrSlanga1 42M  
1 post
8/6/2018 8:51 pm

It depends. My newest fwb, we both cum in 15 strokes or less.

20ForMILF 21M

8/7/2018 3:21 am

I can cum in 45 seconds but I can also delay it as long as desired. Typically I never cum until my partner has orgasmed 3-4 times.

Nico_metal85 34M
22 posts
8/7/2018 8:26 am

el tiempo que tenga q durar

Che6t9 53M

8/7/2018 1:00 pm

It depends on the woman and how much fore play was involved Also which sex act we are doing. Doing 69 I cant last more than 5 minutes.

anything4u58 62M
19 posts
8/7/2018 1:15 pm

I answered 15 but it depends on alot.How tired you are, how turned on you are and if its the first cum or second .Sometimes I can fuck hard for around thirty min and send a huge gusher and other times 10min and there she blows. I always try and wait for my partner to cum first.

mastrb8ter1964 55M  
23 posts
8/7/2018 1:54 pm

Last time was almost 2 hours before I came. I feel sex should last as long as possible.

Eatgoodpussy951 43M
2 posts
8/7/2018 2:00 pm

Wow nice titts

talllongandthick 49M
95 posts
8/7/2018 2:56 pm

I like to get my partner off first, than I'll get mine, somewhere between 30-45 minutes...

Pussycumwanker 49M
103 posts
8/7/2018 3:35 pm

    Quoting 92camaro66:
    yeah that one definitely varies for a guy. i can cum in a few minutes or go about 30-40 or so depending just how turned on i am
Agreed , although I said 15mins cos its true most of the time lol

I cum here every day. That's a whole lot of cum to consider.

Pussycumwanker 49M
103 posts
8/7/2018 3:37 pm

Also depends on "what" you include in the timing..........foreplay ....or not ...straight wank or fuck at time of entry ? Hell this could be a science

I cum here every day. That's a whole lot of cum to consider.

ShibbyWiggles 32M
37 posts
8/7/2018 4:44 pm

first round usually pops off pretty quick, but were still talking about 10 or 15 minutes, then 30, 45 minutes before I cum again, and again.

rockhardpeter43 54M
24 posts
8/7/2018 5:51 pm

I like to eat cum from a pussy

hookerman 65M  
23 posts
8/7/2018 6:32 pm

Not until and unless my partner has had a mind blowing, earth shaking orgasm.....

sansgarb 44M  
18 posts
8/7/2018 6:50 pm

I could cum quick if I’m trying or don’t hold back but if I pass on the first opportunity I can delay indefinitely

1025mws 56M
677 posts
8/7/2018 7:48 pm

EyeCtits, How long does it take you to cum??

Italiancalidude 48M
325 posts
8/7/2018 10:17 pm

Luv those titties, so full and delicious

I am a lover of positive energy. Fun happens when positivity pops!

jason2371961 59M
425 posts
8/8/2018 3:23 am

i was you take to long to finish i joyed have sex now that i dont i miss it

straponcpl314 40M/38F
19 posts
8/8/2018 5:47 am

Depends on the case and stimulation

BimaleSeeksfun2 50M
8 posts
8/8/2018 8:19 am

If I am with someone that is a freak it takes less time but most of the time about 30 min .

fahiem2010 48M
58 posts
8/8/2018 8:23 am

\8b I need to cum now!

throatscock 92M

8/8/2018 9:08 am

I can edge for hours when I want to but if I just let it happen it's about 20 minutes. Why do you want to know?

40lokng4older 49M
14 posts
8/8/2018 10:17 am

if I had sex that day it takes about 30 min for me to cum the next time

sexyppl1000 61M
15 posts
8/8/2018 11:32 am

but it really depends on the situation...lol

harryhood67 52M
38 posts
8/8/2018 12:05 pm

It depends, I can cum in 5 mins or less if I want or need to. If I'm having a nice session and am really into the girl, I can go pretty much as long as I like before cumming.

MITCH4280 59M
36 posts
8/8/2018 1:18 pm

It takes me about 15 to 20 mins for my first time a lot longer the 2nd.>>!

MITCH4280 59M
36 posts
8/8/2018 1:20 pm

That's not counting the foreplay

hookerman 65M  
23 posts
8/8/2018 8:08 pm

Not until my partner has cum.

funasianma1e 45M
119 posts
8/8/2018 10:04 pm

depends and varies

BulldogGuy13 44M
76 posts
8/9/2018 2:39 am

It depends on my partner and level of arousal.

spicy40n41 52M/52F  
10 posts
8/9/2018 4:16 am

As a female, the results are surprisingly similar - it depends. Solo with my toys I can cum faster. With my partners I cum more quickly with penetration then clit stimulation, though both at once is a great combo. Mr. Spicy can get me off in about 5 minutes - he knows all my buttons, where, when, how much, etc. With different partners, it takes longer but those that listen and learn can get the job done in 15-20 minutes - those that don't want get me off at all.
I rarely get off on oral, though, strangely i'll get nearly to the edge by giving a hot blow job.

cindy4now 63M
9 posts
8/9/2018 8:00 am

I have ed and cant cum at all.

2017Up4You 52M  
164 posts
8/9/2018 8:07 am

I almost alway last 30 minutes to hour or more! Occasionally, the situation and the partner can make it faster.

SingerFun 45M
21 posts
8/9/2018 11:59 am

It really varies on a lot of things.. on the woman I'm with, how long has it been since I last came, is this my first time with her or familiar with her, how quickly does she cum, just a lot of variables. I know that doesn't help answer the question, but it gives a bit more context.

hunginrichmondky 53M  
82 posts
8/9/2018 12:24 pm

i last for long time i like to pleasure woman wanting them to cum on my dick over and over i dont really want to cum not my focus when iam with woman

DLmfm 54M  
9 posts
8/9/2018 2:03 pm

1st time - 5 min
2nd time - 10 min
3rd time - 20 min
after that it can vary based on her motivation to make it happen. One of these sexy AdultFriendFinder ladies got me for 5.

agato79 40M

8/9/2018 5:26 pm

oh si así es...

SuckMy8Plus 54M  
235 posts
8/9/2018 9:06 pm

If i'm very horny, i can masturbate in my office, and Cum in 1-2 minutes, but i like to take my time when i'm at home.

pmc1969 50F

8/10/2018 2:00 am

i can cum within seconds, then multiple times thereafter.. I lose count..it more how many towels i soak than orgasms

Ricomens67 28M
17 posts
8/10/2018 9:16 am

I hold out for as long as I can until it gets unbearable.

Wifeforfunmt 41F  
6 posts
8/10/2018 10:06 am

First time is instantly, love the first push!!!

hotchris76 44M
127 posts
8/10/2018 4:03 pm

how fast do I cum, depends on how many cocks I am sucking


bandit5_0 50M  
77 posts
8/10/2018 6:03 pm

It really depends - if she knows just how to jerk and suck my dick I can cum in less than 3 minutes. Otherwise I can go until I get tired or bored.

sphxdiver 70M  
21074 posts
8/11/2018 12:34 am

Depends on with who and the situation at hand !!

cocksucker1842 55M  
5 posts
8/11/2018 2:06 am

takes me a long time unless its been days since ive last cum

7375 posts
8/11/2018 2:00 pm

Depends on so many variables ... I try to make it last ... satisfy my partner as much as I can ... and then let go when the time is right ... can take well over an hour ... and we both enjoy it

Lookinhere4her 56M/51F
22 posts
8/11/2018 2:11 pm

Masturbating or getting good head sometimes in less than 5, in the mornings longer, if I've been drinking much longer, and if I've had more than 4 or 5 orgasms a long time depending on the situation

69foxman3 48M

8/11/2018 7:55 pm

It varies depending on the situation but also how rested/ tired, stressed/relaxed and physically if I have been working out or not. The girl can have a lot to do with it to not so much her looks but is she teasing, dressing sexy, or is she wanting me to just bang her hard and fast.

Azbear1969 51M
66 posts
8/11/2018 11:23 pm

Normally, about 15 minutes, but depends on how often I am having sex

glu04 51M
187 posts
8/12/2018 5:26 am

wit tits like yours .. i can come forever

Paulxx001 63M  
16582 posts
8/12/2018 8:45 am

That's a really great question... You're funny and cute (but I mean that in a GOOD way)... I'll cum as quickly or as slowly as I want to. Obviously if I'm stopped at a red light, we're talking a minute or so. In the bedroom or bowling alley or wherever my lover and I happen to be, well- I'll take as long as I feel like it. And at the bowling alley that can be all night, since every 30 seconds or so, I have to reset the pins... Yep...

Go_Down_Cowboy_2 58M
498 posts
8/12/2018 10:11 am

First of all, Darlin...you have got a Magnificent set of tits! Thank you for posting your photos! MMmmm
Cumming...I can usually cum in about 5 minutes, give or take when jerkin off...But depending on the partner...I can last anywhere from a half hour to two hours...depending on how she likes it. If she wants it hard and fast...maybe 10 or 15 minutes!

zjanus89 31M

8/12/2018 1:01 pm

first time is 5 to 10

second could be 15

third and up is 15+

MrFacialSquirter 47M
4 posts
8/12/2018 4:16 pm

Depends if drinking or not, I've gone fucking while drinking for hours and hours, it was a marathon fuck fest for 6 hours without cuming, and then finally a grand ol' finale LOL

BeesBanger 44M
93 posts
8/12/2018 5:07 pm

how many honest votes here? lol

Oceana1969 54F  
444 posts
8/13/2018 7:58 am

With masturbation very quickly. Under 5 minutes. With my partner...no rush. Im a marathoner and multi orgasmic. I have cliterol, gspot, and vaginal orgasms. As well as anal. With a partner, lets devote hours to please each other.

meinlex 47M
15 posts
8/13/2018 11:11 am

it all depends on how turned on i am.

lonelyguy45562 41M
156 posts
8/13/2018 8:34 pm

I picked 15 minutes. If I’m just masturbation I can in 5 minutes. Otherwise 15-30 minutes during intercourse

sexysatisfyed 48M
51 posts
8/15/2018 3:37 am

Depends on what im on if we both are on meth then its all fukin night and day. Best sex i ever had was on meth.

gmoore844 39M
4 posts
8/15/2018 7:57 am

depends on the situation and how long it's been since i last came. i can go 8 hours if edging

beertimetexas 50M

8/15/2018 11:25 am

Foreplay always helps it stay longer

craverofsex66 53M
43 posts
8/15/2018 9:51 pm

i think if i was with you my load would be blown before your bra hit the floor ...your body is omg

tuit8848 67M
22 posts
8/16/2018 9:37 am

If I'm out for just to get off, if able to play and go back and forth as fuck ing, eating nipples etc, hour or better

ineedacock53 66M
5 posts
8/16/2018 6:03 pm

I cum within 5 minutes if it's a bj. Usually 30 or more minutes if I'm fucking.

danthe69er 44M
82 posts
8/18/2018 2:59 am

all depends on the anticipation.....

jhbguy4 51M
3 posts
8/21/2018 3:26 am

Depends - sometimes 5, but if can also be 15 - depends how vivid and active the mind is.

11234aspinner 73M
171 posts
8/21/2018 8:18 am

It depends on the girl. I like to have lots of foreplay and stop for a moment just before climax and then start again if the girl is real good at stimulation and like to be taken to the top of climax and back-off also.

banjo6660 54M
614 posts
8/21/2018 10:20 am

A lot depends on how sexy she is and how vocal she is.

mad864012001 69M  
100 posts
8/22/2018 1:36 am

it depends on who I"m with and if I"m turned on or not sometimes I can fuck for two hours and not cum other times it in a few minutes just depends on the situation and how much fun we are having .

mad864012001 69M  
100 posts
8/22/2018 2:03 am

spicy I agree with you there just depends on the person you with and how they work it

Bi_Whore_1975 44M
24 posts
8/24/2018 5:41 pm

A nut is a nut but sometimes it feels so good so you hold off

polaman681 51M  
108 posts
8/25/2018 4:36 pm

Did not the Beatles do a song called cum together???

CharmingAsianCY 39M
130 posts
8/25/2018 9:25 pm

For me, it took an average of 8 to 10 minute to cum via masturbation. I haven't tried to cum via intercourse, but I would like to try it when I have a chance.

pervynslo 48M  
11 posts
8/27/2018 7:14 am

Like some of the above has said. Depends on situation. Sometimes it can be quick and frustrating. Other times stamina is in my favor!!!

mblfaf45 54M
8 posts
8/30/2018 9:44 pm

I'm a big fan of edging for hours. but if I don't have hours, I will make use of what time I have.

Electricblues4u 44M
128 posts
8/31/2018 7:58 am

Anywhere between 20min to an hour and a half with my current play mate... basically If we fuck like crazy its closer to 20-30 min. If we build up to it slowly and THEN pound the pussy for all Im worth... as long as we want! in all honesty, if it feels good still and the pussy is WET, tjen my cock stays HARD and I go as Long as I want. Unlike 10-20 years ago I could cum anywhere from INSTANTLY, to maybe 10 minutes if I was lucky! Lol. Woth age and experience sexual intercourse has improved 100% for me.

Xxxxmike1 46M
21 posts
9/3/2018 9:48 pm

I can fast but I can several times

sharky925 55M
18 posts
9/4/2018 3:59 am

It depends on the fuck partner

HardCock4You1982 37M
12 posts
9/4/2018 7:50 pm

Depends on the woman

bllkn2it2 43M  
44 posts
9/5/2018 2:32 pm

I have longevity , seem to be that I can cum when I want and can cum multiple times, it depends on the action I can cum quick or prolong it , and can be ready for more I'm minutes

DrJThunder88 39M  
6 posts
9/6/2018 5:15 pm

lets find out in person

KaiserSauzeChaos 51M

9/16/2018 7:19 am

5 or less without a condom, especially with a previous uber tight pussy.

15-30 or more with a condom on.

kumtogether54901 38M
18 posts
9/17/2018 7:07 pm

masturvating takes forever fucking yousally 30-60 min

explorationsinc 47M
9 posts
9/18/2018 5:28 pm

If you learn the Tantric arts, you can orgasm as often as you like without ever cumming.


Dtts43rt35 61M
6860 posts
9/19/2018 12:33 pm

Generally average 30 minutes, depends a lot on the companion, in the second round usually 40 minutes ..

Rio flows in its bed and goes around with its waters!

1kybottom 61M
44 posts
9/24/2018 12:54 pm

I think a lot of it depends on whom I am with

storm32111 38M
19 posts
9/24/2018 9:28 pm

ohhhhhh.....i already came just talking about it.

bobfitnessaddict 50M

9/25/2018 4:33 pm

5 minutes or less if I had sex since more than 24.

yurnailsinmyback 51M
77 posts
9/27/2018 3:25 am

It varies, but 15 is my norm. But I have cum quicker when I am really turned on.

rockhard4u2a2 61M
7 posts
9/28/2018 9:57 pm

i have fucked for 5or6hrs befor but i didnt cum

TEA6191 43M
8 posts
10/1/2018 2:12 pm

Everybody is different

Horssey69 27M/24F
16 posts
10/9/2018 1:24 pm

Nothing better then blowing deep inside

cumfun1972 48M

10/9/2018 2:00 pm

Depends on how horny I am...

cockinhand4uNow 56M
1369 posts
10/10/2018 10:23 am

It all depends on the situation, what i'm doing and what they are doing and how it's feeling. Some times its 5 min or maybe less and other times it can be 20 minutes and even longer. I have a super fast recovery so after I nut the first time I can get it back up and go so much longer the second time.

lamonbhai 46M
133 posts
10/11/2018 5:54 am

mostly 15 min

TNteddybear68 51M  
19 posts
10/15/2018 2:52 pm

30 mins add in foreplay maybe longer

sexypolytriad 35M/30F

10/15/2018 8:25 pm

Takes my man about an hour which is fine with me cause right after his first round he is ready again. I usually pass out.

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