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snow storm knock on door  

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1/19/2019 1:09 pm

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9/7/2020 6:34 am

snow storm knock on door

its a saturday a day of lots of shoveling and outside work as snows falling fast.as its getting late and snow falling hard and dark on its way i call it quits and go inside.house is warm as woodstove going good and its just cozy even if alone.sits back watches some tv and on line checking out AdultFriendFinder site/watched some hot vids and mind is working.i decide to take shower and then some 420 to relax for night, i look out window and noticed car had turned off highway and coming my way snow is blowing and falling hard.i shower and when i step out i hear a loud knocking and open door and not one but two women are there as i look out they slid into snow bank in front of house.both were a bit silly as they had a few but said they needed help of course nothing i could do but offer shelter.we sit and chat and party some and both go to bathroom/as i sit and fantasie lol i hear them come out /as they come into room they giggle and i hear a snap sound and they appear in heels and very hot outfits and before i know it im tied stripedd and on my knees/they were on way to perform at party and welll lookfor ending sometime

babygirl6506 55F  

5/17/2020 12:14 pm

sounds like fun to me

funwanted36 39M
17 posts
12/28/2019 7:40 am

Wow very hot!!! Love it!

Willing2b4u1000 35T
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12/20/2019 12:19 am


kimct 56T  
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1/21/2019 9:39 am

and they blindfold me, next I know I have a smooth cock in my mouth, and getting a nice wet b/j,,,,,,,,they take the bind fold off a this is what I have.....

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