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Making it happen...  

FelizTantra 51M
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8/27/2020 3:59 am
Making it happen...

We all have fantasies, well, most of us do, scenarios or encounters we imagine and secretly wish would happen. I have one I would like make happen, I wrote about it previously in a blog post titled Fantasy Birthday Party. A weekend in a secluded but very comfortable mountain cottage or a luxury atico/penthouse with 3 fun sexy bisexual Goddesses.

Yep, Goddesses. This is probably a once in a lifetime experience, a very special experience, planning it well and finding the right women share it with is very important for . Although being the only male, I would want this be a fantasy weekend for everyone. Do you have a fantasy of being with 2 other women? I'm happy be a voyeur. It would be a weekend of many fantasy possibilities, are you into BDSM or being dominant or submissive? Do you have any role playing ideas or things you'd like to experience?

I think I would be in heaven to have two mouths licking and sucking my cock while a hot sexy woman rubbed her wet pussy over my face having orgasms...... Can you think of anything heavenly you could have with 2 other women and one man and a selection of toys and accessories to choose from?

It's a weekend of pleasure and fun, accommodation and food and alcohol of choice, some games and toys would be included, also some optional drugs and maybe even flights. I like Mary Jane and perhaps I will get some MDMA too, also some viagra. I don't need it in normal situations, but that weekend I would want to have a hard cock available when wanted.It's a weekend of being lazy, being naked, having fun, like being in lockdown but more exciting and with many intense orgasms

I am very sensitive and warm, my heart is open and I give from it. I am into Tantra and energies and sensuality, but I also love the wild and passionate and I would love to explore having some sex slaves doing what I tell them to do. What I mean to say is, I am not looking for cold ego driven drama Nightmares, I am looking for warm, sexy, sensual, open, positive, confident Goddesses.

Now, I am not an Oprah fan, but I did read one quote that was attributed to her that resonates with me, that we can't always 'make' something happen, all we can do is everything we can to make it 'possible'
to happen.

To make this have a possibility to happen I need find the first Goddess, someone who shares the same fantasy and wants also make it happen and together we would look for the other two. This is not something I would rush, I am thinking months away, there would be time for those invited to communicate and perhaps even meet before if they could and wanted . I would want that there is honest and open communication and good feelings and excitement between all.

I don't know if it's possible, but if you don't try and make it possible then it probably isn't. If you are a hot sexy Goddess and the idea appeals to you, drop me a line I'm not wealthy by the way, I probably have other things I should spend the money on, but life is short, experiences, feelings, these are the things that stay with us, money doesn't.

I think it's possible, if only I could find a partner in crime who wants it too

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