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Posted:Jun 18, 2020 1:21 am
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2020 8:1 pm

Our parents often told us that inner grace is more significant than outer beauty how they were able to invest in us the certainty we may have today, whenever we portray ourselves in front of other people. However, this is something I find to be entirely inaccurate. If you ask an unexpected person about what they see delightful and desirable, most of them would probably begin to characterize a person’s bodily attributes than the interior characteristics.

Beauty established to be an excellent balance and peace with personality, which may lead to feelings of appeal and sensitive well-being. Since the call is nonobjective, the term “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” takes place. Many souls would like to believe that looks are never indispensable, and that opinion should base on a person’s subjective well-being rather than their outer counterparts.

In our strange society, external beauty is more promising since everything becomes more beneficial than when you only have an inner vision. People will always see your outer beauty the moment they see you and not that beautiful psyche and spirit of yours, and that’s what makes them attracted to you. Also, superficial beauty can help you be successful; it can land you jobs, earn more money, and help you minister with more respect by outsiders than those with internal beauty.

The importance of external beauty than internal beauty is what is wrong in our current society. We live up to the refined norms of the population that we have started to grow backward. Outer beauty fades, and no matter how gorgeous you are on the outside, once people get to know you, you’d be nothing but a pure, less impressive human being than you once were. a fence may look as beautiful as ever, but when you glance the germs overrunning it, and the cues of the limbs that are brown from illness, even the body seems to misplace some of its gloriousness.”
Posted:Jun 17, 2020 11:55 pm
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2020 8:1 pm

My lips weren’t made for kissing.
I fear they’ve forgotten how most times
It’s been years
since I practiced
speaking the language
of bodies
of heated palms and parted lips
of skin on skin

Would you be willing relearn with me?
Spend long nights with
our heads bowed over foreign textbooks
I promise add
my knowledge yours
if you promise stroke
my spine
whisper and gasp this language
as it comes back me

I’ve never pulled an all-nighter
study a subject
but I swear
that learn this language
I’ll meet with you
every night
like there’s an exam the next day

I’ll spend hours on each sound
whole days on single words
mouthing my way
until I’ve memorized
that week’s vocabulary
then go just a bit longer,
never hurts be sure,
just in case I’ve missed something

I’ll use my tongue as a highlighter
brightening spots
I never want to forget
with color that rises
from beneath your skin
and revisit them often
to make sure
they stick in my memory

And when we need to run through the lists
we can press our lips
(to make sure we’re
pronouncing it right)
We may even
have to keep it up
for hours
to get the whole list right
until we’re entirely in sync.

Everyone knows it takes years
to learn a new language
but I’d sacrifice decades
to be fluent
in you.
Posted:Jun 17, 2020 11:50 pm
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2020 8:1 pm

There is a ghost in my voice
Haunting me through the stability

Through every droplet of remembrance
Dotting my oppositely starless darkness

I tried huddle them
With my words, my notion, my opinion
And yet they remain forever bond
a place, I cannot reach
A being I cannot see
And a desire I can never hear

The flowering reality sheds hidden petals
I seem be able find
Yet, I'm ever uncertain
All these pieces of my soul
Did you left them for me find
A breadcrumb trail leading only
a chance in the future
an uncertain promise
Or did I just stole the traces
Of existence, left for the heavens
Claiming them as something I could own

Should I keep them or distribute them

Or are they even mine
Could it be that they are the pieces of my soul
Still clinging on to me
That eventually shedding away
To be complete on my own

What could I do
Standing in pieces
Holding a person's soul
That may or may not be my own
If they weren't
I'd still be missing all the parts I've given
If they were
I'd always be empty
I'm forever hollow without.
Posted:Jun 17, 2020 11:41 pm
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2020 8:1 pm

This smile makes your day. This fearless smile seems to say.
Show me yours too so we both could play,
On a plane where everything is fine, Everything's okay.

This smile that reaches out to you.
With nobody but invisible arms, It caresses your eyes and draws you Entices you with the precious charms.

Whispers you rumors of a colorfully lit future;
Where trapped in dance with each other Favoring Leading Lifting and,
She is seducing one another.

Let the music ring clear.
Over the thumping of our heartbeats, Aggressively segmenting, framing the dance into seconds that would elapse.
Like two duelists charmed into devoting tender jousts and escapes.

But know that.
This smile screams only lies.
For it is but a routine mask.
So well worn and sufficiently rehearsed.
You'd never see the need to ask.

Instead, you'd just allow yourself taken,
To a place where the tide gently beats Upon the shore, our two hurting hearts, A place where earth and sky would meet When in fact,
It hides the uprising and uproar.
She was covering the storm that brews incessantly.
Continuously threatening
To breach this shared sanctity with me.

A haven would've then created That very instant we allowed.
This dance of smiles
From the time of the first contact to the time we bowed.

This smile. Only took a second
To paint an accurate picture upon my face.
Free from the strengths building behind my pursed lips.
Just take this smile so that in that second,
We could get lost in the promise of a heavenly place.

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